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Exhibitor Number: 93602  User Number: 202509    

Contact Name: Laura Bullinger
Phone: phone on file
Email: email on file
street address on file
city on file, NY zip on file

Last Site Activity:2 years ago
Profile Last Updated:2 years ago
# Years Selling:10
Avg Product Price:$30
Avg # Spots per Show:1
# Shows per Year:2
Will pay per spot per day:$25 to $200
CraftLister.com UserName:Binka
Distance From :unknown
Max Miles for a Show:40
Event TypeWill Do
Indoor ShowsYES
Outdoor Shows Under CoverYES
Outdoor Shows w/o Cover ProvidedYES
Flea MarketsYES
Shows with Retail Items AllowedYES
Craft Shows with No JuryYES
Juried Craft ShowsYES
Juried Fine Arts & Craft ShowsYES

Personal Page Web Address: http://www.CraftLister.com/Binka/
Personal Page Web Address: http://www.EventLister.com/Binka/

Clothing & Accessories, Clothing & Accessories > Vintage-Look, Ethnic and Regional, Ethnic and Regional > Victorian Crafts, Ethnic and Regional > Vintage Crafts, Fiber Arts, Fiber Arts > Embroidery
Item Types: 100% of items are created by the Artist themself
Item Flags: Artist employs assistants
Item Flags: Artist can bring only handmade, qualified items if required
Item Flags: Artist resells work of other Artists at select events

Craft Description: Victorian paper goods, textile reproductions, needlework, Celtic Monograms, handmade gifts, Ribbonwork. Lace making

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