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06/28 2016-05/28
login! Macon, GA 82% City Market on the Green  Website URL ??? 
Organic farmers market in historic down town Macon from 10 am till 3pm. WE are looking for hand made crafts and art work, plants and organic foods. There is no fee for site 10 ft x 10 ft and free parking. Food vendors are welcomeOrganic farmers market seeking hand made crafts... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 50
Booth Price: free
Jury Requirements: hand made local grown
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: down town park on grass
Setup Time: 7-9 am
Hours: 10 am, 3pm

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07/27-07/02 2017
login! Lancaster, MA 56% Flea Market and Indoor Carnival  Website URL
   starstarstarstarstar (1 comments, 1 people)
Open Every Sunday Rain or Shine Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 40.00 booth and 25 for table
Hours: sun 8am to 4pm

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@ 07/29-07/23&nbslogin!Racine, WI60% Charlotte Kruk: Consumer Couture - the Politics of Having ??? 
Exploring alternative understandings of the term "eye candy," artist Charlotte Kruk uses recognizable consumer packaging and materials to make garments and sculptures that reflect on the society that produced them. For this exhibition, Kruk has created a series of vignettes for t...
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08/06 2016-06/10
login! Hanover, PA 49% Saturdays in Hanover ??? 
2nd Saturday's in Downtown Hanover are a great way to enjoy all the great shopping and dining Main Street Hanover businesses have to offer! Special promotions, events and specials can be found every 2nd Saturday of the month. With special themes and events, you'll always find som...
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09/23-09/08 2017
login! Cincinnati, OH 43% EXHIBIT PROPOSALS Solo, Group and Concept Submissions  Website URL ??? 
ÂOn average, one-third of Manifest's exhibits are dedicated to solo exhibits. Solo exhibitors have included local, regional, and national artists from as far away as New York City, San Francisco, and Hong Kong. It is important to our non-profit operations that each of our seasons...
@ 09/24-09/17&nbslogin!Salem, MA71% Branching Out: Trees as Art  Website URL??? 
The Peabody Essex Museum presents "Branching Out," an exhibition that addresses the role that trees play as inspiration and medium in contemporary art. "Branching Art" includes work in a wide variety of mediums, from carving to music composition.
10/01 2016-05/28 login! Tampa, FL 35% Tampa Downtown Weekly Market  Website URL ??? 
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10/01 2016-05/28
login! West Palm Beach, FL 31% West Palm Beach Saturday Green Market  Website URL ??? 
10/08 2016-05/06 login! Kenosha, WI 33% Kenosha Winter HarborMarket  Website URL ??? 
10/22 2016-04/29 login! Wellington, FL 33% Green Market at Wellington  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
@ 11/04 2016login!Phoenix, AZ55% Norterra Car Show  Website URL??? 
@ 11/05 2016login!Troy, NY76% Troy Makers Market in the Atrium  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 2. This juried event runs from November 7 2015 through April 30, 2016, except for 12/26/15. This juried event runs from November 7 2015 through April 30, 2016, except for 12/26/15. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Attendance: 400
Admission Price: none
# Of Spaces: 30
Booth Price: season runs 25 Saturdays: minimum 3 @ $65 each, $1000 for full season
Jury Requirements: photos or samples of items to be sold
Location Type: mall, connected to the Farmers Market
Setup Time: 7:30-8:30
Hours: 9:00-2:00
@ 11/09 2016login!Hampton, VA33% Halls of Art Exhibition at the Hampton Roads Convention Center  Website URL??? 
@ 11/12 2016login!Palm Springs, CA71% Contemporary Glass  Website URL??? 
"Contemporary Glass" features a wide variety of glass works by some of the most accomplished and skilled artists working in the field today. The exhibition includes examples of casting, fusing, slumping, lamp-working, glass blowing, and many other innovative techniques. Exhibitin...
@ 11/23 2016login!Allentown, PA72% Assemblage: Contemporary Fiber Art  Website URL??? 
This exhibition features six local artists who integrate various forms of media to achieve their vision. The show will combine objects from the Museum's permanent collection with loans from artists and collectors. Featured outside our Goodman Gallery is a fiber work by Ted Hallma...
@ 11/23-11/01&nbslogin!Walton, KY28% Christmas Bazaar ??? 
11/25 2016-12/04 2019login!Norco, CA37% Hillside Holiday Craft Fair   Website URL??? 
@ 12/04 2016login!Brockton, MA71% Crafting a Collection: Fuller Craft Museum Recent Acquisitions  Website URL??? 
Celebrating their 10th anniversary, the Fuller Craft Museum is pleased to present "Crafting a Collection," an exhibition that highlights some of the superb objects that the Craft Museum acquired for its permanent collection between 2012 and the present. The exhibition will includ...
@ 12/17-12/16&nbslogin!Saint Petersburg, FL26% Third Saturday Art Walk ??? 
@ 12/22 2016login!Albuquerque, NM51% EXPO New Mexico Flea Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Flea Market takes place every Saturday and Sunday from 7 am to dusk on the Midway lot. Featuring hundreds of vendors with tens of thousands of unique and one-of-a-kind items to choose from. Foot traffic is welcome to enter at Gate 1 (Central between Louisiana and San Pedro).
@ 12/23-12/22&nbslogin!New York, NY80% Hells Kitchen Flea Market  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 12. We are oppened for our 3rd season, every sat& sun, rain or shine,you will find unique antiques and collectibles,great fashion finds,arts & crafts,food and more.. we welcome all vendors.Come visit us down at the newest and hottest arts & craft show in town.once a month we have a r... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 150
Booth Price: $75 10x10
Jury Requirements: none
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Mid town west
Setup Time: btw 7-10 am
Hours: sat & sun 10-6 pm
@ 12/23-12/22&nbslogin!Wichita, KS26% Final Friday Gallery Crawl ??? 
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12/29-12/28 2017
login! Ronda, NC 31% Raffaldini Farmer's Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 12/29 2016login!Manchester, TN42% Highway 41 Toy Convoy and Show  Website URL??? 
17th Annual Highway 41 Toy Convoy and Show The excitement of the 17th annual Highway 41 Toy Convoy is already growing when it was confirmed that Virgil T and Friends will be special guest this year. Virgil T. and the Uncle Tom Band will be rocking the crowd. The convoy will line ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Location Type: 865 McMinnville Hwy Manchester Tn
Setup Time: Lineup 11 am
@ 12/30 2016login!Clermont, FL31% Cagan Crossings Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30 2016login!Mokane, MO34% Frog and Hogs ??? 
Free admission, free primitive camping, live music, bike games, wet tee shirt contest, bike show and car show. Free vendor spots- no food vendors.
@ 12/30-12/02&nbslogin!Prescott, AR48% Navada County Trade Days ??? 
2nd Saturday of each month, hours from 9:00 a.m -2:00 p.m. We invite you to downtown Prescott for the Navada County Trade Days. Come and see the arts and crafts vendors from the Ark-La-Tex area. Admission: FreeDowntown Brandy Jones PO Bo x307 Prescott, AR 71857 2nd Saturday... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
@ 12/30-12/15&nbslogin!Kansas City, MO38% St. Art Walk ??? 
Every third Friday from 6 – 10pm the merchants of 39th Street open their doors to local and regional painters, photographers, sculptures, printmakers, artists, musicians, belly-dancers, fire twirlers, roller-derby girls, motorcycle enthusiasts, and – of course – to you the ...
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12/30 2017
login! Lansing, MI 26% Allen Farmer's Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
login! Jacksonville, FL 26% Pecan Park Flea & Farmers' Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
login! Cary, NC 26% Cary Farmer's Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
login! Chehalis, WA 26% Chehalis Farmers Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
login! Dundee, MI 26% Dundee Farmer's Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
login! Floyd, VA 26% Floyd Farmers Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
login! Ellsworth, MI 26% Friske's Farm Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
login! Trenton, NJ 26% Farmers Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
login! Rogers, OH 64% Rogers Community Open Air Market  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
show is held every friday. Flea market & Arts and Crafts Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 1300
Booth Price: 15' X 30' $18.00 outside, 12' X 12' $20.00 inside
Setup Time: Day befor the show & Day of the show
Hours: 9am- untill dark

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12/30 2017
login! Grayson, GA 26% Grayson Farmer's Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
login! Lee, MA 26% Lee Farmers Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
login! Lilburn, GA 26% Lilburn Farmers Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
login! Morgantown, WV 26% Morgantown Farmers Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
login! New Boston, NH 26% New Boston Farmers' Market ??? 
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12/30 2017
login! Lake City, MI 31% Thursday Farmer's Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 12/31-12/02&nbslogin!Farmersville, TX49% Farmers & Fleas Market  Website URL??? 
Includes arts, crafts, jewelry and food vendors. Historic Onion Shed. E-mail: Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 10 15x15 in field & 15 10x10 under shed
Hours: 9-4
@ 12/31-12/02&nbslogin!Bennettsville, SC36% Cruzin For Christ ??? 
@ 12/31-12/02&nbslogin!Altavista, VA31% First Saturdays in Altavista ??? 
@ 12/31-12/16&nbslogin!Madison, WI43% Dane County Farmers Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Local vendors sell their wares at this weekly Farmers' market. Saturdays from April 18 - November 7.
@ 01/01-12/01&nbslogin!Maitland, FL33% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/09login!Pasadena, TX91% Saturday Craft & Vendor Market   Website URL??? 
Year # 4. Monthly craft and vendor market in Pasadena, Texas Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 40
Booth Price: $30 15x15 (+$10 for electricity if needed)
Location Type: parking lot
Setup Time: Sat Morn 8am- Must be ready for business by 8:45am
Hours: 9:00am-3:00pm
01/01-12/30login!Arlington, VA31% Columbia Pike Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/30login!Dallas, TX31% Dallas Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/30login!Pearl River, NY31% Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/30login!Hollywood, CA31% Hollywood Farmers' Market   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/30login!Encino, CA31% Encino Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/30login!Three Forks, MO26% Three Forks Weekly Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/30login!Waynesville, MO25% Pulaski County Farmers’ Market   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/30login!Winter Haven, FL33% & Saturday Markets in Downtown   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/30login!Chehalis, WA42% Wes Knodel Monthly Gun and Knife Show   Website URL??? 
Wes Knodel Gun Shows presents the Gun and Knife Show at that Southwest Washington Fairgrounds. 2017 Scheduled Dates: January 14 & 15 February 11 & 12 March 11 & 12 April 8 & 9 May 20 & 21 June 17 & 18 July 8 & 9 August 26 &...
01/01-12/30login!Williamsburg, VA33% Sundays Art & Music Festival   Website URL??? 
@ 01/01-12/31&nbslogin!Everett, WA83% Bayside Art & Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 8. Open-air market featuring local artisans, farmers and musicans. Easy to find behind the Everett Public Market and visible from W. Marine View Dr at CAlifornia St.Market located outside just off the water. It does have a regular breeze all day so a tent side or back may be des... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: none
# Of Spaces: 30
Booth Price: $25
Location Type: outside, tents and market umbrellas suggested. Oceanside views.
Setup Time: 8:00am-10:00am
Hours: Saturdays 10-3
@ 01/01-12/31&nbslogin!Clear Lake Shore, TX51% Clear Lake Shores Farmers Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
First and third Saturdays of each month from 8 AM to 12 PM Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: free
Hours: Sat 8-12
@ 01/01-12/31&nbslogin!Ocean Springs, MS43% Classes @ Mary C ??? 
The Mary C offers classes for all ages that include oil painting, art, drawing, photography, field trips, etiquette & social skills, introductory boat building, creative writing, music, dance, pottery, piano & guitar lessons, and more. Call for complete details on all classes, ti...
@ 01/01-12/31&nbslogin!Elgin, IL43% Elgin Winter Market  Website URL??? 
Saturday only... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Booth Price: $30 8 x 8
Setup Time: Sat 8-9 am
Hours: Sat 9-4
01/01-12/31 2017login!Weston, MO41% 2nd Saturdays in Weston  Website URL??? 
Stroll into Unique Shops & Galleries for late night shopping and enjoy in-store Specials, Local Wine and Beer, Food Samples and Live Entertainment. Have fun with us every Second Saturday...shops open late in downtown Weston.
@ 01/01-12/31&nbslogin!Fort Worth, TX31% Handley Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31login!Kingwood, TX31% Kingwood Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 01/01-12/31&nbslogin!Honolulu, HI77% Aloha Stadium & Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace  Website URL??? 
Year # 6. The Aloha Stadium & Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace are proud to partner with the Ronald McDonald House Charities�� of Hawaii (RMHC-Hawaii) and recently added Food Trucks Hawaii for the 2012 Shop & Grind for A Cause Series. Featuring local grinds from some of the best f... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $50 20 x 20
Location Type: stadium
Hours: 11am - 4pm
01/01-12/31 2017login!Stroudsburg, PA28% Pocono Vendors Marketplace - An Indoor Flea Market ??? 
@ 01/01-12/31&nbslogin!Kenly, NC31% Vendor Events Year Round  Website URL??? 
@ 01/01-12/31&nbslogin!Pinecrest, FL37% Green Market Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31 2017login!Louisville, CO33% First Friday Art Walk   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31 login! Saint Petersburg, FL 52% Saturday Morning Market   Website URL ??? 
Runs every saturday, october thru may, 9am-2pm. The largest green market oin the southeast united states. Over 150 food and craft vendors every week, live entertainment. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $35 10X10
Hours: 9am-2pm

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01/01-12/31login!San Diego, CA55% Ocean Beach Weekly Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
Every Wednesday from 4-8pm, and 4-7pm in winter, on Newport Avenue between Cable and Bacon Streets in Ocean Beach, don't miss your opportunity to purchase the freshest, and most delicious locally grown produce, art, flowers, and more! And the music can't be beat. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: Wednesday 4pm to 8pm
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!San Diego, CA32% Harney Street Market  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31login!Shawano, WI31% Flea Market   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31login!Kenosha, WI57% Kenosha Harbor Marketplace   Website URL
   starstarstarstarstar(6 comments, 1,200 people, $320 avg sales, sales 12 X spot cost) 
Held from may to october every Saturday. Near the lakefront in front of a public museum. Well known market with lots of traffic.This juried event is held at Harbor Park every Saturday beginning on the 3ed Sat. of May through the 2nd Sat. in October. Then it moves indoor. It i... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 25
Hours: Sat 9-2
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Brooklyn, NY70% Ps 321 Flea Market  Website URL??? 
Classic outdoor flea market every Saturday and SundayClassic outdoor flea market every Saturday and SundayClassic outdoor flea market every Saturday and Sunday Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Location Type: 180 Seventh Avenue Brooklyn NY 11215
Setup Time: 8 am
Hours: 9 am - 5 pm
@ 01/01-12/31&nbslogin!Boise, ID28% Boise Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Tampa, FL28% Ybor City Saturday Market  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31login!Baileys Harbor, WI26% Bailey's Harbor Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Gulfport, FL28% Tuesday Morning Fresh Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Belleville, KS28% Belleville Chamber & Main Street Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Tacoma, WA28% Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Santa Ana, CA28% First Saturday Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Eureka Springs, AR35% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Caledonia, WI28% 7 Mile Fair  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Saint Petersburg, FL28% Saturday Artwalk  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31login!Columbus, OH51% Food Truck Friday  Website URL??? 
Food Truck Fridays with Live Local Music Food Truck OH! Burger will be serving from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm! Oh! Burger is a locally sourced gourmet mini-burger food truck serving in Columbus Ohio! Visit their website for menu ideas! Joey & Jessica will play from 7 pm to 9 pm! Please ...
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Salt Lake City, UT28% Downtown Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31 2017login!Santa Fe, NM28% Railyard Artisan Market   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Denver, CO28% Mile High Flea Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Norfolk, CT28% Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Daytona Beach, FL31% Flea & Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Hilo, HI25% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Long Beach, CA28% Saturday Art Walk   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Wayne, PA28% Lancaster County Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Cleveland, OH28% Westside Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Cleveland, OH31% Tremont Artwalk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Albuquerque, NM34% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!La Jolla, CA33% Open Aire Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!San Diego, CA28% Hill Crest Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Greer, SC28% Barnyard Flea Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Durham, NC28% Green Flea Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Charleston, SC31% Charleston City Market   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Sacramento, CA28% Second Saturday Sacramento Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Denver, CO34% Tennyson Street First Friday Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Fullerton, CA28% Downtown Fullerton Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 01/01-12/31login!Jerome, AZ28% Jerome Art Walk   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Kansas City, MO28% Street Artwalk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Palm Desert, CA28% College of the Desert Street Fair  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Laguna Beach, CA28% First Thursdays Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Post, TX28% Post City Crafter's Day  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Greensboro, NC28% First Friday  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Clermont, FL31% First Friday Family Food Trucks & Music on Montrose  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Live Oak, FL25% Downtown Friday  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Miami, FL28% Bird Road Art District Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Clarksville, TN28% Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!New York City, NY34% Marketplace on Mulberry Little Italy  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Wilmington, CA31% Wilmington Art Walk  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31 2017login!Ukiah, CA31% First Fridays Art Walk   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!San Francisco, CA32% Lower Polk Art Walk  Website URL??? 
Every First Thursday 6-10 pm
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Woodinville, WA31% Hollywood Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Longview, TX31% Art Walk Downtown Longview  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Richmond, VA27% Richmond MindBody Fair  Website URL??? 
When: First Saturday of the month 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Hillsborough, NC31% Last Friday Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Mc Donald, PA31% McDonald Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Washington, PA25% Main Street Farmers’ Market   Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Monongahela, PA26% Monongahela Farmers Market (1 Comments star) ??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Alameda, CA31% Second Friday Art Walk  Website URL??? 
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Fairhope, AL31% First Friday Art Walk  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31 2017login!Tampa, FL31% Harbour Island Artwalk   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31login!Torrance, CA76% Torrance Street Faire   Website URL??? 
The Dec. 24 show is perfect for last minute Christmas shopping. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $45 10 x 10, $65 for 10 x 20
Location Type: downtown city streets w/ trees
Setup Time: 6 - 7 :30 am
Hours: 8 am to 3 pm
@ 12/30-12/28&nbslogin!Woodstock, VT37% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31login!Quartzsite, AZ33% The Main Event   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31login!Hollywood, FL55% 3rd Saturday ArtsWalk   Website URL??? 
01/01-12/31login!Peoria, AZ53% Momma Organic Market & Food Truck Fridays   Website URL??? 
happens every third Saturday from Sept to April Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 50.00 10x10
Hours: Saturday 9 to 2
01/01-12/31login!Pasadena, CA31% Pasadena Certified Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
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login! Worthington, OH 50% Worthington Farmers Market  Website URL ??? 
The Worthington Farmers Market is a year round tradition held in the heart of Worthington The Worthington Farmers Market brings together more than 75 high quality artisans farmers food producers gardeners and musicians Its mission is simple Encourage support and promote the entre...
