Deerfield Township Harvest Festival

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Deerfield Township Harvest Festival
Promoter Number: 1884828  User Number: 311260   UserName: DeerfieldHarvestFestival

Contact Name: Carol Halter
Make Checks out to: Deerfield Township Recreation Trust
Phone: 856-205-9220
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Years Promoting: 32
PromoterType: City/Town
Last Site Activity: 5 years ago
Deerfield Township Harvest Festival
PO Box 350
Rosenhayn, NJ 08352

Personal Page Web Address: http://www.CraftLister.com/DeerfieldHarvestFestival/
Personal Page Web Address: http://www.EventLister.com/DeerfieldHarvestFestival/

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@ 10/05-10/08&nbsRosenhayn, NJ89% Deerfield Harvest Festival    Website URL
   starstarstarstarstar(2 comments, 10,000 people, $260 avg sales, sales 4 X spot cost) 
Year # 39. The Deerfield Harvest Festival continues its tradition of providing a stellar variety of national, regional and local musical entertainment to the thousands of visitors who attend each year. In additional to its signature free musical performances, the Deerfield Harvest Festival... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: Donation $1 ; kids 5 & under free
# Of Spaces: 100
Booth Price: $20/ft free standing, 65-100 10x5 under Twp Tents
Location Type: Park
Setup Time: Fri 2-5, Sat 8-11, Sun 8-11
Hours: Fri 6-10, Sat Noon-10, Sun Noon-10
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