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Add a Listing for an Event YOU are running:

   > Add Listing for MY event starting with a Blank Form ... -

Add a Listing for an Event you simply know-of or are attending:

   > Add Listing for someone else's event ... - - Earns you Full Membership time.

   > Add Listings for many events that are not yours at once ... - BULK Form adds many listings quickly.

   > Add URL for a Site with many events to be indexed ... - Must have 100+ events.

Basic Facts Regarding Listing Events here:

Adding event listings is totally FREE! We do offer listing upgrades which work, but any upgrade can also be earned FREE in trade and are unnecessary for basic results. More info on Listing Upgrades...

You can List ANY and ALL Events! There are 600+ Categories for events. Each listing can be in any number of categoies and can be marked as having Exhibitors or not. This allows all types events to be listed and yet for each user to only see events of interest to them.

This website's main user-base is Exhibitors and Promoters. Customers can use us, however most are not motivated to. Normally, Promoters list their events to attract exhibitors, & Exhibitors search through those event listings to find events to vend at.

Basic site usage is that exhibitors contact promoters of events they are interested and ask to be mailed an application form. Promoters can also buy access to Exhibitor contact info and mailing labels so they can mail applications to local prospective exhibitors. and are 2 names for the same website. They share their database, so changes made on one site affect both. Users see only events in the categories selected in their account settings.

Events added here ALSO appear on other websites that use our API or IFRAME!!
  View list of sites re-displaying our event listings...

More Info About Site..

 Add an Event ( Copy from previous listing ) 
   Copying old listings is an option, but none were found under this () account. This email has no promoter account even. If you listed events before, you must have done so under another email. We can move events to another email if you ask. We lost much info in Nov 2006. If you had entered listings from before that, they were lost, they can not be coppied from. Click for Details...

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