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login! Morristown, NJ 31% Morris County Winter Farmers Market  Website URL ??? 
01/01-12/31 login! Denver, CO 33% VFW Post One First and Third Friday Art Show  Website URL ??? 
01/01-12/31 login! Reno, RE 33% Great Western Marketplace  Website URL ??? 
Shopping Hours:(FREE Parking & Admission) Fridays 11:00am to 7:00pm and Saturdays & Sundays 11:00am to 5:00pm. Crafts, Art and much, much more. You can just shop till you drop...
01/01-12/31 login! Kerrville, TX 31% Exit 505 Farmers Market  Website URL ??? 
01/01-12/31login!Mckinney, TX31% Farmers Market in McKinney TX   Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Includes fresh, locally grown produce, meat, dairy and more. Hours are 8 a.m. to noon. Chestnut Square Historic Village, 315 S. Chestnut. Includes fresh, locally grown produce, meat, dairy and more. Hours are 8 a.m. to noon. Chestnut Square Historic Village, 315 S. Chestnut.
01/01-12/31 login! Jefferson, TX 33% Jefferson Flea Market  Website URL ??? 
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login! Greensboro, NC 31% Saturday Morning Market  Website URL ??? 
01/01 2017-12/31 2018login!Troy, NY76% Troy Makers Market in the Atrium   Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 3. This juried event runs from November 7 2015 through April 30, 2016, except for 12/26/15. This juried event runs from November 7 2015 through April 30, 2016, except for 12/26/15. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: none
# Of Spaces: 30
Booth Price: season runs 25 Saturdays: minimum 3 @ $65 each, $1000 for full season
Jury Requirements: photos or samples of items to be sold
Location Type: mall, connected to the Farmers Market
Setup Time: 7:30-8:30
Hours: 9:00-2:00
@ 01/01-06/04&nbslogin!Hollywood, FL40% Dream Car Classics Car Show ??? 
01/07-04/29 login! Venice, FL 33% Venice Saturday Farmer's Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 01/07-05/21&nbslogin!Memphis, TN71% On the Edge: Process, Material, and Form in Contemporary Knife M  Website URL??? 
"On the Edge" explores the field of contemporary knife making and highlights the ways in which today's artists have expanded the boundaries of the medium. The exhibition will include the best of both fantasy weaponry and practical, everyday pieces.
@ 01/07-08/19&nbslogin!Mount Laurel, NJ36% High Octane South Jersey Cars & Coffee ??? 
01/07-12/31 2017login!Oakland, CA31% Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
01/07-12/31 login! Harrisburg, PA 28% Hbg Flea  Website URL ??? 
01/08-12/10login!Grayslake, IL28% Antique & Vintage Market   Website URL??? 
@ 01/08-12/24&nbslogin!Fort Lauderdale, FL36% Cars and Coffee Alpine Jaguar ??? 
@ 01/08-01/04&nbslogin!Garden Grove, CA55% Garden Grove International Farmers Market (1 Comments star) ??? 
This farmers market has the standard produce and foods as well as all types of crafts, fine art, mystical art, glass art, face painting etc. Operates every Sunday from 10am - 3pm or so. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 10% of gross or $20 minimum
Hours: every sunday 10-3
@ 01/08-05/07&nbslogin!Clinton, NJ71% Contemporary International Tapestry  Website URL??? 
Tapestries might conjure up images of medieval castles, unicorns and other mythical beasts, but a new exhibition at the Hunterdon Art Museum weaves a fascinating picture of how the art form has evolved in the past 70 years. "Contemporary International Tapestry" highlights the wor...
@ 01/09-05/04&nbslogin!Aliso Viejo, CA38% California Fibers ??? 
"CALIFORNIA FIBERS" features exemplary work by 22 Southern California fiber artists and will open on January 13, 2014 at Soka University's Founders Hall Art Gallery in Aliso Viejo. The opening reception will be held on January 30 from 5:30 - 7:45 PM. This comprehensive exhibit fe...
@ 01/10-05/14&nbslogin!Macon, GA71% Quilts, Textiles, & Fibers  Website URL??? 
"Quilts, Textiles & Fibers" features dozens of traditional geometric quilts from the Museum's Permanent and Education Collections alongside free-motion embroidery textile work by Jennifer Crenshaw, a large-scale contemporary installation by nationally recognized fiber artist Judy...
01/12-08/15 login! Auburn, WA 31% Auburn's Downtown Sculpture Gallery  Website URL ??? 
@ 01/14-05/07&nbslogin!Newport, RI71% Ashwini Bhat: Earth Took of Earth  Website URL??? 
The Newport Art Museum is excited to present an exhibition of work by ceramicist Ashwini Bhat. Bhat's background in literature, translation, and classical dance carry over to her earthy works, meditating on concepts of transformation, physicality, and impermanence.
@ 01/14-12/16&nbslogin!Miami, FL36% Shorty's Bar B Q Cruise Night ??? 
@ 01/14-12/16&nbslogin!Cleveland, GA52% Cruise'n For A Cause ??? 
  We will be at TCB Diner on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays and at Adams Food IGA on the second Sunday. Contact me thru email or text and I can send you the schedule with times and address.  
@ 01/14-12/31&nbslogin!Boston, MA71% Nature, Sculpture, Abstraction, and Clay: 100 Years of American  Website URL??? 
The Museum of Fine Arts Boston is excited to present an exhibition that surveys the last 100 years of American ceramics. Including the best works from the Arts and Crafts movement alongside Midcentury Modern and contemporary pieces, "Nature, Sculpture, Abstraction, and Clay" is a...
@ 01/14-01/13&nbslogin!Deland, FL36% Cruisin' Downtown DeLand ??? 
@ 01/20-12/22&nbslogin!Wallace, NC40% Wallace Bojangles Cruise In ??? 
@ 01/20-12/22&nbslogin!Liberty, MO34% Friday in Liberty  Website URL??? 
For your convenience the following businesses will be open until 9pm every 4th Friday: Aggieal’s Attic Vintage Boutique, Bea’s Designs, Bittersweet Apothecary, Brant’s Clothing, Historic Liberty Jail, James Country Mercantile, Main Street Goods & Goodies, Orange Ease...
@ 01/20-12/29&nbslogin!Brooklyn, NY32% Foley Square Fair ??? 
@ 01/20-07/08&nbslogin!Portland, OR72% Extra Credit: Students Mine the Museum  Website URL??? 
The partnership between Pacific Northwest College of Art and Museum of Contemporary Craft is excited to present this incredible opportunity for creative collaboration. This exhibition, the first of its kind at the Museum, will be the final product of an intensive and experimental...
@ 01/21-05/28&nbslogin!San Francisco, CA71% Turn, Weave, Fire, and Fold: Vessels from the Forrest L. Merrill  Website URL??? 
The SFO Museum is pleased to present a selection of Forrest Merrill's world-class collection of 20th and 21st century American ceramics. "Turn, Weave, Fire, and Fold" highlights the unique relationship between collector and artist, profiling not only the artists and their work, b...
@ 01/22-04/30&nbslogin!Los Angeles, CA71% Man-Made: Contemporary Male Quilters  Website URL??? 
The Craft & Folk Art Museum (CAFAM) is excited to present "Man-Made: Contemporary Male Quilters," an exhibition that examines the growing community of male quilters. The eight artists in "Man-Made" come from backgrounds in visual art, media, and fashion, and the works in the exhi...
@ 01/22-06/25&nbslogin!Tampa, FL26% Harbour Island Art Walk ??? 
@ 01/27-04/30&nbslogin!Milwaukee, WI71% Uncommon Folk: Traditions in American Art  Website URL??? 
"Uncommon Folk" celebrates the strong sense of independence that runs through American art history, highlighting pieces from the Milwaukee Art Museum's world-class collection of folk and self-taught art. Exemplary pieces of painting, drawing, and sculpture are displayed alongside...
@ 01/27-12/28&nbslogin!Brooklyn, NY32% Bowling Green Fair ??? 
@ 01/28-11/25&nbslogin!Ocean Springs, MS39% Saturday Art Market @ the Mary C! ??? 
Enjoy an open-air market where you can view, browse, & shop for art, pottery, sculpture and more...from artists all across the coast!
@ 01/28-12/09&nbslogin!Mason City, IA38% The Neighbor's Market ??? 
Indoor County-Wide Garage SaleHeartland Center9 a.m. to 9 p.m.The Neighbor's Market will provide a place for a county-wide garage sale to be open on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Booth rental is $45 per Saturday which will cover the cost of advertis...
01/28-12/22 2017login!Lake George, NY26% Courthouse Gallery Exhibitions ??? 
@ 01/28-05/28&nbslogin!San Diego, CA37% Function and Fantasy: Steven and William Ladd ??? 
"Function and Fantasy" features the heterogeneous works of brothers Steven and William Ladd. The exhibition will include the Ladd's intricately beaded fashion accessories, large-scale installations, drawings, and more. The artists will be on hand a number of times throughout the ...
@ 01/29-08/15&nbslogin!Spruce Pine, NC42% Call for Entries: Toe River Arts Juried Show  Website URL??? 
The Toe River Arts Council presents the Toe River Arts Juried Show, open to all mediums. Artists must be over 18 and reside in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia. There is a $35 non-refundable entry fee for up to three entries. $2000 will be awarded ...
@ 01/29-10/28&nbslogin!Lihue, HI43% Ohana Day at the Kauai Museum ??? 
'Ohana Day A day to explore the Museum with your family! There is no admission this day only, but donations are welcome. Cultural activities abound this year to allow discovery of island heritages. 'Ohana Day is offered the first Saturday of each month, excluding December which i...
@ 01/30-04/29&nbslogin!Brunswick, ME26% The Simple Beauty of Nature ??? 
@ 01/30-05/27&nbslogin!Columbia, SC71% Crafting Civil (War) Conversations  Website URL??? 
McKissick Museum at the University of South Carolina is excited to present the exhibition 'Crafting Civil (War) Conversations.” Held in conjunction with other events around the state celebrating the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War, McKissick Museum invited regiona...
@ 01/30-10/28&nbslogin!Kansas City, MO72% Third Saturday Wine Walk on Delaware  Website URL??? 
Wine Walk on Delaware is to share the charming atmosphere and rich history of Delaware Street with Kansas City locals through a seasonal wine tasting event hosted by an eclectic mix of Delaware Street establishments. Join us every third Saturday of the month (April-October) from...
@ 01/30-11/21&nbslogin!Los Angeles, CA55% UCLA Latin American and Iberian Film Festival  Website URL??? 
01/31-05/14 2017login!Rocky Mount, NC26% Handcrafted: Ceramics, Fiber, Glass, Metal, Wood ??? 
02/01-04/30 login! Brunswick, ME 26% It's Not Easy Being Green ??? 
@ 02/01-05/03&nbslogin!Peterborough, NH41% Indoor Winter Farmer's Market ??? 
We are a "producer only" market. Our vendors grow, raise, bake, prepare or make all the products they offer for sale at the Peterborough Farmer's Market.
@ 02/01-05/03&nbslogin!Peterborough, NH39% Peterborough, NH Indoor Winter Farmer's Market ??? 
We serve the community with fresh local produce, locally prepared ready to eat foods, and hand-made crafts. We are a non-profit market comprised of local farmers and artisians.
02/03-05/06 2017login!Denton, TX26% Materials: Hard & Soft ??? 
@ 02/04-05/14&nbslogin!Davenport, IA28% Rock Island Fine Arts Exhibition ??? 
@ 02/04-06/04&nbslogin!Shelburne, VT72% Supercool Glass  Website URL??? 
The Shelburne Museum is pleased to present "Supercool Glass," an exhibition that juxtaposes nineteenth century glass objects with the work of more than a dozen contemporary glass artists whose work references the past. There are food vessels, architectural glass, medical instrume...
@ 02/04-07/02&nbslogin!San Diego, CA72% Black Dolls  Website URL??? 
This new exhibition at Mingei International Museum presents a collection of 125 unique, handmade African American dolls made between 1850 and 1940. On view publicly for the first time, these dolls represent young and old African Americans, playful boys and girls, finely dressed g...
@ 02/04-09/30&nbslogin!Slidell, LA40% Coastal Cruisers Monthly Cruise In ??? 
@ 02/04-11/18login!Beaverton, OR31% Umc Art Court   Website URL??? 
@ 02/04-12/06&nbslogin!Fremont, OH80% Flea Market  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Monthly Flea Market with new and used items. Variety of vendors, change all the time Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $10 for 1 day, $16 for 2 days
Location Type: mulitple buildings at Sandusky Co. fairgrounds, outside space wh
Setup Time: all day Friday, Sat. at 7am
Hours: 9-4 Sat., 9-3 Sunday
@ 02/04-12/23&nbslogin!Glen Allen, VA36% Cars & Coffee ??? 
@ 02/05-12/10&nbslogin!Cleveland, GA36% Cruisen' For A Cause ??? 
@ 02/09-05/07&nbslogin!West Delray Beac, FL28% The Cornell Museum of Art and American Culture National Juried E ??? 
@ 02/09-06/27&nbslogin!Nantucket, MA42% Nantucket Art and Artisan Show  Website URL??? 
The Nantucket Art and Artisans Show is looking for new artisans to exhibit at the 24th Annual Nantucket Art and Artisan Show. The event kicks off with a Preview Party in the evening on Thursday, July 16th and the show runs Friday July 17th through Sunday July 19th, 2015 at Bartle...
@ 02/10-05/26&nbslogin!Buffalo, NY28% Art in Craft Media  Website URL??? 
@ 02/11-11/07login!Lake Saint Louis, MO31% Farmers & Artists Market   Website URL??? 
@ 02/11-11/11&nbslogin!Dover, FL28% Route 60 Swapmeet ??? 
@ 02/11-11/11&nbslogin!Aynor, SC36% CRUISING AYNOR ??? 
@ 02/11-12/31&nbslogin!Chicago, IL71% Maker & Muse: Women and Early Twentieth Century Art Jewelry  Website URL??? 
The Richard H. Driehaus Museum proudly presents the major exhibition 'Maker & Muse: Women and Early Twentieth Century Art Jewelry.” The exhibition features more than 250 stunning pieces of art jewelry created between the late Victorian period and World War I. 'Maker & Muse” i...
@ 02/12-11/26&nbslogin!Hutchinson, KS43% Flea Market ??? 
Monthly indoor Flea Market. Mid-America Markets holds their Flea Markets in the Meadowlark Building on the Kansas State Fairgrounds. Flea Markets for 2010 will be held on the following dates: Feb 21, March 7, April 11, May 2, June 6, July 11, August 8, October 3, November 7 and D...
@ 02/14 2017login!Reno, NV51% Downtown Reno Wine Walk  Website URL??? 
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM THE ORIGINAL AND STILL THE BEST! Join us every third Saturday of the month from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm when the Riverwalk Merchants Association hosts the popular Wine Walk (the original, and still the best!) along the Truckee River and neighboring streets in downtow...
@ 02/17-12/17&nbslogin!Pass Christian, MS77% Menge Flea Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 22. flea market every sat and sun year around rain or shine The Mississippi Gulf Coast’s largest outdoor flea market offers furniture, arts & crafts, plants, baked goods, concession stand and more! Featured on Turner South’s television shows Junkin’ and 3 Day Weekend! Antiq... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: 40.00 for 2 days under the cover with electric
Hours: 7am till 4pm
@ 02/17-05/05&nbslogin!Corpus Christi, TX25% National Drawing & Small Sculpture Show  Website URL??? 
@ 02/17-05/13&nbslogin!Portland, OR72% Living with Glass  Website URL??? 
The Museum of Contemporary Craft is pleased to host 'Living with Glass,” an exhibition that delves into the life and mind of the collector, exploring the impulse to collect and the delights of living amongst objects so fastidiously sought and acquired. 'Living with Glass” d...
@ 02/17-10/29&nbslogin!Ashland, OR51% Oregon Shakespeare Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 02/18-04/30&nbslogin!Dayton, OH48% Three Exhibitions Commemorating the Anniversary of the 191 ??? 
This spring, The Dayton Art Institute will commemorate an event that changed the physicality and focus of cities along Ohio's Great Miami River. In 1913, an unusually potent winter storm system caused a weather event that researcher Trudy Bell considers the United States' most wi...
@ 02/18-10/01&nbslogin!Boise, ID71% Modern and Contemporary Ceramics: the Kay Hardy and Gregory Kasl  Website URL??? 
Kay Hardy and Gregory Kaslo have spent decades assembling one of the most exquisite collection of modern and contemporary ceramics in the country. This exhibition at the Boise Art Museum features over 40 of their finest collected pieces, including works by Rudy Autio, Frank Boyde...
@ 02/19-05/07&nbslogin!Baltimore, MD71% Designed for Flowers: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics  Website URL??? 
"Designed for Flowers" explores the role that Japanese ceramicists have played in support of Ikebana, the art of flower arrangement. The exhibition analyzes the ways in which Japanese ceramicists have adapted their craft to changing theories in flower arrangement over the course ...
@ 02/19-05/14&nbslogin!Sacramento, CA58% Of Cottages and Castles: the Art of California Faience ??? 
"Of Cottages and Castles" is the first exhibition to focus on the esteemed ceramic workshop of William Bragdon and Chauncey Thomas, California Faience, where they developed their own style of ceramics in the 1920s. "Of Cottages and Castles" pays particular attention to the signat...
@ 02/19-11/28&nbslogin!Gastonia, NC40% Gastonia Pepboys Cruise In ??? 
@ 02/23-06/10&nbslogin!Monroe, LA33% Masur Museum Juried Art Competition  Website URL??? 
@ 02/24-05/25&nbslogin!Wichita, KS31% Wichita National All Media Craft Exhibition  Website URL??? 
@ 02/24-05/28&nbslogin!Portland, ME31% Youth Art Month Museum of Art  Website URL??? 
@ 02/24-06/05&nbslogin!Cleveland, OH55% Greater Cleveland International Auto Show  Website URL??? 
@ 02/24-08/19&nbslogin!Portland, OR71% Portland Collects: British Ceramics  Website URL??? 
Curated by Nicole Nathan, "Portland Collects: British Ceramics" explores the relationship between artist, object, and collector. Including work by Lucie Rie, Hans Coper, Michael Cardew, and Bernard Leach, this exhibition is the first of its kind at the Museum of Contemporary Craf...
@ 02/24-11/24&nbslogin!Covington, KY39% Friday Gallery Hop! ??? 
MainStrasse Village presents the First Friday Gallery Hop! on the first Friday of each month. Shops, restaurants and taverns in MainStrasse become ga...
@ 02/25-12/21&nbslogin!Portland, OR32% Portland Saturday Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
@ 02/25-05/27&nbslogin!New Orleans, LA55% Wednesday at the Square  Website URL??? 
