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@Sat Nov 5th

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2299 Cherry Valley Rd
Newark, OH 43055
Licking County - 55,588 housholds avg $53,304 ea.

Location/Facility Type: overnight stay lodge in Blossom Ballroom and foyer
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Posted: Nov 30, 2015
Last Updated: Nov 30, 2015
Listing Completeness %: 83%
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Primary Category:
  - Business Related
     - Business Expo
Additional Categories:
  - Expo & Trade Shows
     - Home Business Expo
  - Holiday & Seasonal Events
     - Holiday Gift Fair
  - Vendor Events
     - Vendor Event
     - Christmas Event
     - Retail Show
Dates: Unconfirmed / Anticipated-Only Event -- ! ! -- Date(s) are Approximate Only!
@Sat Nov 5th

Show Hours: SAT 10 am - 3 pm
Setup Time: Sat Morn 5 am - 9:30 am
Year #: 6
Public Admission Price: FREE TO PUBLIC
Haul Details: can park at curb to unload items, carts available
Vendor Help: carry in help
Vendor Breakfast: you must supply your own breakfast
Vendor Lunch: bring own or have someone bring you lunch or Lodge has restaurant
Parking: Parking lot for Lodge guests
Vendor Parking: Lodge parking lot
RV Parking: none on site
Restrooms: Inside Restrooms on premisis
Electricity: Provided FREE of charge
Water: provided
Tables/Chairs: Tables provided for a fee of $26.75 with free chairs
Misc Details: Indoor Event, Retail Items
Activities: Tastings and demonstrations will be provided by some of the vendors.
  Jury Fee: none
Commission: n/a
Art/Craft Spaces This Yr: 25
Art/Craft Space Price: $30.00 for 1- 6' space

Retail Spaces This Yr: 25
Retail Space Price: $30 for 1-6' vendor space

App Deadline: unknown
Still Accepting App's: unknown
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This is the 3rd year for the HOLIDAY SHOPPING EXPO. This is a business expo where you can show and sell your items to the public. It will consist of many well known home based businesses such as AVON, Silpada Designs, Wild Tree, Precious Handbags, crafts and more.
Advertising will be done in many areas.

If you are a crafter or have a home based business and would like to participate in a beautiful venue, please contact me for more information.
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Link: http://thageman.avonrepresentative.com/

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Advertising Done for This Event
We will advertise in 3 different local newspapers. Paid ads will be played on one local Radio station. Word of mouth and flyers and all the FREE online advertising we can do. Our budget for advertising is in the range of between $600.00 and $700.00.
Event/Application Rules & Regulations
Vendor Agreement

The event runs from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Vendors must be setup and functioning by 9:15 a.m., and may not tear down and load out until after 3:00 p.m. Vendor Registration and setup will take place Saturday, November 14 between 12:00 am and 8:30 am. (If we can get in the night before the Expo to set up I will contact all vendors via email!) All vendors must be pre-registered and pre-paid. No refunds will be awarded for any reason. Please make copies of all documentation for your own records.

Rules, Regulations, and General Information

Enforcement & Permits:

The decisions of the event organizers and building management are final. Vendor/Exhibitor will comply with all laws, rules, and regulations. Vendor/Exhibitor is responsible for obtaining necessary permits and licenses in order to operate/sell at this event. All permits, licenses and forms must be on display at the vendor’s space.


Vendor/Exhibitor covenants that it will protect, hold harmless and indemnify the Event, Owner and Sponsors. Event, Owner and Sponsors are not liable for lost, damaged, or stolen property. Vendor/Exhibitor must sign Release of Liability Form on Registration form. You are responsible for your vendor space! Please do not deface any of the Lodge property. (I.e., do not pound nails in Lodge property, spill anything on floors, and remove/take any Lodge property with you when leaving Lodge property.) If it is found there is such damage/theft, you will be held financially responsible! Make sure your vendor space/spaces are managed by you or someone you appoint at all times during set-up and hours of the Expo which is 10 AM – 3 PM. Please make sure all trash is kept picked up and your area is kept neat and tidy at all times. You must make sure all trash is disposed of prior to leaving the Lodge.


