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 Newest Craft Expert Articles 
The human reason why buy/sell turns an art show into a flea market.  starstarstarstarstar
By Louis Marquette   personal site  Category: The Jury Process
The below article was written by Sandra Rosner, but was lost from during a 2007 site-crash. The below replacment-in-part is from a printed copy that another exhibitor has been mailing to events they apply to: Just the other evening my h...
Safety and Ergonomics for the Jewelry Artist  starstarstarstarstar
By  Category: Jewelry  /   Craft Category Basics
Your hands, eyes and upper body are your most important and most vulnerable tools. Jewelry making creates a situation in which you use these tools in in an extremely intensive way.
Exude Success  starstarstarstarstar
By Michelle Sholund   personal site  Category: Selling Tips/Advice
The key to success is in our own hands and the best way anyone can do this is by exuding success in all aspects of one's craft business
How to Make a Child's Handprint on a Ceramic Tile  starstarstarstarstar
By Dy Witt   personal site  Category: Artwork > Tile Art  /   Tips & Suggestions
How-to article with instructions and materials list for creating a ceramic tile with a fired imprint of your child's hand.
Knowing what shows are right for you - saving you time and money  starstarstarstarstar
By Michelle Sholund   personal site  Category: Finding & Doing Shows
An art and craft show isn't just an "art and craft" show any more. Research and read this to know what the show is all about and help decide if the show is right for you, not the other way around.
Confirmation Packets to Exhibitors  starstarstarstarstar
By Louis Marquette   personal site  Category: Event Promotion
What to include. Tips, ideas, and requests sent by vendors on what they want to receive.
20 pages of Original Tips and Thoughts on Retail Buy/Sell at Claimed and Advertised Hand-Made Jurried Arts & Crafts Shows from 500 Artists and Crafters - Organized by Topic - Not Condensed  starstarstarstarstar
By Louis Marquette   personal site  Category: The Jury Process
Original Tips and Thoughts on Retail Buy/Sell at Claimed and Advertised Hand-Made Juried Arts & Crafts Shows from 500 Artists and Crafters - Organized by Topic - Not Condensed Contents: PROMOTERS...
Do's and Don'ts for Beginners When Doing Your First Craft Show  starstarstarstarstar
By Michelle Sholund   personal site  Category: Craft Category Basics
If you are looking forward to doing your first craft show there are some things you should do and NOT do before you dive in...

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How do I protect my unique design from copycats?  Answers...  Add
Possible Answer: You can mail a copy of your original work to yourself and keep it in a drawer. DO NOT OPEN IT. It will hold up in court as a recognized legal document if it is sealed because it will have been stamped by federal postal service. Open the package only in a court room and prove the existence and date of your orignal work. It's called "the poor man's copywrite.
Possible Answer: Write a "cease and desist" letter stating that you have a registered copyright.  View Full Answer...
What is the best way to protect a design?  Answers...  Add
Possible Answer: Log on to the U.S. Patent and Trademark website ( you can run a search for your idea. Or hire a patent or trademark lawyer; you can fine a link for them on the USPTO site or run a search thru
What is the best way to care for a Tie Dye?  Answers...  Add   Clothing & Accessories > Tie Dye
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