@ 02/25-08/06&nbslogin!Charlotte, NC71% Allure of Flowers: Botanical Motifs in Craft, Design, & Fashion  Website URL??? 
The Mint Museum is pleased to present "Allure of Flowers," an exploration of the role that botanical prints and representations have played in the decorative arts. Drawn entirely from the museum's permanent collection, "Allure of Flowers" is organized by flower type, asking the M...
@ 02/26-08/07&nbslogin!Red Lion, PA33% Treasure Trove Flea Markets  Website URL??? 
@ 02/26-10/01&nbslogin!San Marcos, CA40% Car Show Sundays Restaurant Row ??? 
@ 02/26-10/29&nbslogin!Cumming, GA36% Das Auto Event ??? 
@ 02/26-12/28&nbslogin!Ephrata, PA28% Green Dragon Farmers Market and Auction ??? 
@ 02/26-12/28&nbslogin!Trevose, PA33% Philadelphia Flea Market  Website URL
   starstarstarstarstar(1 comments, 500 people, $250 avg sales, sales 13 X spot cost) 
@ 02/27-12/19&nbslogin!Kayenta, UT56% Tuacahn Saturday Market  Website URL??? 
Every Saturday 100 Venders at the Tuacahn Saturday Market Tourist Destination in Padre Canyon. Beautiful location. Live Music, Prizes, Live Amphitheater Professional Broadway plays in the evenings. Come experience something wonderfuly new! Come join our event. Application on the ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $50.00
Hours: 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
@ 02/28-12/24&nbslogin!Houston, TX31% St. Anthony’s Market  Website URL??? 
@ 02/28-10/25&nbslogin!Ashland, OR28% Lithia Artisans Market  Website URL??? 
03/01-12/31login!Virginia Beach, VA51% Virginia Beach Farmers Market Craft Show   Website URL??? 
Handmade Crafts only. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $40.covered $ 30. covered
Hours: 9-5
@ 03/02-05/06&nbslogin!Durham, NC57% Between Landscape and Place Art Exhibit  Website URL??? 
Works by by John Dempsey. FREE admission.
@ 03/02-05/06&nbslogin!Durham, NC57% Under Botanical Influence Art Exhibit  Website URL??? 
Works by by Laura Williams. FREE admission.
@ 03/03-05/05&nbslogin!Columbus, OH39% P0rtrait  Website URL??? 
The International Society of Glass Beads (ISGB) is excited to announce a call for entries for "p0rtrait." This exhibition will offer artists the chance to render a self-portrait through an unlikely medium: the glass bead. Highlighting the versatility and breadth of the medium, "p...
@ 03/03-06/11&nbslogin!Bellevue, WA71% Fragile Fortress: the Art of Dan Webb  Website URL??? 
The Bellevue Arts Museum is pleased to present the first solo museum exhibition of Northwestern wood artist Dan Webb. "Fragile Fortress" features over 15 years of Webb's delicate and exploratory work, including some of his most iconic pieces.
@ 03/03-11/17&nbslogin!Statesville, NC48% Friday Night Bike Night ??? 
03/04-11/25login!Williamsburg, VA40% Williamsburg Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Over 35 vendors offer a variety of local products, among which are fresh seasonal produce, meats, seafood, herbs, potted plants, baked goods, honey, cheese, cut flowers, and more. The Market accepts cash, credit cards, SNAP, and W&M Express. Enjoy chef demonstrations, listen to l...
@ 03/04-11/27&nbslogin!Tallahassee, FL39% Downtown Marketplace  Website URL??? 
The Tallahassee Downtown Marketplace is a continuing event sponsored by the Tallahassee Downtown Improvement Authority. Located in Ponce de\' Leon Park on Monroe Street.
@ 03/04-12/02login!Newcastle, OK40% Tri-City Cruisers Monthy Cruise In ??? 
 \r\nCome Join us for our Monthy Cruise In the First Saturday of each Month. Located at the Sonic & Arby\'s on Hwy 37 in Tri-City (Newcastle). 6 PM to 9PM.\r\n 
@ 03/04-12/23&nbslogin!San Antonio, TX28% Oldies But Goodies Show and Shine and Swap Meet ??? 
@ 03/04-04/30&nbslogin!Sebastian, FL26% Craft Club of Sebastian Craft Show ??? 
03/04-05/10login!Murphys, CA28% Spring Obsession Art Show & Sale ??? 
@ 03/04-05/14&nbslogin!Parkersburg, WV54% Realism National Juried Exhibition ??? 
@ 03/04-05/21&nbslogin!Brockton, MA71% The State of Clay: Pushing Boundaries  Website URL??? 
Fuller Craft Museum is excited to present 'Pushing Boundaries,” an exhibition of work by 50 of the incredibly talented 300 ceramicists who have participated in the 'State of Clay” exhibition at the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society over the past 18 years. The artists in this ...
@ 03/04-06/11&nbslogin!Memphis, TN71% Tributaries: Kirk Lang  Website URL??? 
Kirk Lang's kinetic sculptures celebrate the wonder and beauty of mechanical forces on the largest and smallest of scales. the works he has created for "Tributaries" are activated by motion sensors, allowing the viewer to play a direct role in the creation of the artwork.
@ 03/04-10/07&nbslogin!Henderson, NC40% Tar River Cruizers Cruise In ??? 
@ 03/04-11/04&nbslogin!Denton, TX36% Lake Cities Misfits Monthly Meet & Greet ??? 
@ 03/04-11/04&nbslogin!Plano, TX62% Monthly Muscle Car Show  Website URL??? 
  Monthly Muscle Car Show will be held at Gazeebo Burger located at 6009 Parker Rd. in Plano. Show starts at 4:30pm with awards at 8:15pm.You can find us on Facebook.    \r\nMonthly Muscle Car Show will be held at Gazeebo Burger located at 6009 Parker Rd. in Pla...
@ 03/05-08/20&nbslogin!Melville, NY38% Melville Coin Show ??? 
Coin & Stamp Show Every 2nd & 4th Sunday (Except Easter Sunday)
@ 03/05-11/16&nbslogin!Dickson City, PA33% Circle Drive-in Flea Market  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
@ 03/05-12/10&nbslogin!Jacksonville, FL40% Sunday Tribute Cruise In ??? 
@ 03/05-12/10&nbslogin!Fort Lauderdale, FL40% Stout Bar & Grill Weekly Cruise In ??? 
@ 03/07-05/06&nbslogin!Plano, IL59% Armed Forces Day Run ??? 
Dinner and Ride $20.00, passenger $10.00. Ride only $10.00, passenger $5.00. First Bike out at 10, Dinner 5-6, Big Rig Band 4-8. Only 300 Tickets Sold Get Your Tickets Soon. You can get tickets day of event but the food will be limited.
03/09-04/29login!Woodstock, IL31% Women's Works Show  Website URL??? 
@ 03/10-05/13&nbslogin!Philadelphia, pa51% Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival  Website URL??? 
Celebrating the works of the Great Bard, each year the annual Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival stages productions of two or three of his plays. Ranging from performances of “Hamlet” to “Much Ado About Nothing”, the festival has been entertaining audiences since the event was fir...
@ 03/11-06/11&nbslogin!Dubuque, IA28% Dubuque Museum of Art Biennial Juried Exhibition ??? 
@ 03/11-07/02&nbslogin!New York, NY71% Grand Central Centennial Quilts  Website URL??? 
In honor of Grand Central Terminal's centennial in 2013, the New York quilting and fabric store The City Quilter designed four commemorative fabrics and recruited the magazine American Patchwork & Quilting to sponsor a national quilt-making challenge with these fabrics. The winne...
@ 03/11-10/14&nbslogin!Hope Mills, NC40% Hope Mills Cruzers Monthly Cruise In ??? 
@ 03/11-10/14&nbslogin!Mandeville, LA36% Northshore Cruise Nights ??? 
@ 03/11-11/11&nbslogin!Plant City, FL40% Plant City Strawberry Classic Car Show ??? 
@ 03/11-12/02&nbslogin!Stafford, TX48% Saturday Nights at Otto's BBQ ??? 
@ 03/11-12/16&nbslogin!Winter Garden, FL40% Winter Garden’s Cruz-N-Car Show ??? 
@ 03/12-05/14&nbslogin!Miami, FL48% The Gold Coast Railroad Museum Car Show ??? 
@ 03/12-07/03&nbslogin!1700 South Main , IN54% Commemorative Quilts - the Library Gallery, Goshen College ??? 
An exhibit of old and recent Amish and Mennonite quilts that were made to record and honor an event in the life of an individual, group or institution:  for birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, disaster, retirement, death... The makers, recipients and events will be docum...
@ 03/12-07/30&nbslogin!Houston, TX36% Sunday Funday's @ Doc's Motor Works Grill ??? 
@ 03/13-09/03&nbslogin!Philadelphia, PA71% Flea Market (3 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 8. First Friday in Old City. November 7th 6pm. Tons of Tables Please join us for great deals on Furniture, Household items, clothing, toys, collectables, sports equipment, bikes, video games, jewelry, movies, books, holiday items and more. Tables avail. for a $10 fee. Please call ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: THIS IS OUR FIRST TIME-LET HOPE ALL GOES WELL
Booth Price: $20
Setup Time: 5:30PM
Hours: 6PM
@ 03/14-04/29&nbslogin!Atlanta, GA28% Georgia Watercolor Society National Exhibition ??? 
03/14-04/29 login! Huntsville, AL 33% Spring Festival of Flowers: Huntsville Blooms  Website URL ??? 
@ 03/14-05/13&nbslogin!Topeka, KS71% Mulvane Art Museum Ceramics Exhibition  Website URL??? 
Eligibility: Artists in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming). All types of ceramics eligible. Works must be at least 50 percent clay.  Juror: Robert Harrison  
@ 03/15-06/04&nbslogin!Sevierville, TN76% Smoky Mountain Springfest  Website URL??? 
Enjoy spring decorations, mountain wildflowers and plenty of great events during Smoky Mountain Springfest. Enjoy spring decorations, mountain wildflowers and plenty of great events during Smoky Mountain Springfest.
03/16-05/13 login! Allentown, PA 32% The Holly & Ivy ??? 
@ 03/16-08/24&nbslogin!Greenville, SC48% Piedmont Natural Gas Downtown Alive  Website URL??? 
@ 03/16-10/26&nbslogin!Bel Air, MD51% Cruise With the Boys ??? 
03/18-05/05 login! Morehead City, NC 28% Mad Hatter's Tea Party ??? 
@ 03/18-05/20&nbslogin!Morehead City, NC26% Carolina in my Mind ??? 
@ 03/18-09/23&nbslogin!Dallas, GA40% Georgia Classic Rides Block Parties - Car Cruises ??? 
@ 03/18-10/14&nbslogin!Villa Rica, GA59% Golden City Cruisers Cruise Night  Website URL??? 
 \r\nThe Golden City Cruisers start the season with a cruise in at The Mill in Villa Rica, Georgia from 5 P M to 8 P M and every third Saturday through October.There will be games for the family, food vendors, and lots of classic cars. All proceeds go to local charities and...
@ 03/18-10/14&nbslogin!Athens, TN40% Athens Travelers Cruise-In ??? 
@ 03/18-10/21&nbslogin!Newnan, GA36% Great South Harley Davidson of Newnan Car, Truck & Bike Cruise N ??? 
@ 03/18-11/18&nbslogin!Irmo, SC40% Central Carolina Mopar Club Monthly Cruise In ??? 
@ 03/18-12/09&nbslogin!Westminster, MD53% Carroll Co Farmers Market  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Holiday weekend, crafters, farmers market Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 10 X 10 $15
Hours: 8-1
@ 03/19-08/27&nbslogin!Belton, MO36% Sunday Cruise Nights at Pizza Shoppe ??? 
@ 03/19-10/22&nbslogin!Bloomfield, IN40% DQ Cruise-Ins ??? 
@ 03/20 2017login!Beverly Hills, CA33% Beverly Hills Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 03/21-05/20&nbslogin!Eighty Four, PA50% Spring House Market Farm Tours  Website URL??? 
The SpringHouse was opened in December, 1975 when the Sam and Bev Minor family, complete with five little people twelve and under, started milking cows, processing HORMONE FREE milk, and running the country store. Over the years The SpringHouse has grown and changed, as has the M...
@ 03/21-06/10&nbslogin!Montgomery, IN48% Gasthof Spring Festival ??? 
@ 03/22-05/20&nbslogin!Roseville, CA41% America's ClayFest  Website URL??? 
The Art League of Lincoln, in partnership with Blue Line Arts in Roseville, presents its third annual America's ClayFest Art Show and Competition. Tip Toland and Peter Held will serve as jurors for the 2015 iteration (Their bios are included with the Prospectus). Clay artists fro...
03/22-05/20 login! Suwanee, GA 28% Your Absolute Best Shots Exhibition ??? 
@ 03/23-05/31&nbslogin!Durham, NC49% Juried Jewish Art Show  Website URL??? 
Exhibition and sale of Jewish-themed artwork. Sponsored by the Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina, the show draws entries from artists across America. FREE admission. Exhibition and sale of Jewish-themed artwork. Sponsored by the Jewish Heritage Foundation of North ...
03/24-04/30 2017login!Woodburn, OR51% Woodburn Tulip Festival   Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Wooden Shoe Bulb Company, ( City of Woodburn and Wooden Shoe Bulb Company The 21st Annual festival features the spirit of a small town and the beauty of the tulip fields with an emphasis on agricultural tourism. Events include tours of the tulip fields, wine tasting, craft fa...
03/24-08/25login!Lees Summit, MO42% Friday Art Walk   Website URL??? 
Fourth Fridays Art Walks in Downtown Lee’s Summit are packed with a variety of activities including artist receptions, artist showcases, Music in the Park at Howard Station Park, street theatre, Yoga in the Streets, and even some surprises! Join us for this exciting 2016 seaso...
@ 03/24-10/20&nbslogin!Indian Land, SC40% Cobblestone Cruise In ??? 
@ 03/24-11/24&nbslogin!Onancock, VA50% First Fridays in Onancock  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Take an evening art stroll through this 1680 harbor town, first Fridays April through December. Participating shops & galleries stay open late featuring local artists, demonstrations and specials. Fine dining is available in international and eclectic eateries. Sponsored by the O...
@ 03/24-11/24&nbslogin!Racine, WI55% First Fridays!  Website URL??? 
Downtown Racine comes to life the first Friday of each month April through December. over 35 merchants , restaurants and museums collaborate to bring this series of events. Live music, shopping, carriage rides, dining, specials,and more.
@ 03/25-11/11&nbslogin!Habberton, AR42% Fayetteville Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
Historic Downtown Square James Phillips Downtown Square , AR 72701 Open from early spring through fall -- the biggest farmer's market in the state is an open-air market, and come rain or shine the vendors will be on the historic downtown ...
@ 03/25-11/25&nbslogin!Canehill, AR42% First Saturday Flea Market and Bean Supper  Website URL??? 
Cane Hill College Building Doris Williams 15128 South Highway 45 Cane Hill, AR 72717 Beginning April 4, a Flea Market will be held on the first Saturday each month from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. BBQ chicken and pork lunches will be available. All f... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
@ 03/25-11/25&nbslogin!Bel Air, MD36% CARS AND COFFEE WITH THE BOYS ??? 
03/25-04/30 login! Carlsbad, CA 77% The Flower Fields Arts & Crafts Fair   Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
Our Arts & Crafts Fair features an array of outstanding paintings, photography, and crafts created by local artisans. Take a leisurely stroll along the pathways of The Flower Fieldsďż˝ and enjoy our seasonal bloom of 50+ acres of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus at The Flower Fieldsďż˝.... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: Adults $9, Seniors $8, Children 3-10 $5
Booth Price: $200 10x10
Jury Requirements: photos or slides of work
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: 50+ acres blooming Ranunculus farm
Setup Time: Friday night 5:00pm
Hours: 9-6PM

View FULL Event Details Page
@ 03/25-05/05&nbslogin!Brea, CA42% Made in California Juried Exhibition  Website URL??? 
Open to all artists residing in California. All entries must be original, completed in the past three years and not previously shown at the City of Brea Art Gallery. All mediums are welcome, please no crafts or functional art.  This show will celebrate thirty years of exhibitio...
@ 03/25-05/14&nbslogin!Golden, CO39% Splinter! Colorado Wood Today  Website URL??? 
Enjoy the work of some of Colorado's most outstanding wood artists. "Splinter!" keenly illustrates the intersection between art and craft in the work of these artists who turn, sculpt, paint and highlight the innate qualities of wood in their work.
@ 03/25-05/20&nbslogin!Mountlake Terrac, WA41% Pavilion Saturday Market ??? 
03/25-05/25login!Toledo, OH33% Prizm Art a Fair   Website URL??? 
@ 03/25-08/25&nbslogin!Mc Minnville, TN29% Opening day for the Warren County Farmers Market. ??? 
6:00 AM to 12:00 PM - Opening day for the Warren County Farmers Market.
@ 03/25-08/26&nbslogin!Summerville, GA40% North Georgia Cruisers - Cruise-In ??? 
@ 03/25-09/23&nbslogin!Ardmore, OK50% Paradise Alley Market  Website URL??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 10.00
Hours: 7AM-1PM
@ 03/25-10/14&nbslogin!Haltom City, TX40% Christian Classic Cruisers Car Show ??? 
@ 03/26-05/27&nbslogin!Sarasota, FL55% Call to Artists - Cash Awards - Juried Exhibit  Website URL??? 
Embracing Our Differences is accepting submissions for its 11th annual outdoor art exhibit celebrating diversity to be displayed during April - May 2014 in Sarasota, FL USA. Submissions must be postmarked no later than January 6, 2014. National and international submissions are e...
@ 03/26-06/04&nbslogin!Dallas, TX26% A Mosaic Passover Story ??? 
@ 03/26-11/24login!Hubbardston, MA60% Rietta Flea Market   Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
For as long as most of us can remember, Rietta Flea Market has been one of the largest and most popular flea markets in the Northeastern U.S. The location is easy to find (see directions) on Route 68 in Hubbardston, Massachusetts. Rietta is open on Sundays only from April thr... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)# Of Spaces: 650
Booth Price: $30
Hours: Sun 6 am-4 pm
@ 03/27-12/26&nbslogin!Rosemont, IL76% Wolff's Flea Market  Website URL(9 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 25. Wolff's Flea Market will be opening for it's 17th Season at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont on Sunday April 8, 2007. New this season we will be opening Saturdays beginning May 5.Chicagoland’s largest weekly flea market is back!! WOLFF’S FLEA MARKET WILL BEGIN ITS 17th SEASON... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: $1 Adults, $0.50 Senior Citizens (62+) & children 6-12, children
Booth Price: $35 25'x18' (3 parking spaces
Location Type: Arena Parking Lot
Setup Time: 5am
Hours: 6am-3pm
@ 03/27-05/08&nbslogin!Zumbrota, MN52% Poet-Artist Collaboration  Website URL??? 