There will be no refunds for any reason. The Expo fees are what funds this Expo! We may consider a refund as long as ample amount of notice has been given and we can resale your vendor space/spaces 30 days before the Expo, no exceptions! So a 30 day notice would have to be given for us to consider a refund!


Food/vendor permits or copies of Health Department and other permits are required to do business in the county/city. Sale of items not listed in your Vendor Agreement is prohibited.

Advertising – Will be arranged by the Expo Promoters and will be paid for with the Expo fees collected. Due to limited funds ads will be in size what we can afford. There will be a hand out flyer, with all the participating businesses listed, sent to all participating vendors to distribute to the public. We will be listing all participating businesses in the Newspaper Ads! Our Theme for this Expo will be a Fall/Holiday Theme so please plan your displays accordingly!

Completed Applications:

A completed application is due with registration fee by September 30, 2009. Applications are complete when all documentation, payments, signed release of liability, and requested materials are received and approved by the organizing committee. Vendors/Exhibitors may not set up at the event until the applications process has been completed and accepted. You may email us the completed Application and the signed Release of Liability form.

The completed application must contain the following: ___ Completed Application (above) ___ Signed Release of Liability form (below) ___ Cash or PayPal Payment


Release of Liability and Understanding/Acceptance of All Terms (Must Be Signed)

The undersigned desiring to participate in the Holiday Shopping Expo does hereby tender his/her application for registration. In consideration of the acceptance by the sponsoring committee of the application of the undersigned to participate in the said Expo, the undersigned does hereby agree to release the sponsoring committee, agents, assigns, volunteers, organizations, sponsors, property owners and tenants and all other participants from any and all liability arising out of the Expo. The undersigned also releases, waives, discharges and covenants not to sue the organizers, participants, advertisers, agents, assigns, organizations, participants, property owners and lessee (herein referred to as the Releases) of the premises used to conduct the Expo and the undersigned further agrees to indemnify and save and hold harmless the releases and each of them from any loss, liability, damage or cost they may incur out of the show whether caused by negligence of the Releases or otherwise. The undersigned further agrees that this release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement extends to all acts of negligence by the Releases. If any portion thereof is held to be invalid, it is agreed the balance shall, not withstanding, continue in full force and effect.

Accepted on terms and conditions stated above by:

BUSINESS OWNER Signature__________________________________________Date________________ STAFF WORKING THE EVENT Signature_____________________________________Date_________________

Common Rules Selected: Previous acceptance does not guarantee re-acceptance. City law requires city issued vendor permit. Spots are assigned prior to show based by promoter. Conditional Partial or Full Refunds by conditions such as date and whether your space is resold. Held Rain or Shine! No streamer poppers, snaps, silly string, stink bombs or other similar items may be sold! No pop guns, marshmellow guns or other disruptive items may be sold. Trash must be removed from your space to provided receptacles. No Gas Generators. Additional Lighting Recommended (bring lights and cords). No Early Packup Allowed. Table Cloth or Drape Required. Food Service will take orders from and deliver to vendor booths. NO Setup until vehicle fully unloaded and moved. Vehicle must be parked in designated areas. Standard Rules: All work and displays must stay within designated space. No boxes, extra merchandise or debris should be visible. Spot area must be kept clean throughout the event and be left spotless afterwards. No soliciting, approaching patrons, or distribution of advertising material outside of booth area. All vendors must have a state sales tax license. Vendors are responsible for collecting and remitting all sales tax.
Event Quality Level Determining Flags:
A single-person or more panel lightly screens slides or photos.
Retail Items Allowed.
Limited number of Artists per category.
Table cloths required.
Booth Business Sign Required.
No inventory boxes in view.
Pre-show inspection of items and booths will be performed.
Vendors with items violating contract terms WILL BE asked to remove them.
Exhibitors must wear name badges.
Themed exhibitor dress code.
Determined Quality Level: 2   quality levels explained
Promoter Details

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