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Lafayette Apple Festival in Lafayette, NY on 10/11-10/12 2014

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La Fayette Apple Festival in Lafayette, NY

 Event Details 

La Fayette Apple Festival in Lafayette, NY

Sat Oct 8th - Sun Oct 9th 11
Other Possible Names for this Event:   -   Apple Fest  -   Lafayette Apple Festival

Event Location
Rte 20W
Lafayette, NY 13084
Onondaga County - 181,369 housholds avg $53,180 ea.

Location/Facility Type: Its rural atmosphere, rolling hills, and beautiful fall foliage
Listing Details for Event #: 1367646
Posted: Jan 4, 2011
Last Updated: Oct 2, 2014
Listing Completeness %: 93%
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Event Details
Primary Category:
  - Art & Craft Events
     - Art and Craft Show
Additional Categories:
  - Childrens Event
     - Family-Friendly Event
  - Food & Drink
     - Apple Festival
Dates: Sat Oct 8th - Sun Oct 9th 11
Date Pattern: Always the Sat and Sun before the Monday Columbus Day Holiday
Show Hours: Hours: Saturday 9 am - 6 pm, Sun 10-4
Setup Time: Friday Night 3-8pm
Year #: 39
Public Admission Price: $4
Haul Details: can drive up close to spot
Vendor Help: none
Vendor Breakfast: fireman's french toast breakfast $5.00, coffee & donuts also
Vendor Lunch: food vendors on site
Parking: on festival grounds
Vendor Parking: festival vendor parking lot
RV Parking: yes
Restrooms: portable outdoor units + 1 portable sink
Awards/Prizes: no
Electricity: yes
Water: not provided
Tables/Chairs: not provided
Misc Details: Outdoor Event w/ Cover, Retail Items, Juried Crafts
Website: URL on file! Click Here for more info.
Advertising: Television, newspapers, radio, road signs
Apple King & Queen Contest
Apple Pie Baking Contest
Scarecrow Contest
  Jury Fee: none
Jury Requirements: 5 photos, one of display
Commission: none
Art/Craft Spaces This Yr: 300
Art/Craft Space Price: First yr $150 5x10
URL to Offical Art/Craft Application: View!

App Deadline: unknown
Still Accepting App's: NO

Applications are Screened & Accepted progressively, as they arrive, until all spaces are filled.

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The Northeast\'s extraordinary craft show will feature over 250 crafters, variety of foods, multi-exhibits, country apple gift shop, apple fritters and cider. Rides and games add to the festivities. It\'s all about the apple & is just minutes from Syracuse.
The high quality of the exhibitors, uniqueness of products offered, and diversity make the Apple Fest a hit for everyone! Visitors attend every year from all parts of New York and even New England, while crafters and artisans from numerous states display their wares. This small community has grown accustomed to having 90,000 visitors every Columbus Day weekend.
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Cider Mill: Cider is pressed in an antique cider press while you watch. You can even participate! A unique hands-on experience for the youngsters. Free cider samples.

Country Apple Gift Shop: Many lovely apple related gifts: Festival T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, hand crafted pottery. Candles, ornaments and many more decorative items can be found. Gift shop is located in the large red building facing Rt 20.

Apples & Cider: Apples by the peck or by the pound along with fresh cider sold in pints, quarts or gallons. We can be found at three different locations. One is in front of the large red building facing Rt 20, another is at the west end of the food court building (Look for the red building with the large apple on top) and our third location is in the apple sales building located just past the entrance gate on your way back to the parking lot.

Midway: Rides and games for the young and young at heart. It\'s easy to find. Just look for the ferris wheel towering over the tents.

Crafts: Close to 500 skilled craftsmen displaying their wares under 1500 running feet of colorful tents. All crafters are jurried so the quality is always remarkable. All crafter spots are sold out each year. You will be sure of finding a unique and amazing selection of items.

Kountry Kitchen: Apple related dessert items are always available. Texas French Toast and sausage breakfasts are served daily. The Kitchen is located behind the Donuts N\' Dumplins Barn.

Donuts N\' Dumplins: Fresh apple cider donuts made on the premise with our own machines. We also make dumplins, apple pie, apple turnovers, hot mulled cider and cold cider! It\'s fresh, it\'s delicious and you know you love these treats!

Festival Food Court: Only our own local civic organizations may serve food at the Apple Festival. They do so with great community spirit and pride! A wide variety of foods are available to tickle you palettes!

Event/Application Rules & Regulations

Common Rules Selected: Include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope with enough postage for the jury materials you are sending to be returned to you. Spots are assigned prior to show based by promoter. Held Rain or Shine! Overnight Security Provided. No vendor may sell any soft drinks, name brand drinks, or bottled water. Trash must be removed from your space to provided receptacles. No Gas Generators. No Early Packup Allowed. Standard Rules: All work and displays must stay within designated space. No boxes, extra merchandise or debris should be visible. Spot area must be kept clean throughout the event and be left spotless afterwards. No soliciting, approaching patrons, or distribution of advertising material outside of booth area. All vendors must have a state sales tax license. Vendors are responsible for collecting and remitting all sales tax.
Event Quality Level Determining Flags:
A single-person or more panel lightly screens slides or photos.
All items must be hand made or embelished.
Determined Quality Level: 4   quality levels explained
Driving Directions
From NYS Interstate 81 north or south exit at Lafayette, NY, go west on State Route 20
Promoter Details

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Replacement Part for a Shade King Canopy
Price:   $7.00SKU:   TRP-SK-PINBRACKET
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This is the plastic part that is near the top each of the 4 main legs, with a spring-tensioned pull-pin with a pull-ring on it.

I do not know which models this fits. It is from a parted-out, 10x10 Shade King canopy.

Price is for 1 replacement part. There are 3 shown in the photo so-as-to show the part from multiple angles. Each canopy has 4 of this part. The one on each leg is identical and interchangeable.

Helical Reamer, Hole Maker, and Cleaner
Price:   $1.50SKU:   T-SCREW-REAM-1
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This is a handmade tool that acts as hole maker, enlarger, cleaner, or reamer for soft materials.

It works well on plastic, vinyl, cloth, leather, clay, wax, soap, etc.

It is composed of a screw and stained wooden handle.

1.9 inches of the screw are exposed below the handle. The outer diameter of the screw threads is 0.190 inch.

The wooden handle is a cylinder 0.50 inches in diameter and 2.60 inches long.

Handmade by Louy

Blue Apatite Crystals, Rough Tiny Nuggets
Price:   $2.50SKU:   MIN-APA-01
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Blue Apatite Crystals, Rough Tiny Nuggets. They are not faceted nor have any flat faces. I did hand-pick these from a much larger batch for clarity and consistency in color amongst them. I'd call them a medium sky blue, high translucency, and Extra Grade.

The photo is of 33 nuggets, totaling 6.75 grams available. So they average 0.205 grams per nugget. 1.0 grams should get you about 5 of these crystal nuggets. Price is per 1.0 gram of the exact blue apatite crystals in the photo. Enter the number of grams desired as the quantity for this product.

Apatite is derived from the Greek απατείν (apatein), which means to be misleading or deceive, since it was often mistaken for other minerals.

Steak: White
Hardness: 5 Mohs
Crystal: Hexagonal dipyramidal (6/m)
Refractive index: 1.63
Dispersion: 0.013

0.84" Tall x 1.50" Diameter Clear Plastic Screw Top Cylindrical Container
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Clear Plastic Screw Top Cylindrical Container

0.84" Tall x 1.50" Outside Diameter

Price is for 1 container.

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