 Crossings’ 14th Annual Poet-Artist Collaboration exhibit, on display March 30-May 11, celebrates a pairing of two art forms that allows poetry to inspire visual art of all kinds. Forty-nine poets and visual artists from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and California took part in t...
@ 03/27-05/14&nbslogin!Cincinnati, OH73% Spring Celebration at EnterTRAINment Junction ??? 
Celebrate Spring at EnterTRAINment Junction between April 1st-May 19th. Fun scavenger hunts for families, including bunnies and chicks hidden in the world's largest indoor model train display. Buy any admission and get half-off a second admission of equal or lesser value, plus re...
@ 03/27-09/22&nbslogin!Gig Harbor, WA26% Gig Harbor Farmer's Market
   starstarstarstarstar(2 comments, 3,000 people, $21,000 avg sales, sales 83 X spot cost) 
@ 03/27-10/25&nbslogin!Denver, CO83% The Ballpark Market (11 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 20. The Ballpark Market is Denver's original outdoor, open-air flea market with European style and urban flair, presenting a remarkable shopping alternative. Among other cool and unique items, merchants & artisans offer an eclectic array of antique & vintage furnishings, arts & craft... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: FREE
# Of Spaces: 60
Booth Price: $65 - 10x10, $85 - 10x15, $115 - 10x20
Jury Requirements: n/a
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Urban setting, The Ballpark Neighborhood, downtown Denver
Setup Time: Sat Morn 5-7:45 am
Hours: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm
@ 03/27-10/27&nbslogin!Paynesville, MN43% Paynesville Antique Mall ??? 
12,000 square feet of bonafide antiques with emphasis on furniture, particularly victorian oak, mission oak, hunting fishing duck decoys fishing lures, toys, crocks, gas station, lighting, glassware, advertising, aladdin lamps, kero lamps, beer collectibles, stain glass.
@ 03/28-05/13&nbslogin!Goldsboro, NC28% Goldsboro National Juried Fine Arts Exhibition ??? 
@ 03/28-05/27&nbslogin!Nappanee, IN37% Spring Farming Days Kicks off with Maple Sugar Camp ??? 
Maple Sugaring comes first as the freezing and thawing prepares the sap from the Hard Maple Trees. Amish Acres will be ringing in spring with a two-day Maple Sugar Camp. Maple syrup demonstrations will be held in the Kuhn's Grist Mill April 19th-April 20th. Get a close-up look of...
@ 03/28-09/03&nbslogin!New York, NY71% Re: Collection  Website URL??? 
The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) celebrates the fifth anniversary of its move to 2 Columbus Circle with "Re: Collection." The exhibition will survey Chief Curator Emeritus David McFadden's sixteen years at MAD through objects acquired during his tenure. With the aid of former ...
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login! Boston, MA 33% DrawnCon  Website URL ??? 
@ 03/29-05/26&nbslogin!San Diego, CA28% Mosaic Arts International : Fine Art ??? 
@ 03/29-09/27&nbslogin!Northridge, CA81% Northridge farmers market ??? 
Year # 16. farmers market, variety of food & variety of crafts please contact suri for vendor information, she has the pricing and availability. Vendors must provide own canopy in WHITE only!! Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 10
Booth Price: space is 10x10 call for prices
Jury Requirements: na
Jury Fee: na
Location Type: Mall parking lot
Setup Time: 3pm
Hours: weds from 5pm to 9pm
@ 03/29-10/10&nbslogin!Saylorsburg, PA33% Blue Ridge Flea Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
@ 03/29-10/26login!Hesperia, CA89% Hesperia Civic Market & Street Faire  Website URL??? 
Year # 9. Weekly Farmer's Market & Street Faire located outdoors in a beautiful midtown park. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 30
Booth Price: $15 12x12
Jury Requirements: n/a
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: Beautiful, new park located downtown directly behind Hesperia Ci
Setup Time: Wednesdays, 1:30-3:00
Hours: Wednesdays, 3 - 8 p.m.
@ 03/29-10/27&nbslogin!Adamstown, PA31% Shupp’s Grove Antique Market  Website URL??? 
@ 03/29-12/13&nbslogin!Warren, NJ35% Washington Valley Fire Co. Flea Market (2 Comments star) ??? 
Washington Valley Fire Co. Flea Market 146 Washington Valley Road Warren, NJ 07059 8ft. tables $20 for first one, $5.00 for each additional table. Market hours 7am to 2pm. If you have a steady spot you can set up early, if weekly vendor, line up at entry point, fire volunt...
@ 03/29-12/22&nbslogin!Beaver, PA26% Flea Market â€' Spotlight 88 ??? 
03/30-04/29login!Annapolis, MD29% Art on Paper National Open Juried Exhibition ??? 
@ 03/30-05/05&nbslogin!Sebastopol, CA50% FLOWER POWER  Website URL??? 
"FLOWER POWER" National Juried Exhibition April 4 - May 10 Juror: Satri Pencak Coordinators: Sally Briggs, Catherine Devriese Call for artwork that has flowers as it's central theme. For example: the iconic snapshot of a daisy in a rifle barrel by George Harris, tulips by Dutch M...
03/30-05/31login!Sarasota, FL78% Embracing Our Differences   Website URL??? 
Embracing Our Differences invites all artists to be a part of this change through your submissions to its 12th annual outdoor art exhibit celebrating diversity and inclusion. 39 artists will be selected and national and international submissions are encouraged.  Final selections...
@ 03/31-04/29&nbslogin!Springdale, AR49% NWA SR High Art Show  Website URL??? Art show and competition with an open house Saturday, April 18 from 1-3 p.m. Admission: Free Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
@ 03/31-04/29&nbslogin!Hood River, OR33% Hood River Valley Blossom Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 03/31-05/26&nbslogin!Santa Rosa Beach, FL33% Top of the Class Exhibition  Website URL??? 
@ 03/31-05/27&nbslogin!Alameda, CA50% Alameda on Camera  Website URL??? 
The 48-Hour Photography Challenge 48 Photo-based artists, 48 hours, 48 Pieces of the Map A Photo Documentary of a City All photos must be taken between 9 PM Friday, February 22 – 9PM Sunday, February 24 First Friday Gala Opening – Friday, April 12, 7-9 PM Photos will be displayed...
@ 03/31-05/27&nbslogin!Alameda, CA51% Frank Bette Art Exhibit  Website URL??? 
�Primary Pigments� Exhibit It�s back to basics along the following themes: red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, prime, first, central, fundamental, essential, color, dye, stain, tint, tincture. All artistic mediums welcome. Receiving artwork: June 27, Sunday, 11 � ...
@ 03/31-05/27&nbslogin!Lincoln, NE28% Mug Shots: National Juried Cup Exhibition ??? 
@ 03/31-06/04&nbslogin!Indianapolis, IN34% Juried Exhibition of the Indiana Artists Club, Inc ??? 
@ 03/31-06/17&nbslogin!Sewickley, PA42% Wild Things  Website URL??? 
Wild creatures. Wild urges. Wild colors. Wild movement. For the upcoming exhibition Wild Things, Sweetwater Center for the Arts is seeking art with an unrestrained spirit that upsets its surroundings and moves the viewer. This show coincides with the building's outdoor installati...
@ 03/31-06/20&nbslogin!Paducah, KY71% Distortion  Website URL??? 
The European Patchwork Meeting (EPM) of 2013 included an exhibition of juried works around the theme of "distortion." The National Quilt Museum is honored to be the only North American venue for this exhibit, highlighting the ingenuity and global scope of the contemporary quiltin...
@ 03/31-09/26&nbslogin!Bremerton, WA31% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 03/31-09/29&nbslogin!Escondido, CA36% Cruisin’ Grand Escondido ??? 
@ 03/31-09/29&nbslogin!Olathe, KS42% Olathe Fourth Fridays  Website URL??? 
With live music, giveaways, local shops and restaurants, and great activities for everyone, Downtown Olathe is the place for you to celebrate the end of your week on Fourth Fridays! April 22 - 5:-00-7:00 PM Theme:  Educator Appreciation Month Location: County Courthouse Court...
@ 03/31-10/08&nbslogin!Valdese, NC55% Myra's Classic and Antique Car Cruise In  Website URL??? 
@ 03/31-10/26&nbslogin!Seneca, SC28% Cruzin on Main  Website URL??? 
@ 03/31-10/27&nbslogin!Sacramento, CA40% Mean Machines Friday Night Cruise In ??? 
@ 03/31-10/30&nbslogin!Neshanic Station, NJ56% Neshanic Fleamarket  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
A wide assortment of vendors,delicious food,and ample parking The fleamarket is open every Sunday 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM from early April to Christmas Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 12.00
Hours: 6AM to12PM
@ 03/31-11/03&nbslogin!Horsham, PA48% Hatboro Cruisers First Friday Night Cruise ??? 
@ 03/31-11/24&nbslogin!Abingdon, MD36% LOWES CRUISE NIGHTS ??? 
@ 03/31-11/25&nbslogin!Bloomington, IN28% Bloomington Communit Farmers’ Market  Website URL??? 
@ 03/31-11/25&nbslogin!Marietta, GA28% Marietta Square Artisan Market  Website URL??? 
@ 03/31 2017login!Pittsboro, NC31% Chatham Mills Farmers' Market   Website URL??? 
04/01-11/11 login! Eugene, OR 33% Eugene Saturday Market   Website URL ??? 
@ 04/01-11/21&nbslogin!Middletown, NY76% Orange County Flea Market (7 Comments star) ??? 
Welcome to the Orange County Antique Fair & Flea Market. Held all outdoors at the Orange County Fairgrounds parking lot. Free admission and free parking. Shop many vendors that sell: Antiques & Collectibles, Arts and Crafts, Black Kettle Barbeque, Books, Custom Jewelry, Comic Boo... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Attendance: 10,000
Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $25
Location Type: Orange County Fairgrounds
Setup Time: Sat Morn 7-9
Hours: Sat 8-5, Sun 8-5
@ 04/01-11/25&nbslogin!Cincinnati, OH43% Findlay Market Farmers Market ??? 
On Saturdays and Sundays from April to November Findlay Market hosts a thriving farmers market, dozens of outdoor vendors, numerous street performers, and lots of special events. Findlay Market is Ohio's oldest continuously operated public market and one of Cincinnati's most cher...
@ 04/01-12/02&nbslogin!Key Largo, FL40% D-Hooker Sports Bar & Grill Monthly Car Show ??? 
@ 04/01-12/02&nbslogin!Denton, TX36% Lake Cities Misfits Meet & Greet ??? 
@ 04/01-12/13&nbslogin!Newnan, GA79% Downtown Newnan Market Days  Website URL??? 
Year # 12. Newnan Market Days showcases some of the best homeade, homegrown and handmade crafts this side of Atlanta! Come spend a Saturday with us and stroll the streets of Historic Downtown Newnan and its unique shops and fabulous dining! Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 60
Booth Price: $35 10x10
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: On the Square
Setup Time: Sat morn 8-9:30am
Hours: Sat 10-2pm
@ 04/01-12/13&nbslogin!Poulsbo, WA37% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/01-12/26&nbslogin!Port Townsend, WA28% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
04/01-04/29 2017login!West Palm Beach, FL26% West Palm Beach Greenmarket - April ??? 
04/01-04/29 2017login!Ivins, UT26% Tuacahn Saturday Market - April ??? 
04/01-04/29 2017login!Selma, AL33% AL Artists Roots and Wings Art Exhibition   Website URL??? 
04/01-04/30 2017login!Flagstaff, AZ42% Recycled Art Exhibition ??? 
opening reception and fashion show on 4/7, promoting conservation by inspiring environmentally-friendly techniques to creatively reuse, recycle, rethink and remake into art,
@ 04/01-04/30&nbslogin!North Scituate, RI56% Flea Market (north Scituate) (2 Comments star) ??? 
Hours: Sat 9-4, Sun 9-4
04/01-04/30 2017login!Anacortes, WA39% ANACORTES QUILT WALK   Website URL??? 
sponsor: Fidalgo Island Quilters cost: 5
04/01-04/30 2017login!Knoxville, TN79% A Celebration of Dogwood Arts Fest  Website URL(6 Comments star) ??? 
The Arts & Culture Alliance serves and supports a diverse community of artists, arts organizations, and cultural institutions by assuring their creative, financial, and operational well-being. The Arts & Culture Alliance provides leadership and advocacy that establishes and maint... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: Varies
Jury Requirements: Varies, see individual events
Location Type: varies, see specific event URL in Entertainment Description Sect
Setup Time: varies, see specific event URL in Entertainment Description Sect
Hours: varies, see specific event URL in Entertainment Description Sect
04/01-04/30 2017login!Kilgore, TX59% Avalon Faire ??? 
Avalon Faire is a Medieval Faire. An exciting blend of unique crafts, historical reenactments and performance arts. People working at Faire dress in costumes (garb) typical of King Arthur, Lady Guinevere and the Knights of the Round Table lore set in the Medieval period. Ve... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: Kid $6, Adult $12
Booth Price: $200 10x10
Jury Fee: $100
Location Type: A wooded private property.
Hours: Sat 10-7, Sun 10-6, School day 9-2
04/01-04/30 2017login!Mount Vernon, WA26% Art in a Pickle Barn  Website URL??? 
04/01-04/30 2017login!Mount Vernon, WA33% Skagit Valley Tulip Festival  Website URL??? 
04/01-05/01login!Bel Air, MD33% Art Month at the Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 04/01-05/06&nbslogin!Dallas, TX73% The Marketplace DFW - St. Pius Catholic Church  Website URL??? 
Year # 4. The MarketPlace at St. Pius Catholic Church is every 1st Saturday- April-Oct. 9 am – 2 pm. The Marketplace DFW events are European Style community markets that encompass local produce/growers, artisan, craftsmen and culinary items. St. Pius is located at 3030 Gus Thomasson Da... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: 500 last year
Admission Price: free
Booth Price: Email for details
Location Type: St. Pius Catholic Church
Hours: Every 1st Saturday, through Oct., 9-2
04/01-06/17 login! Nampa, ID 26% Summer Pop-Up Market ??? 
@ 04/01-09/02&nbslogin!Medina, TN40% Medina Sonic Cruise-In ??? 
@ 04/01-09/02&nbslogin!Parkville, MO39% Parkville Cruise Nights  Website URL??? 
Voted Best in the Northland 2014! Find your ultimate dream car while you listen to the cool tunes of yesterday. Take in a little shopping and grab a tasty bite at one of Parkville's terrific eateries. Parkville Cruise Nights are held the first Saturday of each month (April thru...
@ 04/01-09/21&nbslogin!No Little Rock, AR40% Certified Arkansas Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
Main & 6th Streets, downtown North Little Rock Summer Toyne PO Bo 5511 North Little Rock, AR 72119 In the heart of historic North Little Rock, open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 7 a.m. until noon across from the new Argenta Market. Located on t... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: FREE
@ 04/01-09/27&nbslogin!Gig Harbor, WA32% Wednesday's Farmer's Market ??? 
Every Wednesday June thru August Rain or Shine 11:am-4pm. Skansie Brother\'s Park On the water in down town Gig Harbor. 3211 Harborview Dr. )Visit Website
@ 04/01-09/27&nbslogin!Troy, MO28% Cuivre River Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/01-09/30&nbslogin!Marion, OH40% Rod Knockers Car Club Car Shows ??? 
@ 04/01-09/30&nbslogin!Tellico Plains, TN36% First Saturday Wheel In ??? 
@ 04/01-10/11&nbslogin!Kingsport, TN43% Cycle City Cruise In ??? 
Cruise In Rod and Bike Show, Rat Rods, Food Vendors, Music, Bikini Bike Wash. Swap Meet Too!!! Will Have Rides In The Afternoon As Well. This Will Be Every 1st And 3rd Saturday Starting April 6th And Ending Oct 16th 2013.Cruise In Rod and Bike Show, Rat Rods, Food Vendors, Mu...
@ 04/01-10/28&nbslogin!Dalton, GA40% Cruisin' Dalton Cruise-In ??? 
04/01-10/28login!Salem, OR26% Salem Saturday Market - April   Website URL??? 
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login! Norman, OK 33% Norman Farm Market  Website URL ??? 
04/01-10/31login!Sanford, NC28% Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 04/01-11/04&nbslogin!Plano, TX71% Gazeebo Burger Monthly Muscle Car Show  Website URL??? 
  Monthly Muscle Car Show to be held April 6, 2013 starting at 4:30pm with awards at 8:15pm. Only $10 entry fee. 20 classes with best of car & truck. find us on facebook.    \r\nMonthly Muscle Car Show to be held at Gazeebo Burger. Show located at 6009 Pa...
04/01-11/04login!Bandera, TX29% Market Days ??? 
@ 04/02-04/29&nbslogin!Muskogee, OK35% Art Under the Oaks Competitive Art Competition ??? 
@ 04/02-04/30&nbslogin!Lewes, DE48% Beebe Medical Center Auxiliary ??? 
1st annual Beebe Medical Campus Auxiliary Art and Craft Show May 23, 2009 call Jim or Albert for details at Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: 9am - 4pm
@ 04/02-10/01&nbslogin!Beaumont, KS72% Flint Hills Beaumont Biker Breakfast  Website URL??? 
Flint Hills Beaumont Biker Breakfast April 6th to October 5th, 7 am to 10:30 am. Live band on those days from 10 am to 1 pm. Bikers get 15 percent off a room. There is also a Pilot's Fly In every 2nd Saturday of the month, but bikers are more then welcome any time!! Deep in the...
@ 04/02-12/03&nbslogin!Alpharetta, GA40% Caffeine and Octane Car Show ??? 
@ 04/02-12/10&nbslogin!Ann Arbor, MI80% The Sunday Artisan Market  Website URL(4 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 18. The Sunday Artisans Market is open from April through December. 100 spaces or more are available for artists and craftspeople. It is open-air but with a roof overhead. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 120
Booth Price: $15.00 for daily, $200.00 for annual membership
Jury Requirements: must complete an application to be elligible
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Downtown, by Kerrytown and Zingermans
Setup Time: Sundays, 9:00 AM
Hours: Sundays, 11-4
@ 04/02-12/11&nbslogin!Seekonk, MA33% Seekonk Flea Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/02-12/17&nbslogin!Ann Arbor, MI80% Ann Arbor Sunday Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 18. All applicants must complete an application and be approved before setting up. This usually takes a week or two after the application has been received. No commercial products, or buy/sell. All items must be made by the artist and be of good quality. We strive for diversity and q... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 120
Booth Price: $15.00 for daily, $200.00 for annual membership
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: Downtown, by Kerrytown and Zingermans
Setup Time: 9:3- AM Sundays
Hours: 11-4
@ 04/03-11/06&nbslogin!Sinking Spring, PA28% Willow Glen Flea Market ??? 
@ 04/03-11/28&nbslogin!Hastings, NY31% Hastings Flea Market  Website URL??? 
04/03-04/30 2017login!Muskogee, OK28% Art Under the Oaks Competitive Art Competition ??? 
@ 04/03-09/03&nbslogin!Bristol, VA42% Border Bash ??? 
After hours meet and greet block party, dancing, live music, food, fun and games for children. Please contact Paramount Center for the Arts for more information.
04/03-10/29login!Ennis, TX31% Ennis Downtown Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 04/04-05/13&nbslogin!Albuquerque, NM41% Second Nature, a recycled art show  Website URL??? 
"Second Nature," a recycled artshow with beautiful art using natural and recycled materials.
@ 04/05-10/04&nbslogin!Downingtown, PA36% Downingtown Cruise Night ??? 
@ 04/05-10/04&nbslogin!North Brunswick, NJ36% Cruise Night at Brunswick Shopping Center ??? 
@ 04/06-05/04&nbslogin!Lihue, HI41% Student Art Festival (grades 9-12) ??? 
Grades 9-12 exhibit opens in the Mezzanine Gallery. Hours: Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and closed Sundays.
04/06-05/21login!Shoreview, MN27% Chickadee Spring Boutique ??? 
@ 04/06-06/06&nbslogin!Roosevelt, MN55% Max's Bash  Website URL??? 
@ 04/06-07/04&nbslogin!Seneca, SC25% Jazz on the Alley  Website URL??? 
@ 04/06-07/12&nbslogin!Kenosha, WI31% Parkside National Small Print Exhibition  Website URL??? 
04/06-11/02login!Fullerton, CA26% Fullerton Downtown Farmers' Market ??? 
@ 04/06-11/09&nbslogin!Riverdale Park, MD88% Riverdale Park Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 20. It's a great place to buy organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables, buy freshly made sausage with homemade recipes, purchase freshly laid cage free eggs, and organically raised chicken, beef, lamb, and eggs. Here are some of the activities we have at our market: great local ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 10
Booth Price: $15 10x10, $20 10x20
Jury Requirements: 5 work slides and 2 booth slides sent w/ app
Location Type: Town Center @ Riverdale MARC train station
Setup Time: 2pm sharp
Hours: Thurs 3-7
@Click to Toggle ExpandThis Event is NOT Confirmed!

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login! Nyack, NY 31% Village of Nyack Thursday Farmers' Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/07-04/29&nbslogin!Kerrville, TX37% Thunderbox Road - Trail of the Painted Privies ??? 
Unique travelling exhibit of 12 outhouses that have been transformed into works of art by Hill Country artists. Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4pm. Charity auction benefiting NPKUA Saturday, May 9th 4-8pm. The Museum of Western Art, 1550 Bandera Hwy. .
04/07-04/29 2017login!Lynchburg, VA29% AFA National Juried Art Exhibition ??? 
04/07-04/30 2017 login! Reno, RE 27% Great Western Marketplace  Website URL ??? 
Shopping Hours:(FREE Parking & Admission) Fridays 11:00am to 7:00pm and Saturdays & Sundays 11:00am to 5:00pm. Crafts, Art and much, much more. You can just shop till you drop...
04/07-05/05login!Watkinville, GA51% Southworks: Juried Artist Market Exhibition   Website URL??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $155 12x12
Hours: Sat and Sun 10-5
@ 04/07-05/12&nbslogin!West Long Branch, NJ71% Michael Malpass Retrospective (Extended)  Website URL??? 
Exhibition extended through August 18 Pollak Gallery and outdoor locations on campus Documentary Screening: May 18, 10 AM at Wilson Hall Michael Malpass’s (1946-1991) artistic legacy consists of sculpture, drawings , collage, paintings, and assemblages. He is best known ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: free
@ 04/07-05/14&nbslogin!Westlake, OH58% Crocker Park Local Artist Market! (1 Comments star) ??? 
Crocker Park Local Artist Market! Come shop and visit 25-30 local artists and vendors inside the old ZGallerie building every Friday, Saturday and Sunday - Starting April 16th to May 23rd. Crocker Park is a great venue to shop, eat, watch a movie and support your local artists ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $1100 6x10, $1500 8x10, $1800 10x12, $2400 14x15
Hours: Friday-Saturday: 10 am to 9pm, Sunday 11am to 6pm
@ 04/07-05/14&nbslogin!Pacifica, CA55% JURIED EXHIBITION  Website URL??? 
2013 Left Coast Annual Juried Exhibition * April 12 - May 19, 2013, Gala Reception on Friday, April 12 from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. On line: 11:00 PST, Hand-Delivered: 5:00 p.m., Mailed: postmarked by February 12 * Juror Lucinda Barnes, Chief Curator and Director of Programs and Collect...
04/07-05/19 login! Talladega, AL 28% Seventy-Sixth Exhibition ??? 
@ 04/07-06/08&nbslogin!Prescott, AZ33% The best of the Dog ART Show ??? 
@ 04/07-06/20&nbslogin!Gaithersburg, MD37% Spring/mothers Day Craft Show ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Booth Price: $95 + 26%
@ 04/07-06/25&nbslogin!San Angelo, TX41% San Angelo National Ceramics Competition  Website URL??? 
The San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts is pleased to present its annual San Angelo National Ceramics Competition. Now in its 20th year, the exhibition will feature a juried selection of ceramics pieces submitted by top artists from around the country. Admission is $2 for adults, $1 f...
@ 04/07-07/06&nbslogin!Vancouver, WA28% Call for Entries: the NACF Regional Artist Fellowship  Website URL??? 
@ 04/07-09/23&nbslogin!New York, NY34% Little Italy Metro Flea Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/07-10/20&nbslogin!Smithfield, VA36% Daniels Performance Group Friday Night Cruz-Ins ??? 
@ 04/08-04/29&nbslogin!Selma, AL28% ArtsRevives Art Exhibit: Alabama Artists: Roots and Wings ??? 
@ 04/08-05/06&nbslogin!Dallas, TX41% Jewelry Trunk Show  Website URL??? 
This trunk show features a fabulous collection of limited edition and one-of-a-kind pieces created for this event by some of our favorite jewelry artists. An artists reception will be held on Saturday, April 12 from 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
04/08-05/06login!Tahlequah, OK29% Trail of Tears Art Show & Sale ??? 
@ 04/08-05/07&nbslogin!Issaquah, WA58% Issaquah Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
Join Us: Issaquah Farmers Market The Issaquah Farmers Market will open its 11th season at the historic Pickering Farm in Issaquah at 1730 10th Ave. N.W. on Saturday, April 11, 2009. The season runs every Saturday through Oct. 10. Market hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Saturd... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $25 10x10 indoors $35 10x10 outdoors plus $35 up front insurance fee
Hours: Sat 9-2
@ 04/08-05/09&nbslogin!Palm Coast, FL26% Spring into Art ??? 
04/08-05/09 login! Palm Coast, FL 26% Spring Fever ??? 
04/08-05/13 2017login!Gainsville, GA55% SPS Juried Members Exhibition at Quinlan Visual Arts Center   Website URL??? 
@ 04/08-05/13&nbslogin!Dallas, TX73% The MarketPlace DFW in Casa View  Website URL??? 
Year # 4. The MarketPlace in Casa View is every 2nd Saturday April-Oct 9 am – 2 pm. The Marketplace DFW events are European Style community markets that encompass local produce/growers, artisan, craftsmen and culinary items. The MarketPlace in Casa View is located at 11440 Ferguson Rd ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: 500 last year
Admission Price: free
Booth Price: Email for details
Location Type: Casa View
Hours: 2nd Saturday April-Oct 9 am – 2 pm
04/08-05/21 2017login!Baldwin Park, CA33% The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire   Website URL??? 
04/08-05/21login!Irwindale, CA33% Renaissance Pleasure Faire  Website URL??? 
@ 04/08-05/28&nbslogin!Eureka, CA28% Northwest Eye Regional Fine Art Photography Competition ??? 
04/08-05/29 2017login!Waxahachie, TX90% Scarborough Renaissance Festival   Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 36. Recreated 16th Century English village with 21 stages of entertainment, jousting, falconry, music, 200+ artists and craftspeople, games and rides, and foods from around the world. Just 30 minutes south of Dallas/Fort Worth Free parking. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: Adults $19.99, kids 5-12 $6.50, 4 and under are free
# Of Spaces: 210
Booth Price: $700
Jury Fee: $700
Location Type: Theme Park
Setup Time: Prior week up to Saturday Morning by 9 AM
Hours: Sat and Sunday 10-7
04/08-05/29 2017login!Dallas, TX53% Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival   Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
2511 FM 66 in Waxahachie Czech & Slovak Meetup Group 11 am FREELocation: 6195 West Main Street in FriscoBegan in 1981 The Festival runs 8 consecutive weekends and Memorial Day Monday each spring Scarborough Renaissance Festival is a Renaissance-themed festival based du... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Admission Price: $24 Adults/$10 kids ages 5 - 12
Location Type: Partially wooded acreage. Parking in a field with designated ro
04/08-06/10login!Nacogdoches, TX26% Texas National ??? 
@ 04/08-08/20&nbslogin!Neenah, WI71% Retrospective  Website URL??? 
The Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass is pleased to present "Retrospective," an exhibition celebrating nearly 40 years of artist/factory collaborations at Bullseye Glass Company. "Retrospective" features work by Klaus Moje, Catherine Newell, Jessica Loughlin, Silvia Levenson, Rich...
@ 04/08-09/09login!Winterset, IA40% Classic Car Show & Shines ??? 
 \r\nAlways the second Saturday of the month from April to September. On the Winterset square from 4 to 7 pm. Oldies music and door prizes. Free entry.\r\n 
@ 04/08-09/09&nbslogin!Athens, AL40% Southern Street Toys Saturday Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/08-09/23&nbslogin!Mount Joy, PA31% Corn Crib Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/08-09/27login!Overland Park, KS40% Farmers' Market   Website URL??? 
Fresh food and market wares will be available again at this excellent outdoor venue. April 18 on Saturdays, 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and starting May 20, Wednesdays, 7:30 - 1 p.m.    Cost Free The Overland Park Farmers\' Market opens its 33rd season with farm-fresh produce, loc...
@ 04/08-10/07&nbslogin!Durham, NC40% Timeless Cruizers Chick-fil -A Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/08-10/07&nbslogin!Locust Grove, VA40% Good Time Cruisers Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/08-10/07&nbslogin!Kinston, NC40% Carolina Classic Cruisers Saturday Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/08-10/07&nbslogin!Jefferson, GA40% Jefferson Classic Car Show ??? 
@ 04/08-10/07&nbslogin!Kinston, NC40% Monthly Cruise-in ??? 
@ 04/08-10/07&nbslogin!Columbus, OH36% Saturday Cruisin' at Dan's Drive In ??? 
@ 04/08-10/07&nbslogin!Blue Springs, MO30% Car Cruise Blue Springs ??? 
Car Cruise downtown Blue Springs second Saturday of every month April - October. Concessions available.
@ 04/08-10/14&nbslogin!Chincoteague Isl, VA31% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/08-11/04&nbslogin!Norman, OK48% Rudy's BBQ Cruise Night ??? 
@ 04/08-11/04&nbslogin!Hobart, IN31% Ladies Exhale Party ??? 
@ 04/08-11/08&nbslogin!Bel Air, MD58% Bel Air Farmers Market   Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Local farmers provide fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, cheese and beef primarily agricultural products Typical items from Blog Entry March 29, 2007: Annuals (especially pansies) Perennials, Shrubs and Trees Hanging Baskets Top Soil Pussy Willows Frittilaria Daffodils Forced bul... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: free
Jury Fee: N/A
Location Type: District Court house Parking Lot
Hours: Tues 9am - 3pm, Sat 7am - 11am
@ 04/08-11/11&nbslogin!Centre, AL40% Poor Boys Toys Car Club Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/08-11/11&nbslogin!Chincoteague Isl, VA33% Second Saturday Art Flea & Stroll  Website URL??? 
@ 04/08-11/11&nbslogin!Gainesboro, TN36% DQ Classic Cruz N ??? 
@ 04/08-11/18&nbslogin!Unity Village, MO29% Downtown Lee's Summit Farmers Market ??? 
Fresh food market with certified organic choices Cost Free
@ 04/08-11/18&nbslogin!Overland Park, KS38% Overland Park Farmers' Market ??? 
Named the "Best Farmers' Market in Kansas" by both Cooking Light and Tripping, the Overland Park Farmers' Market has provided farm-to-table fresh food in Downtown Overland Park for over 30 years. Vendors offer a wide variety of products from farm fresh produce, local foods and...
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login! Birmingham, AL 33% Pepper Place Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/08-04/07&nbslogin!Mount Clemens, MI51% Pet Adoption Saturday  Website URL??? 
@ 04/09-04/30&nbslogin!Gering, NE41% An Artist's Perception of Scotts Bluff Art Show  Website URL??? 
Regional artists show their works in various mediums on their perception of Scotts Bluff Monument.
@ 04/09-05/13&nbslogin!York, PA42% York Art Association Spring Members Exhibit (2 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 112. An opening reception will be held April 6 from 2 until 4 PM. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Location Type: York Art Association Gallery
04/09-06/03 login! - unknown - 24% Juried Exhibition of Indiana Artists  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/09-06/17&nbslogin!Brooklyn, NY92% Artisans Market  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 13. Saturdays, April 19-June 28 Artisan-Market is a sales venue for functional and collectible art created by artists residing or working within easy commute. Featured in cultural calendar of events provided and advertised by Downtown Brooklyn Development Corp. in conjunction with an... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(9)Attendance: 1,000+annually
Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 60
Booth Price: $60 10x6 (minimum),$100 10x10
Jury Requirements: 4 work photos or slides
Jury Fee: $40 per year
Location Type: DeKalb Ave. sidewalk Perimeter of Ft.Greene Park
Setup Time: Sat. Morn 8:30
Hours: Sat. 9-6
@ 04/10-04/30&nbslogin!Bellingham, WA33% Recycled Arts Show  Website URL??? 
04/11-05/13login!Waterville, ME31% Maine Open Juried Art Show - Common Street Arts   Website URL??? 
@ 04/11-05/14&nbslogin!Greenville, NC98% Chenele Coleman-Sellers  Website URL??? 
Year # 31. Greetings and good evening to you! We are embarking on our first Greenville Women's Empowerment Conference to support the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina to support the 60% poverty level food shortage in Pitt County. We have teamed up to raise funds that will all... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: 10,000
Admission Price: 45
# Of Spaces: 100
Booth Price: 300 10x10
Location Type: Women's Empowerment Conference 2016
Setup Time: 6 am
Hours: Saturday 10-6
@ 04/11-10/24&nbslogin!Scotch Plaines, NJ40% Hollywood Night Cruisers Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/11-10/25&nbslogin!Barnesville, MN43% Front Street Village Antiques and Collectables ??? 
We are a very quaint Antique and Collectables store and Boutique. We have a line of clothing and also gifts for all occasions. We are in the heart of the lakes area, Barnesville, Minnesota.The Wadena Flea Market is a full fun filled weekend of finding those collectables and antiq...
@ 04/12-05/10&nbslogin!Sterling, VA22% Corporate Weekday Vendor Program VA ??? 
@ 04/12-05/17&nbslogin!West Long Branch, NJ58% Gallery Exhibition: Janet Boltax  Website URL??? 
Aging in America: Portraits and Commentary, is an exhibition of portraits by Janet Boltax comprised of individuals who are 90 plus years old, along with excerpts of interviews with them. The interviews focus on interesting facets of their lives and how they are adapting to the pr... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: free
Location Type: Monmouth University
Hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM -7 PM
@ 04/12-10/29&nbslogin!Rolling Meadows, IL51% Rolling Meadows Park District Craft Fair  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Admission is free Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $50 10 x 10 space
Hours: Sunday 9:00-4:00
@ 04/12-11/24&nbslogin!Orange, VA76% Orange County Farmers Market ??? 
Held outdoors from April through November in Town of Orange. Wednesdays and Fridays in Taylor Park on W. Main St. from 12-5; Saturdays in the Municipal Parking Lot on Rt. 15 Bypass (Madison Road) from 9-1. Contact Jeff Curtis, Director, Orange Downtown Alliance (see email above... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 5
Booth Price: $50 for the season/space
Jury Requirements: n/a
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: Downtown park w/ trees (W-F); paved pkg lot w/ trees(Sa)
Setup Time: At your convenience, before market opens
Hours: Weds & Fris 12-5, Sats 9-1
@ 04/13-05/04&nbslogin!Dresher, PA.43% Ladies Boutique Night (1 Comments star) ??? 
cocktails,appetizers,music,shopping and more Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 1 table $60 additional tables $50.00 extra space equal to table size $30.00
Hours: 7pm to 9:30pm however if women are still shopping be prepared to
@ 04/13-05/05login!Louisville, KY52% Kentucky Derby Festival  Website URL??? 
It's more than two minutes. What the Run for the Roses is to horse racing, Louisville's Derby Festival is to community celebrations. The Festival is one of the premiere events of its kind in the world. It brings fun, excitement, international recognition and a spirit that is unma...
@ 04/13-05/11&nbslogin!Scottsdale, AZ39% Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art ??? 
This competition will feature the finest in representational figurative, portrait, still life, floral, landscape, interior, wildlife, and western themes.
@ 04/13-05/13&nbslogin!West Long Branch, NJ82% ART NOW: Wafaa Bilal  Website URL??? 
2:30 - 3:15 artist lecture - Wilson Auditorium 3:30 - 4:15 video screening/extended Q&A - Rechnitz Hall room 208. Iraqi-born artist Wafaa Bilal, an Associate Arts Professor at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, is known internationally for his on-line performat... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: FREE
Location Type: Monmouth University Campus
Hours: 2:30 PM - 4:15 PM
@ 04/13-05/18&nbslogin!Mableton, GA26% World of Art ??? 
@ 04/13-09/14&nbslogin!Murphys, CA40% Murphys Classic Car Cruise Nights ??? 
@ 04/13-09/14&nbslogin!Levittown, PA48% Delaware Valley Road Runners Club Cruise Nights ??? 
@ 04/13-09/21&nbslogin!Lisbon, IA36% Baxa's Sutliff Store & Tavern Car & Bike Night ??? 
04/13-10/12 login! Foxborough, MA 59% Cruise Nights at Bass Pro  Website URL ??? 
 \r\nOk, cruise night fans, here is the news you\'ve been waiting for: The 2016 schedule.We will start on April 14 and the rest will be every two weeks - 4/28,5/12,5/26, 6/9,6/23,7/7,7/21,8/4,8/18,9/1,9/15,9/29,10/13 and 10/27\r\n 
@ 04/13-10/12&nbslogin!Wellsboro, PA36% Tiago County Cruise Night ??? 
@ 04/14-04/29&nbslogin!Chicago, IL22% Artrageous ??? 
04/14-04/29 2017login!Twin Falls, ID26% Art & Soul of the Magic Valley ??? 
@ 04/14-05/01&nbslogin!Fairfax, VA31% Spotlight on the Arts  Website URL??? 
@ 04/14-05/03&nbslogin!Havertown, PA.37% Ladies Auxiliary Frenzy Night ??? 
vender event Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $25 bring your own table
Hours: ?
04/14-05/06login!Philadelphia, PA51% Open Juried Exhibition of Small Oil Painting   Website URL??? 
@ 04/14-05/12&nbslogin!Evergreen, CO50% Evergreen Art Open 3  Website URL??? 
The Evergreen Artists Association presents a Multimedia show open to all Colorado Artists. Deadline for entries March 13, 2009. Exhibit Dates: April 24-May 22, 2009 at Center for the Arts Evergreen. Download Entry Form and Prospectus at: Sponsoring Organi...
@ 04/14-05/12&nbslogin!Cincinnati, OH51% Kinetica (movement in art)  Website URL??? 
An International comptetive Exhibit Exploring Movement in Art (or design). In honor of the phenomenon of transitioning through space, relative location, and action (and reaction), Manifest invites artists, designers, and engineers to submit works to this competitive juried exhibi...
@ 04/14-05/14&nbslogin!Hiawassee, GA34% Rhododendron Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/14-05/19&nbslogin!West Long Branch, NJ82% ALL TIME LOW ??? 
Year # 3. They’ve repeatedly topped the charts, sold over 1.1 million albums worldwide, raked in 100+ million views on YouTube, toured with the biggest names in music, and have taken over airwaves around the globe… American rock band All Time Low is a bona fide worldwide sensation and ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Attendance: 1000
Admission Price: $10 Parking Fee Tickets $29-$35
Location Type: Monmouth University Pollak Theatre
Hours: 7:00PM
@ 04/14-05/21&nbslogin!Pacifica, CA55% Left Coast  Website URL??? 
2015 Left Coast Annual - Calling all California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska fine art visual artists! Sanchez Art Center invites you to enter the 2015 Left Coast Annual, juried by Cathy Kimball, Executive Director and Chief Curator at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Ar...
04/14-06/22login!Portland, ME34% Winslow Homer Studio Tours - Spring Season  Website URL??? 
@ 04/14-07/29&nbslogin!Palmer, PA59% Ya Fest Pa!  Website URL??? 
Teens!! YA FEST 2012 is a first-ever, sure to be amazing, event for anyone who loves Young Adult Fiction! 30 amazing YA authors will be joining us. We plan on a fun filled day of signings, book sale, a discussion panel, author scavenger hunt, used YA book sale, bake sale (them... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: Must call for prices
Hours: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
@ 04/14-09/29&nbslogin!La Vergne, TN51% Christian Hot Rod Association of Tennessee ??? 
 \r\nSonic Drive\r\n5210 Murfreesboro Road\r\nLa Vergne, TN 37086\r\nParking at CVS\r\nFor more information contact our Facebook page:\r\nChristian Hotrod Ministry\r\n 
@ 04/14-10/13&nbslogin!Aberdeen, NC48% Cruise-in at Mac's Breakfast Anytime ??? 
@ 04/14-10/27&nbslogin!Myrtle Beach, SC40% Burky's Grill Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/15-04/29&nbslogin!Erie, PA49% Erie Art Museum - Spring Show  Website URL??? 
This juried, regional exhibit, open to all artists living within a 250-mile radius of Erie, represents all media and showcases the most current and finest artwork created in the area., juried, regional art show, open to artists wi...
04/15-04/30 2017login!Portland, ME25% Flaws for a Cause Sale - Maine Potters Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/15-05/07&nbslogin!Midland, MI50% Midland Area Schools Art Show  Website URL??? 
This annual exhibition showcases artwork of promising young students in local public schools. Hundreds of artworks set the galleries ablaze with inspired creativity, color and imagination. From drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, to watercolor, oil, acrylic, collage,...
@ 04/15-05/07&nbslogin!New Stanton, PA48% Easter Fair ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $25.00
Hours: 10am-2pm
04/15-05/09login!Medford, NJ25% Indian Acres Tree Farm Spring Farm Mall   Website URL??? 
04/15-05/15 login! Tucson, AZ 28% Urban Splash Music Fest ??? 
04/15-06/04login!Fairburn, GA58% Georgia Renaissance Festival  Website URL(4 Comments star) ??? 
(WO + Mem. Day) 10:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. Admission: $19.95 / Contact: Norma Pope, PO Box 986, Fairburn, GA 30213, (, email: , web: / Site: 6905 Virlyn B. Smith Rd. / Booths: 150+ / Attendance: 250,000+ / Weapons: must be sheathed and peace-ti... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: $19.95
Location Type: on grounds/somebuildings/$750.crafter fee + rental of space on g
Hours: weekends + memorial day + apr 29th= student day
@ 04/15-06/10&nbslogin!Farmingdale, NJ40% The Paddock Cars & Coffee - Motorcycles Welcome ??? 
@ 04/15-08/06&nbslogin!Harvard, MA71% The Ehrenkranz Basket Collection  Website URL??? 
Fruitlands Museum is excited to exhibit their latest acquisition, the Elaine Ehrenkranz Basket Collection. The collection includes over 80 exquisite historical and contemporary baskets made by artists from North, Central and South America, Africa, and Asia.
@ 04/15-08/07&nbslogin!Mobile, AL24% Spring Market on the Square ??? 
@ 04/15-08/12&nbslogin!Bolivar, MO40% Cruise in on the Bolivar Square ??? 
@ 04/15-08/26&nbslogin!Hampton, VA41% Saturday Street Fest ??? 
Celebrations by the Bay invites you to take to the downtown Hampton streets every Saturday night for a fun-filled street fair featuring live musical entertainment, cold refreshments and plenty of activities for all ages.
@ 04/15-08/29login!Salisbury, NC31% Salisbury Farmer's Market   Website URL??? 
@ 04/15-09/02&nbslogin!Tulsa, OK90% Tulsa Flea Market  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 45. Yearly ongoing Saturday only Flea Market held at the Tulsa Fairgrounds. Hours are 8am to 4pm for public. Setup times are on Fridays from 10am to 6pm. Booths are 10x12 space and are $30.00 each you can rent tables and chairs for an additional costYou can view more informati... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 250
Booth Price: $30.00 for 10 x 12
Jury Requirements: none
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Tulsa Fairgrounds Expo Building
Setup Time: Friday from 10am to 6pm
Hours: Held most every Saturday from 8am to 4pm
@ 04/15-09/11&nbslogin!Fort Collins, CO41% Drake Road Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Please go to their website for up-to-date information on vendors and what will be featured each week.
@ 04/15-09/11&nbslogin!Bisbee, AZ51% Bisbee Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Local produce, grass fed lamb, beef and port, eggs, cheese, honey, baked goods, coffee, plants and crafts. Occasional special activities include herbalist, chair massage and live music. Local produce, grass fed lamb, beef and port, eggs, cheese, honey, baked goods, coffee, pl...
@ 04/15-09/16&nbslogin!Branson West, MO48% Stone County Mo. Cruise-in & Car Show ??? 
@ 04/15-09/16&nbslogin!Liberty, NC40% Liberty Saturday Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/15-09/16&nbslogin!Indianola, IA71% Indianola classic car & truck show n shine  Website URL??? 
  every third Saturday of the month 50/50 drawing 50s/60 music door prizes home cooking located in the community bank parking lot 1401 n Jefferson hwy 65/69    \r\nOpen to all Class Cars and Trucks, Foreign or Domestic. Held the 3rd Saturday of each month from A...
@ 04/15-09/20&nbslogin!Olathe, KS40% Olathe Farmers Market ??? 
Farmers Market features fresh produce from the area. Open Saturdays (April 25 to October 10), 7 a.m. until sold-out. Open Wednesdays, June 3 to September 30, 3 p.m. until sold-out. Market Closed - Saturday, September 12, 2009
@ 04/15-10/07&nbslogin!Princeton, WI74% Princeton Flea Market Opening day  Website URL
   starstarstarstarstar(3 comments, 3,700 people, $430 avg sales, sales 14 X spot cost) 
Year # 51. Largest Outdoor Market in Central Wisconsin. Every Saturday 7 am. Good Food/Refreshments. Free Admission and Parking. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 175
Booth Price: $25 fee for
Location Type: City Park/ One shady square block
Setup Time: 6 am
Hours: 7 am to 4 pm
@ 04/15-10/11&nbslogin!Issaquah, WA77% Issaquah Farmers Market (1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 19. The Issaquah Farmers Market is full of farm fresh produce, asian vegetables, organic vegetables, fresh cut flowers, nursery plants, specialty foods, hand made arts and crafts, and delicious foods. Special events and entertainment are also available each week. Market opens Sa... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: 3000 to 3500 each week
Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $20 10x10
Location Type: Historic Pickering Farm
Hours: 9:00 am to 2:00 PM
@ 04/15-10/14&nbslogin!Hendersonville, NC41% Public Art Display   sidewalks/>Website URL??? 
Public Art Display, on the sidewalks of Main Street, sculpture TBA , Hendersonville, NC sidewalks of Main St., sculpture of a half of an apple decorated in different themes, thus the name, A Slice of Hendersonville!, Hendersonville, NC www.downtownhendersonvil...
@ 04/15-10/14&nbslogin!Columbus, OH40% Buckeye Classic Cruisers Dairy Queen Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/15-10/14&nbslogin!Pelham, AL40% Nino's Saturday of the Month Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/15-10/19&nbslogin!Rogers, AR50% Rogers Farmers Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Frisco Park Sara Adams c/o Main Street Rogers 301 W. Chestnut Rogers, AR 72756 Featuring NW Arkansas's finest in fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits, herbs, bedding plants, perennials, cut flowers, and handicrafts. Wednesday and Saturdays, ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
@ 04/15-10/22&nbslogin!Marianna, AR31% Marianna Farmers Market ??? 
Downtown Marianna/Lee County Chamber 67 West Main Street Marianna, AR 72360 The Marianna Farmers Market is open to all.
@ 04/15-10/29&nbslogin!Richmond, VA37% Historic Street Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/15-11/11&nbslogin!Fort Oglethorpe, GA40% Stateline Cruise-in ??? 
@ 04/15-11/11&nbslogin!Saint Louis, MO50% Farmer's Market & Bazaar  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $30.00
Hours: 8:30-12:30
@ 04/15-11/12&nbslogin!Habberton, AR51% Fayetteville Farmer's Market   Website URL??? 
Historic Downtown Square James Phillips Downtown Square , AR 72701 Open from early spring through fall -- the biggest farmer's market in the state is an open-air market, and come rain or shine the vendors will be on the historic downtown ...
04/16-12/31 login! Amherst, MA 28% Amherst Art Walk  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/16-04/30&nbslogin!Granbury, TX29% Rio Brazos Juried Art Exhibition & Sale ??? 
@ 04/16-05/07&nbslogin!St. Cloud, MN50% Mississippi Music Fest  Website URL??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 30.00
Hours: 1 pm -8:30 pm
@ 04/16-10/15&nbslogin!Edison, NJ36% Tano Mall Cruise Night ??? 
@ 04/16-10/29&nbslogin!Nashville, TN48% Music Valley Cruise-in Nashville ??? 
@ 04/17-05/16&nbslogin!Rehoboth Beach, DE56% The Gallery Espresso's Art  Website URL??? 
Cafe with Art For Sale until Christmas 2013Cafe with art FOR SALE until X-Mas 2013 Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $59 11X14
Hours: see site
@ 04/17-05/22&nbslogin!Mount Rainer, MD71% Purple Rose Variety Sale ??? 
Year # 2. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Attendance: 150
Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 20
Booth Price: $25
Jury Fee: $0
Location Type: Arts Center
Setup Time: Saturday 12-1PM
Hours: Saturday 1-4PM
@ 04/17-06/02&nbslogin!Mercer Island, WA28% Northwest Watercolor Society Open Exhibition ??? 
@ 04/17-09/11&nbslogin!Midland, MI40% Bob Evans Cruise-In ??? 
@ 04/17-10/23&nbslogin!Bentonville, AR42% Bentonville Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Bentonville Town Square Daniel Hintz 412 S. Main Street Bentonville, AR 72712 Every Saturday from 7 a.m.-1 p.m. on the town square, fresh locally grown produce, meats, handcrafted items, food and music. Admission: Free Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
@ 04/18-05/13&nbslogin!New York, NY41% Elaine Shor: Hidden Influence  Website URL??? 
SOHO20 Gallery presents Hidden Influence, new paintings by Elaine Shor on view through May 18th. Shor’s large-scale figurative paintings feature iconic women in powerful poise. Shor’s recent work can be seen as a study of the complex and sometimes precarious nature of personal re...
@ 04/18-05/13&nbslogin!New York, NY50% This is Repetitive/But Nothing has Changed  Website URL??? 
SOHO20 Gallery is pleased to present This is Repetitive/But Nothing has changed, The exhibition includes a collection of recent sculptures and drawings created after her return from New York to her childhood home in northern California in 2012. Materials range from objects collec...
@ 04/18-05/13&nbslogin!New York, NY50% Becky Franco: Chosen  Website URL??? 
SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery presents Chosen, an exhibition of recent work by artist Becky Franco. The installation features large-scale paintings as well as objects from the artist’s home on view through May 18th. Franco’s subjects are objects of desire. They represent a comfortable l...
@ 04/18-10/18&nbslogin!Saint Albans, VT49% Northwest Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
Customers at farmers\' markets support the local economy. Money spent goes directly to the farmer or producer. The very best place to find the freshest ingredients to prepare meals, the crispiest vegetables and sweetest fruits.
@ 04/18-10/21&nbslogin!Little Rock, AR51% River Market Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
River Market Shannon Light 400 President Clinton Avenue Little Rock, AR 72201 As the new permanent, year-round home for the 34-year old Farmers’ Market, the River Market’s two outdoor, open air pavilions overlooking Riverfront Park, are fi... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
@ 04/18-10/24&nbslogin!Channahon, IL36% The Godmother's Chicago Pizza Cruise Night ??? 
@ 04/19-04/29&nbslogin!Grand Rapids, MI48% Taste of the Mediteranean Cruise with Dolphin Vacations and the ??? 
Join us for a Taste of the Mediterranean with Chef John State from the JW Marriott Grand Rapids. This 10 night cruise will depart from Rome and visit Florence, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Mallorca, Carthage/Tunis, Palermo, and Naples. Our guests will enjoy private culinary classes w...
04/19-04/30 2017login!Edina, MN26% Candleberry on the Lakes - Spring ??? 
@ 04/19-04/30&nbslogin!Cassadaga, FL37% Brighid's Mother Earth Festival ??? 
Brighid's Mother Earth Festival Faire Days: 10am-6pm April 26th & April 27th May 3rd & May 4th Family-friendly / Free Admission / Local Artisans & Vendors / Local Authors & Entertainers / Family Craft Activities / Psychic-Intuitives & Healers / Food & Refreshments Gatherings at T...
@ 04/19-05/03&nbslogin!Fort Collins, CO43% First Dream Art Show and Sale ??? 
There will be a Dream Art Show and Sale at Poudre River Arts Center, running from April 30th through May 14th. The opening reception, with food and music, is Friday May 2nd, 6-9 p.m. during the First Friday Gallery Walk. The gallery hours at Poudre River Arts Center will be exten...
@ 04/19-05/17&nbslogin!Durham, NC38% Durham Public School Student Art Show  Website URL??? 
Organized by DPS's K-12 Arts Education Department, the displays will feature works in oils, pastels, drawings and other medium.
@ 04/19-05/20&nbslogin!Ventura, CA40% Collectors' Choice  Website URL??? 
For this exhibition, Sylvia White has invited 15 of the gallery’s best collectors to review the artist submissions and select their favorite work. This gives artists the opportunity to put their work in front of real art collectors. It gives us an exciting way to start each new...
@ 04/19-06/18&nbslogin!Austin, MN42% Spring Fling ??? 
Spring Fling is the theme for this exhibit showing from Wednesday, April 30, through Sunday, June 29. A variety of paintings, photographs, pottery and jewelry will be on display for this members only exhibit. All items for sale. Please join the Art Center and its member artists f...
@ 04/19-06/22&nbslogin!New Port Richey, FL42% Hands of the Goddess Pet Supplies Collection  Website URL??? 
I'd like to ask that everyone who is considering donating items to HotG please concentrate your efforts on our animal friends until the end of this quarter. Animal shelters are ALWAYS in need of newspapers, food (wet and dry) , and blankets for bedding. Take a look around, as you...
@ 04/19-07/03&nbslogin!Mccall, ID33% The Summer Music Festival at Roseberry  Website URL??? 
@ 04/19-07/20&nbslogin!Olathe, KS49% Passport to Adventure ??? 
Visit participating Kansas City-area natural and historic sites and get your passport stamped each time. After completion, turn the passport in for a prize. Ernie Miller Nature Center and other sites.
04/19-10/25login!Wilmington, NC29% Farmers Market ??? 
04/20-04/29 2017login!Nashville, TN55% Nashville Film Festival   Website URL??? 
04/20-04/29 2017login!Rock Hill, SC48% Rock Hill Come-See-Me Festival  ??? 
@ 04/20-04/29&nbslogin!Clemson, SC34% Clemson Music Festival  Website URL??? 
Welcome to the Clemson Music Festival!
04/20-04/29 2017login!Lincoln, NE48% Nebraska Science Festival  Website URL??? 
04/20-04/30 2017login!Tucson, AZ82% Pima County Fair   Old-fashioned/>Website URL(6 Comments star) ??? 
County Fair Carnival Entertainment Food Booths Commercial Exhibitors Horse show4-H animals, home arts & fine arts, entertainment, horse shows, concerts, games & rides, or or http://arizonafairs.comOld-fashioned fair with exhibits, food, stage concerts, and other live ent... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: Adults $7, 6-10 years $2, Children 5 & under free
Booth Price: According to hall you are in, Pima $550 10x10
Location Type: 11300 S. Houghton, Rd, Tucson: Pima County Fairgrounds. Both ins
Setup Time: Tue & Wed
Hours: Weekdays noon to close, Sat-Sun 10:00am to close
04/20-04/30 2017 login! Biloxi, MS 39% Biloxi Country Cajun Crawfish Festival  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
04/20-04/30 2017login!Augusta, MO43% Augusta Plein Air Art Festival   Website URL??? 
Come experience springtime in Augusta, Missouri and watch the rich colors burst forth in nature ... and on canvas at the 12th Annual Augusta Plein Air Art Festival, April 24th thru May 4th, 2014. Picture the vineyards cascading with lime green foliage, the dogwoods in bloom, ...
@ 04/20-04/30&nbslogin!Bourbonnais, IL40% Northfield Square Mall Spring Fling ??? 
04/20-04/30 2017 login! West Nyack, NY 60% Rockland Free Fair @ Palisades Mall  Website URL none 
This family-friendly event features midway rides for all ages, games, favorite fair food, a variety vendors, a petting zoo and 10 old-time sideshow acts under the big top. Fair admission is free and includes the Records and Burpee Children's Zoo, starring 16 exotic and unusual... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Phone: 866-666-3247
Booth Price: $1,100 up to 20x20 (merch); 25% (food)
Hours: Mon-Fri 5-11, Sat-Sun 12-11

View FULL Event Details Page
04/20-04/30 2017 login! Doylestown, PA 31% Peace Valley Nature Center ART SHOW  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/20-05/03&nbslogin!Vernal, UT34% Uintah School District Art Depts Spring Art Show ??? 
Students from Uintah High School, Vernal Jr. High and Vernal Middle School will display a variety of arts -- oils, watercolors, sketching, pottery, ceramics, sculptures and more. A reception for the student artists, their families and friends will be held Wednesday April 30th, 6:...
@ 04/20-05/04&nbslogin!Carson City, NV35% Pembroke Renaissance Faire ??? 
For one weekend each year, the Elizabethan days of yore are brought back to life at the Pembroke Renaissance Faire. Over the weekend, visitors can enjoy a varied programme of traditional entertainment including jousting matches, court jesters, traditional artisan displays, blacks...
@ 04/20-05/04&nbslogin!Loop Station, IL43% Chicago Farmers' Markets  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Farmers from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin come to sell their produce at various farmers markets in the city. Chicago alone has some 30 markets and Illinois boasts about 170. One of the main ones is the seasonal, open-air market at Federal Plaza Times 0700–1500 ...
@ 04/20-05/04&nbslogin!Reno, Nv52% Reno/Tahoe Wine, Food and Jazz Festival  Website URL??? 
Bringing together three of life’s great pleasures all under one roof, this annual event is a celebration of good food, fine wine and great music. Held at festival grounds within the Reno Hilton, visitors can sample their way through a range of different wines whilst listeni...
@ 04/20-05/04&nbslogin!Reno, NV48% Marathon de Mayo ??? 
Part of the city’s Cinco de Mayo weekend celebrations, Reno’s annual Marathon de Mayo is a fantastic event that sees the course lined with spectators, live music and food and drink vendors. Competitors from all over the world competed in the event which has five diffe...
@ 04/20-05/04&nbslogin!Boston, MA51% Harborfest  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Admission:$6 Historic New England members, $12 nonmembers Please note:Registration strongly recommended for walking tours. The Otis House Museum opens its doors for Harborfest, a family-friendly celebration of Boston\'s heritage. Enjoy tours of the house, where a wealthy and prom... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: $6
@ 04/20-05/04&nbslogin!Harrison, AR51% Spring Invitational Art Show  Website URL??? 
A national juried art exhibition with entries from 12 states. The reception for the winners will be May 5th. The public is welcome. Admission: FreeAn art show of juried works from across the country. Admission: Free Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
@ 04/20-05/04&nbslogin!Memphis, TN48% Memphis in May International Festival  Website URL??? 
The annual Memphis in May International Festival season is a series of separate consumer events that take place in May in and around the city. The programme includes The Beale Street Music Festival, International Events, The World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, and the Su...
@ 04/20-05/04&nbslogin!Hanover43% Hanover International Fireworks Competition  Website URL??? 
The Hanover International Fireworks Competition takes place in the city\'s Baroque Grosser Garten in Herrenhausen. On five different dates between May and September, five countries lay on an impressive fireworks display accompanied by classical music, each contestant striving to ...
@ 04/20-05/04&nbslogin!Cumbria43% Keswick Jazz Festival  Website URL??? 
The hills come alive with the sound of music at the annual Keswick Jazz Festival in the heart of the glorious Cumbrian countryside. Taking place each May, the event attracts a large and appreciative crowd to a programme of over 100 jazz events at venues ranging from street corner...
@ 04/20-05/04&nbslogin!North Point43% Dragon Boat Festival (Tuen Ng)  Website URL??? 
Also known as “Tuen Ng Festival”, this event is held in honour of the popular Chinese hero, Qu Yuan. According to legend, Qu Yuan lived over 2,000 years ago and drowned himself in the mighty Mi Lo River in a bid to highlight the issue of corrupt rulers. Grateful for h...
@ 04/20-05/18&nbslogin!New Haven, CT50% City Farmers' Market Edgewood Park  Website URL
   starstarstarstarstar(1 comments, 1,500 people, $600 avg sales) 
City Farmers\' Market Edgewood Park.MARKET OPEN Sundays June 17-Oct 28 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.Location: Edgewood Park at the corner of Whalley and West Rock Avenue.*All Fruits and Vegetables are Connecticut Grown * Most are Organic or Pesticide-Free*For more information visit w...
@ 04/20-05/26&nbslogin!Houston, TX64% Mosaic Arts International  Website URL??? 
The Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) is excited to put on their annual juried exhibition, "Mosaic Arts International 2014." Presented at Williams Tower Gallery in Houston, this exhibition is a perennial favorite, featuring the work of the most skilled and innovative mosa...
04/21-04/29 2017login!Hitchcock, TX28% Galveston County Fair and Rodeo ??? 
04/21-04/29 2017login!Brooksville, FL70% Hernando County Fair  Website URL??? 
Year # 65. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: adults $7 /4-12 old $4 Under 3 free
Location Type: 6436 Broad Street
Hours: 5pm till 11pm
@ 04/21-04/29&nbslogin!Bedford, NH51% The Craftworkers Guild Spring Fair (2 Comments star) ??? 
This is the Spring Fair for the Bedford Craftworkers Guild members to sell their handmade items. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: Free admission
Booth Price: Membership, shift work, 20% of profits
Hours: Monday-Sunday 10-4
04/21-04/29 2017login!Harrisburg, PA31% Harrisburg Beer Week   Website URL??? 
04/21-04/30 2017login!Wake Forest, NC26% Herbfest ??? 
04/21-04/30 2017 login! Maitland, FL 55% Florida Film Festival  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/21-04/30&nbslogin!Honolulu, HI51% Hawaii Romance Festival  Website URL??? 
Harmonious melodies, divine dinners, and Hawai’i – the ideal recipe for Romance. That’s what the Matt Catingub Orchestra of Hawai’i has cooked up with the 2008 Hawai’i Romance Festival. The 10-day event, to be ...
@ 04/21-04/30&nbslogin!Romulus, NY52% WIne & Herb Festival  Website URL??? 
Picture a flourishing herb garden in your backyard and ż˝this dream can come true by attending our annual Wine & Herb Festival. Here youż˝ll receive a potted herb or veggie plant from each winery plus recipe cards as you savor herb or veggie prepared delicacies while sipping fine...
@ 04/21-04/30&nbslogin!Decatur, IL76% Central Mall Unique Collectibles & Hande Made Crafts Show  Website URL??? 
Mother's Day 10 Day Collectible & Arts & Craft show in an enclosed regional shopping mall. No display over 6’ in height. All table covers MUST BE NAVY BLUE, draped to the floor on all sides. (No sheets please) We do not furnish tables, chairs, electrical cords, cord covers or TA... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)# Of Spaces: 15
Booth Price: $500 10X12
Location Type: 5111 Rogers Ave, Fort Smith, Arkansas 72903
Setup Time: Thursday Night 4/30/09 9 PM
Hours: Mall hours
@ 04/21-04/30&nbslogin!Pasadena, CA51% Slice of Life Group Art Exhibition  Website URL??? 
Slice of Life Art Exhibition April 26, 2013 (by appointment April 27 to May 5, 2013) 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM 545 S. Raymond Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105 This year, Linus Art Galleries is presenting their second art exhibition of 2013, Slice Of Life. Artists from all over the world captured...
04/21-04/30 2017login!Miami, FL55% Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival   Website URL??? 
@ 04/21-04/30&nbslogin!Los Angeles, CA55% LA Comedy Festival  Website URL??? 
04/21-04/30 2017 login! Houston, TX 55% WorldFest-Houston Intl Film Festival  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/21-04/30&nbslogin!Texas, TX34% Spring Village Festival ??? 
@ 04/21-04/30&nbslogin!Clearwater, FL55% Fun 'n Sun Festival  Website URL??? 
04/21-04/30 2017login!Pittsburgh, PA51% Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week  Website URL??? 
04/21-04/30 2017 login! Biloxi, MS 28% MS Coast Coliseum Crawfish Festival ??? 
04/21-05/05 2017login!Phoenix, AZ55% Heart the Arts Summer Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/21-05/06&nbslogin!Mount Vernon, VA43% Sheep-Shearing  Website URL??? 
During the month of May, Weekends ONLY Mount Vernon's sheep receive a haircut Friday through Sunday! Visit the George Washington: Pioneer Farmer site, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00p.m. to 3:00 p.m. to watch the sheep-shearing. Sheep-Shearing is included in regular Estate...
@ 04/21-05/06&nbslogin!San Jose, CA78% Downtown Farmers' Market at San Pedro Square  Website URL??? 
Downtown Farmers' Market on San Pedro Square, Every Friday, May 4 - Dec. 14 from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. on San Pedro Street, between Santa Clara and St. John streets (no market on Nov. 23) - More than 40 growers and artists offer brightly blooming flowers, appetizing foods, unique gift... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: 750 - 1,000 daily
Admission Price: free
Location Type: outside on San Pedro Square in downtown San Jose, CA
Setup Time: 8:30 am
Hours: Friday 10-2
@ 04/21-05/06&nbslogin!Mansfield, TX33% Mansfield farmers market ??? 
@ 04/21-05/07&nbslogin!Louisville, KY36% KMAC Couture  Website URL??? 
'KMAC Couture” will highlight the work of both emerging and established regional fashion artists, presenting their newest creations for an exciting runway show on the night of April 17. The garments will then be on display from April 24 through May 10, 2015.
@ 04/21-05/14&nbslogin!Auckland41% NZ International Comedy Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/21-05/18&nbslogin!Evergreen, CO37% Arts Evergreen ??? 
Step right up! Come one, come all! Center for the Arts Evergreen is featuring five award winning artists in a new exhibit with a circus theme. Wonder of Wonders, a Traveling Exhibit features people and places within known and surreal "carnival" settings This dramatic new exhibit ...
@ 04/21-05/20&nbslogin!San Antonio, TX52% Silver Lining Boutique ??? 
Various Vendors monthly. Jewely, Art, Crafts, Romance, Clothes, and more! Salespeople on staff through entire event. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $75 5 x 5, $150 10 x 10
Hours: Tue-Sat 11a-8p
@ 04/21-05/20&nbslogin!Flemingsburg, KY34% Barn Quilt exhibit ??? 
Doodles Studio and Gallery will host a Barn Quilt exhibit during the month of May. Anyone interested in the exhibit can call . Doodles is open to the public and is located at 101 E. Water Street, Flemingsburg.
@ 04/21-05/21&nbslogin!Santa Fe, NM39% Oil Painters of America Show ??? 
Over 2400 entries were received from members for this juried show. Linda's Ocean Feast was one of only 200 paintings accepted for this prestigous event.
@ 04/21-05/24&nbslogin!Fort Wayne, IN28% National Print Exhibition ??? 
@ 04/21-06/03&nbslogin!Santa Fe, NM42% Summer Preview Exhibition  Website URL??? 
Santa Fe Clay's "Summer Preview Exhibition" is a show of master ceramic artists who will conduct summer workshops at Santa Fe Clay in 2014. The mission of the workshop program, established in 1994, is to honor the recognized masters in the field while simultaneously highlighting ...
@ 04/21-06/04&nbslogin!Brooklyn, NY51% Good Work  Website URL??? 
For details visit DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: March 25, 2011 Exhibition Dates: April 29th – June 12th 2011 Opening Night: Friday, April 29th Artist Talks: TBD Interactive Workshops: Sunday, May 1st Description May Day is a celebration of spring, rej...
@ 04/21-06/21&nbslogin!Huntingdon, PA50% Show Us the County!  Website URL??? 
Contest for the best short video about Huntingdon County. More details at Whatever it is you love about Huntingdon, whatever it is that defines our place here in the Alleghenies, let us see it. Show us through your eyes – or your lens, ...
@ 04/21-08/19&nbslogin!Pittsburgh, PA41% Transformation 9: Contemporary Works in Ceramics  Website URL??? 
"Transformation 9: Contemporary Works in Ceramics" is a biennial juried show focusing on innovative uses of traditional craft media. This year, the spotlight is on clay. The piece chosen for best in show will receive the Raphael Prize--a $5,000.00 cash award. The exhibition opens...
@ 04/21-09/15&nbslogin!Hampton, GA40% Friday Night Drags & Show-N-Shine at Atlanta Motor Speedway ??? 
@ 04/21-10/20&nbslogin!Albuquerque, NM34% Farmer's Market ??? 
Excludes July 3rd. Credit and Debit now accepted.
@ 04/21-10/27&nbslogin!Bucyrus, OH40% Michael's Pizza FREE Friday Nite Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/22-04/29&nbslogin!Springfield, IL39% Brinkerhoff Home Spring Fair (2 Comments star) ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $80
Hours: sat 9-3
@ 04/22-04/29&nbslogin!Cape May, NJ58% Antiques & Collectibles Fair  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
This 8th annual show will feature antiques and collectibles and is held on the grounds of the Emlen Physick Estate during Cape May's Spring Festival.Held rain or shine,canopies recommended,food available on site.No electric available.Estimated.DEADLINE when FULL.RAIN OR SHINE... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 75
Hours: 10-4
04/22-04/29 2017login!Wharton, TX28% Wharton County Youth Fair and Exposition  Website URL??? 
@ 04/22-04/29&nbslogin!Bridgehampton, NY51% The Retreat's Juried Art Competition and Show  Website URL??? 
Announcing The 3rd Annual Juried Art Show in the Hamptons! Entry Deadline March 7, 2011. Competition for exhibition, top 25 entries will be shown in group show at the Kathryn Markel Fine Arts Gallery in Bridgehampton, NY opening 4/30/11. Best in show wins a solo exhibit. Consider...
@ 04/22-04/29&nbslogin!Charles City, VA51% Historic Garden Week at Berkeley Plantation  Website URL??? 
04/22-04/29 2017login!Roanoke, VA52% Hill Week  Website URL??? 
@ 04/22-04/29&nbslogin!Glen Flora, TX33% Wharton County Youth Fair and Exposition  Website URL??? 
@ 04/22-04/30&nbslogin!Council Bluffs, Ia40% Renaissance Faire of the Midlands (1 Comments star) ??? 
Yes, the Rumor is True! Renaissance Faire of the Midlands Continues! Theme Medieval \"Land\" - \"Year\" ? Type Faire or Festival Founded 1983 Booths 70 Stages ? Pets? Not Allowed
@ 04/22-04/30&nbslogin!Damascus, VA60% Appalachian Trail Days Festival  Website URL??? 
04/22-04/30 2017login!Harbinger, NC33% Outer Banks Bike Week  Website URL??? 
@ 04/22-04/30&nbslogin!Seattle, WA55% Langston Hughes African American Film Festival  Website URL??? 
04/22-04/30 2017login!Redding, CA26% Kool April Nites ??? 
@ 04/22-05/06&nbslogin!Magnolia, MS49% May in Magnolia  Website URL??? 
May 2 - Antique & Craft Fair, Historic Cemetery Tour; May 16 - Pilgrimage Tour of Homes, Spring Art Show & Sale, Magnolia Porches-A Tasting Tea.
@ 04/22-05/06&nbslogin!Waterloo, IA35% Downtown Farmers Market  Website URL??? e-mail: Fresh farm produce, baked goods, flowers and crafts. Special events each week.
@ 04/22-05/06&nbslogin!Portsmouth, VA41% Maritime Folk Art  Website URL??? 
It’s a folksy collection of whales, mermaids, fish, fowl, carvings, paintings, models, textile, seashells and signs. Some are whimsical, others memorable, but they are all simply delightful. It’s the greatest folk show in town!” Visit Hampton Roads premier marine gallery featurin...
@ 04/22-05/06&nbslogin!Omaha, NE39% Village Pointe Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Fresh, locally-grown produce and meats.
@ 04/22-05/06&nbslogin!Leavenworth, KS38% Leavenworth Farmer's Market ??? 
Fresh local produce sold at Haymarket Market in historic downtown Leavenworth. Local produce, as well as other handmade products.
@ 04/22-05/06&nbslogin!San Francisco, CA55% San Francisco International Film Festival  Website URL??? 
04/22-05/07 2017login!Lewisburg, PA72% Lewisburg Arts Festival - Celebration of the Arts  Website URL
   starstarstarstarstar(12 comments, 5,300 people, $1,400 avg sales, sales 19 X spot cost) 
Year # 47. 38th Annual Lewisburg Arts Festival in historic downtown Lewisburg, PA. The week-long festival begins April 27th and runs through May 5th. The highlight of the week is the Market Street Festival on Saturday, April 28 with over 100 juried artists displaying their works throughou... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)# Of Spaces: 110
Booth Price: $65 10\'x13\'
Jury Requirements: Seperate check. 2 Slides.
Jury Fee: $10
Hours: Sat 10-5 rain or shine
@ 04/22-05/07&nbslogin!Dunlap, TN43% Dunlap Summer Craft Fair ??? 
Handmade items including greeting cards, soaps, bird feeders, hot pads, candles, jewelry and jewelry making, bejeweled serving pieces. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: Sat 10-6
@ 04/22-05/07&nbslogin!St Augustine, FL73% Juried Show - Third Nature & Wildlife Exhibition  Website URL??? 
Year # 8. The St. Augustine Art Association is a non-profit arts organization in it’s 88th season, with a 600+ member base. Located in the heart of the Historic District in St. Augustine, Florida,the gallery features over 3,000 square feet of professional exhibition space and draws local ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: 10,000
Admission Price: exhibition is free
Location Type: Gallery/ over 3,000 sq ft professional exhibition space/Historic
Setup Time: shipped & received by 4/18/12; hand delivered 4/22/12, 2-5pm, 4/
Hours: Tues-Sat 12-4pm, Sun 2-5pm
@ 04/22-05/07&nbslogin!Milton, WI70% Highway 26 Flea Market & Craft Fair ??? 
Year # 8. This flea market is on State Highway 26 and surrounded by five campgrounds and is also near to several towns. Several thousand cars pass by the event each weekend. All vendors are welcome - antiques, junque, crafts, direct sales and travelling vendors, etc. Rough camping is avail... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Attendance: varies
Location Type: Outdoor flea market / craft fair.
Hours: 8-4
@ 04/22-05/07&nbslogin!Coeur D'alene, ID83% Coeur d'Alene Outdoor Market ??? 
Year # 6. The Coeur d'Alene Outdoor Market brings you 100 quality Exhibitors of Fine Art, Crafts, Fashion and Home Decor. The Market is a place to enjoy and shop for handcrafted works in fused and stained glass, clay, silver, leather, wood, metal, fiber, bronze, jewelry etc directly from t... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: 1000 + per weekend
Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 1000
Booth Price: $75 10x10, $50 3x6 Kiosk
Location Type: Rear lot of Art and Home Center of Coeur d'Alene
Setup Time: All day Fri, Sat 6-9am
Hours: Sat 9-5, Sun 9-4
@ 04/22-05/07&nbslogin!Denver, CO71% World Threads III, Preserving Textile Traditions Sale and Exhibi  Website URL??? 
Year # 7. TACtile Textile Arts Center presents its colorful 3rd annual World Threads III, Preserving Textile Traditions, to benefit the artists, cooperatives, and social enterprises that support preservation fo fiver arts around the world. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: free
Location Type: Textile Arts Center/Gallery
Hours: Tues - Sat 12-5
@ 04/22-05/07&nbslogin!West Milford, NJ43% Highland Greenfest... Live  Website URL???
@ 04/22-05/14&nbslogin!Greenbrae, CA31% Marin Open Studios  Website URL??? 
@ 04/22-05/19&nbslogin!Media, PA.40% Ladies Night ??? 
veners Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $25
Hours: 6 -9
@ 04/22-05/19&nbslogin!Warminster, PA42% Wet Nose Rescue Pet Fair ??? 
pet rescue fund raiser only pet thehemed or pet related items to be sold Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: pet rescues tables free , venders $15.00
Hours: 10 - 3
@ 04/22-05/20&nbslogin!Brownsburg, IN35% Miniature Fine Art Show ??? 
Invitational Original Fine Art Miniatures and Small Works Show.
@ 04/22-05/20&nbslogin!Darlington, WI48% Veterans Memorial Ride ??? 
@ 04/22-05/21&nbslogin!Wyndmoor, PA50% Glenside Farmer's Market  Website URL??? 
Community Farmer's Market - fresh produce, meat, eggs, honey, baked goods, handmade soap, plants, jewelry Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: Sat 9-1
@ 04/22-05/27&nbslogin!Nags Head, NC50% International Juried Miniature Art Show  Website URL??? 
Miniature Art Show at Seaside Art Galleryrn Original Fine Art Miniatures. Seaside Art Gallery’s Eighteenth International Miniature Art Showrncan be viewed in its entirety on line. Just click on the web link provided. Don’t forget to look for your favorite artist, Lin...
@ 04/22-05/27&nbslogin!Los Angeles, CA42% Freehand Gallery Jewelry Show  Website URL??? 
Freehand Gallery is excited to present their Annual Jewelry Show, featuring work by old favorites and gallery newcomers. The exhibition will include work by Anna Balkan, Jo Baxter, Michael Norman Bayes, Loren Celedonia, Simma Chester, Ashka Dymel, Melissa Finelli, Janna Gantt, Ka...
@ 04/22-06/08&nbslogin!Pickens, SC28% Juried South Carolina Artists Competition ??? 
@ 04/22-06/10&nbslogin!Robbinsville, NC38% Cherokee Heritage Events ??? 
Snowbird Community Snowbird RoadHwy 143 Business Route Robbinsville, North Carolina ÂÂ28771 Map this location Celebrations of Traditional Ways of the Snowbird Cherokees | More Detail Junaluska Memorial Site, Museum, and Medicine Trail operated by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indi...
@ 04/22-06/10&nbslogin!Branchburg, NJ42% Structure  Website URL??? 
We invite work in printmaking, papermaking or letterpress that explores the concept of “structure,” which implies exploration of negative/positive space, of form and structure including, for example, inside/outside, public/private, tangible/intangible, object/attribute. Spons...
04/22-06/17 2017login!Paducah, KY41% Fantastic Fibers  Website URL??? 
The Yeiser Art Center (YAC) is pleased to host "Fantastic Fibers 2014." Sifting through more than 450 entries, Juror Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry selected 58 spectacular pieces of fiber art from around the world. "Fantastic Fibers 2014" is an officially sanctioned American Quilter'...
@ 04/22-07/30&nbslogin!Gaithersburg, MD33% Gaithersburg Flea Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/22-08/17&nbslogin!Knoxville, TN76% Market Square Farmers' Market  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
The Market Square Farmers' Market is open two days a week from May to November. Every Saturday 10am-2pm Every Wednesday 11am-2pm Local Produce, Live Plants, Baked Goods, Herbs, Free Range Meat, Artisan Crafts, & More Market Square has become the place to gather for events, shop... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $15 10X10
Jury Requirements: see application for requirements
Jury Fee: no application fee
Location Type: Market Square District
Setup Time: Set up may begin one hour before the market opens
Hours: Every Wednesday 11am-2pm Every Saturday 10am-2pm May to Novembe
@ 04/22-09/28&nbslogin!Corinth, MS49% Green Market at the Corinth Depot  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
This open-air market will offer an opportunity for farmers, gardners, artisans, craftsmen, etc. to sell their wares in a grass-roots setting. Opening May 2, 2009, and continuing the second Saturday June through October, 8 a.m.-1 p.m.
@ 04/22-10/18&nbslogin!Quincy, IL34% Quincy Mall's Farmer’s Market (1 Comments star) ??? 
Quincy Mall's Farmer’s Market 3pm-6pm Northeast Parking Lot. The Locally-Grown Market occurs every Thursday from 3pm-6pm. Fresh produce, baked goods, and crafts all homegrown or homemade.
@ 04/22-10/19&nbslogin!Morganton, NC33% Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
@ 04/22-10/21login!Namps, ID51% Nampa Farmers Market   Website URL??? 
Opens 4-28-07 and runs every Saturday 9AM to 1PM thru the last saturday of October. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: Sat 9-1
@ 04/22-10/21&nbslogin!Belmont, NC51% Old Time Country Market  Website URL??? 
Tables of antiques,vintage itiems,arts,crafts,produce,live exhibits,blacksmith,yardsales,and much more. Old Time Country Market Dates From Sat Apr 09 2011 To Sat Oct 29 2011 (Every Saturday) Start Time: 08:00 AM End Time: 02:00 PM * Closed on days of bad weather Location 134 ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: Saturdays 8 -2 pm
@ 04/22-10/21&nbslogin!Emporia, KS43% Emporia Farmers Market ??? 
Shop Emporia Farmers Market for a fun,nutritional and delicious experience! The Emporia Farmers' Market is an open air market in downtown Emporia. The market offers fresh, locally grown produce, delicious baked goods, creative crafts and jams & jellies. Market begins Saturdays at...
@ 04/22-10/21&nbslogin!Goldston, NC40% Goldston Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/22-10/22&nbslogin!Silver Spring, MD76% Fenton Street Market  Website URL??? 
Year # 8. For two Saturdays in the fall of 2009, a vacant parking lot in the Fenton Street Village area of downtown Silver Spring was transformed into a small-business epicenter. Local artists, craftspeople, collectors, and entrepreneurs exhibited their wares, and shoppers swarmed the stre... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)# Of Spaces: 30
Booth Price: 25
Jury Requirements: send pictures of products
Location Type: corner of Fenton Street and Silver Spring Ave, Silver Spring, MD
Setup Time: 6:30 - 8:45
Hours: Every Saturday 9 - 3
@ 04/22-10/22&nbslogin!Tecumseh Trade C, MI87% Flea Market (every Sat & Sun 9-5) May - Oct NEW AUCTIONS  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 12. Inside & Outside Flea Market NEW THS YEAR AUCTIONS EVERY 1ST & 2ND WED EVERY MONTH APRIL - DEC 54 Inside spaces up to 16 X 24 50+ Outside spaces starting at $10.00 per day 30,000 sq ft indoors Limited booth space available $50.00 16 X 24 (thats right almost 400 sq ft) per weeken... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $50.00 16X24 Inside per weekend, Outside $10.00 per day
Location Type: Two Large Buildings on 8 acres
Setup Time: Inside set up Fridays 10 - 5 Vendors only and (Outside) Sat & S
Hours: Sat, Sun 9am - 5pm daily May - Oct
@ 04/23-04/29&nbslogin!Saint Louis, MO39% St. Louis Microfest  Website URL??? 
04/23-04/30 2017login!Tampa, FL51% Bern's Winefest  Website URL??? 
04/23-04/30 2017 login! West Long Branch, NJ 94% Annual Student Exhibition  Website URL ??? 
Wonderful annual exhibit featuring our students' work! Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Attendance: 500
Admission Price: FREE
Location Type: The Art gallery o the campus of Monmouth University
Hours: 10 AM-5PM

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@ 04/23-05/03&nbslogin!Bloomington, IN37% Bloomington Early Music Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/23-05/07&nbslogin!Columbus, OH52% North Market Artisan Sundays  Website URL??? 
The North Market prides itself on being residence to dozens of locally owned and operated small businesses. Meanwhile, the city of Columbus is home to scores of home-based artisans and crafters who are constantly seeking outlets for their craft. They peddle their works through lo...
@ 04/23-05/07login!Online, MN58% Expos Galore Online Craft Fair ??? 
Year # 7. Expos Galore is having an Online Craft Fair Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Attendance: 1,000
Admission Price: N/A
Setup Time: 24/7
Hours: 24/7
04/23-05/07login!Cumming, GA29% Cumming FUMC Festival of Arts ??? 
@ 04/23-05/18&nbslogin!Hillsboro, OR58% Hillsboro Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Open air farmer & crafter market. Incorporates other community events. Good turn out. Friendly environment. Juried. Intersection of Main and 2nd Saturdays. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 35.00
Hours: Sat 8 - 1:30
@ 04/23-05/21&nbslogin!Kirkland, WA34% Parklane Gallery's International Miniature Art Show ??? 
16th Annual Juried International Miniature Art Show. The overall outside measurement of each miniature painting, including the frame, does not exceed 5 x 7” or 35 square inches!   Parklane Galleries 17th annual originals miniature art show. The outside measurements of e...
@ 04/23-05/21&nbslogin!Elkins Park, PA.43% Shop & Schmooze ??? 
shopping Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $60 plus raffel
Hours: 2:30 - 5:00
@ 04/23-05/21&nbslogin!Middletown, NEW28% Orange County Antique Fair & Flea Market ??? 
04/23-05/29login!Lancaster, MA50% Bulfinch 200 Art Show & Competition   Website URL??? 
Background: Lancaster’s historic Bulfinch Meetinghouse is turning 200 years old in 2016. To celebrate the milestone anniversary of this historic landmark and architectural gem, the Bulfinch 200 Committee is holding a series of events in 2016 and 2017, including an Art Show & C...
@ 04/23-06/08&nbslogin!Mammoth Lakes, CA71% Round Up at the Lake - Convict Lake Spring Fishing Derby  Website URL??? 
Fishing derby with cash and prizes at Convict Lake.
@ 04/23-06/18&nbslogin!J C Penny's, NM48% Focus on Youth, a Juried Show  Website URL??? 
An annual juried show of fabulous photo-based artwork by area high school students. Approximately 100 pieces in black and white, color, and mixed media are on display.
@ 04/23-06/22&nbslogin!Sewickley, PA41% True Colors ??? 
This exhibition features a collection of recent pastel paintings by Colleen M. Sherts. Pastels are pure pigment, which allows for vibrant and colorful artwork. Using bright and pretty color selections, Ms. Sherts uses pastel painting to interpret the beauty of the colorful world ...
@ 04/23-09/17&nbslogin!Lutherville, MD63% Lutherville Recreation Council Flea Market  Website URL??? 
Lutherville Recreation Council Flea Market Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Booth Price: $8.00 - Spaces Vary
Location Type: Lutherville Elementary School
Setup Time: 7:30 am - 10:00 am
Hours: 10 am - 3:30 pm
@ 04/23-09/24&nbslogin!O'fallon, MO40% JJ's O'Fallon Car Cruise ??? 
@ 04/23-10/22&nbslogin!Hillsboro, OR56% Hillsboro Sunday Farmers' Market at Orenco  Website URL??? 
Orenco's Sunday farmers market. An awesome little farmers market. Fabulous farmers, food & artists. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 30.00 10 x 14
Hours: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
@ 04/23-10/24&nbslogin!Kinmundy, IL88% Log Cabin Craft Days with Flea Market Third Weekend Only [Harve   Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 40. Log Cabins in 74 acres of woods with crafters to the side of each and featuring A Harvest of Blessings as theme with descendants of cabins in each, dressed in old fasion clothing of 1800's. There are 16 cabins including homes, a General Store, Doctor and Apothecary, Preacher's c... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: Adults 3.00, Jr High & High School, $ 1.00, K through Grade 5, $
Booth Price: $30 10 X 10
Jury Requirements: Hand made only for first 2 weekends
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: Log cabins in wooded area
Setup Time: Must be set up by 9:30 am
Hours: 10 - 5:00
@ 04/23-12/10&nbslogin!Baltimore, MD63% Baltimore Bazaar  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 8. Baltimore Farmers' Market and Bazaar Every Sunday May 2 - Dec 19 Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: 8000 attend Farmers' Market
Admission Price: none
Booth Price: $25
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Sidewalk & Parking lot across from Farmers Market under Jones Fa
Setup Time: 6 am
Hours: Sun 7 am - 12 noon
04/24-04/29 2017login!Stephenville, TX33% Larry Joe Taylor's Texas Music Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/24-04/29&nbslogin!Galesburg, IL33% Carl Sandburg Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/24-04/30&nbslogin!Bluff City, AR48% Pickin' in the Park  Website URL??? 
@ 04/24-05/08&nbslogin!Castle Rock, CO88% Colorado's Premier Arts and Crafts Gallery  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 4. Handmade Colorado is an "Arts and Crafts Gallery" which displays and sells the artwork of Colorado artists, including painters, photographers, jewelers, glassworkers, potters, woodworkers, quilters, and more. Since we do not sell mass-manufactured or imported items, you can be s... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(9)Attendance: 10,000
Admission Price: FREE
# Of Spaces: 234
Booth Price: $75 to $225
Jury Requirements: booth application and photos email or mail
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Fine Arts and Crafts Gallery in Castle Pines
Setup Time: no set up time
Hours: Mon to Sat 10-7, Sun 10-5
@ 04/24-05/09&nbslogin!Washington, DC90% DC Hospital Vendor Program - Weekdays  Website URL??? 
Year # 6. Washington DC hospital with 2000 employees (plus patients and visitors) starting a 2009 weekday Vendor Program. They will host different vendors on weekdays. The program will run on weekdays throughout 2009. CorpKiosks schedules vendors at corporate, government, and hospital lo... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: 2000
Admission Price: N/A
Booth Price: $25 + 20% of sales
Jury Fee: N/A
Location Type: In the Cafeteria
Setup Time: 6:30am to sell as soon as set up
Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm
@ 04/24-05/10&nbslogin!Plano, TX26% 125 Show ??? 
@ 04/24-05/12&nbslogin!Rogersville, TN48% Rogersville in Bloom - Driving / Walking Tour ??? 
04/24-05/26 2017login!Houston, TX33% Bayou City Art Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/24-05/26&nbslogin!Zumbrota, MN50% Foxfeather enkov, Jane Marie Lewis Exhibit  Website URL??? 
Two artists exhibiting work at Crossings through the month of May, both native Minnesotans, are inspired by the flora and fauna of the natural world. Foxfeather ?enková describes herself as “a bird nut,” while Jane Marie Lewis has always enjoyed the outdoors and beauty of th...
@ 04/24-05/29login!Paris, AR72% Paris Farmers Market ??? 
Starting the first weekend of May, the Courthouse square will have a variety of vegetables, herbs and homegrown and homemade items for sell by local farmers and merchants. Starting early a.m. and lasting usually until noon depending on produce availability and farmer's choice. A... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: free
Jury Fee: Free
Location Type: on the south and east side of the courthouse lawn
Setup Time: early to noon
Hours: Tuesday & Saturday
04/24-06/02 login! Gig Harbor, WA 28% Northwest Watercolor Society Open Exhibition ??? 
@ 04/24-10/23&nbslogin!Statesville, NC51% STATESVILLE PUMPS AND PLUMBING CRUISE-IN  Website URL??? 
04/24-11/01 login! Hadley, MA 64% Olde Hadley Flea Market (12 Comments star) ??? 
This is a popular are flea market. Vendors can drive to vacant spot and set up. Promoter will come around to collect fee Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $25 20 x 20
Location Type: Open field
Setup Time: Sunday morning at 6
Hours: Sun 6 - 4

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@ 04/25-04/29&nbslogin!Orlando, FL28% American College of Physicians - Internal Medicine - ACP  Website URL??? 
@ 04/25-04/29&nbslogin!Snohomish, WA78% Mother's Day at Maltby Craft and Antique Show  Website URL??? 
Year # 31. WOW! Bring mom for lunch at the Maltby Cafe, then visit Flower World, then zoom around the corner and visit the Starving Housewives Mothers Day at Maltby Craft, Antique and Garden show! Its the best little secret in Snohomish! You will be impressed by the old, old building and... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Attendance: 1000
Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $45 plus 23% comm for a 6' x 3'
Location Type: Maltby Comm Club between Flower World and The Maltby Cafe
Setup Time: will be confirmed via postcard two weeks prior to show
Hours: Tue - Fri 10am-8pm, Sat 10am-6pm
@ 04/25-04/29&nbslogin!Bulawayo, Matabeleland North24% ZITF - Zimbabwe International Trade Fair  Website URL??? 
04/25-04/30 2017login!Oklahoma City, OK76% Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Now in its 43rd year, the Festival of the Arts is Oklahoma City’s annual “rite-of-spring.” Each year, more than 144 fine artists from across the United States exhibit at the Festival. Total art sales generated by Festival Artists average $1.2 million annually. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: 1/4 of 16
Jury Fee: $0
Location Type: several blocks in downtown Oklahoma City
Setup Time: All day Saturday before Festival
Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 10-9, Sunday 10-6
@ 04/25-04/30&nbslogin!Kalamazoo, MI41% KIA - High School Area Art Show ??? 
# High School Area Show# April 26-May 18 An annual, juried exhibition featuring examples of the best art produced by area high school students. Sponsored by Educational Community Credit Union
@ 04/25-04/30&nbslogin!Charlotte, NC51% Charlotte Wine & Food Weekend  Website URL??? 
Enjoy the best rare vintage wines, delicious food by Aria Tuscan Grill, your chance to bid on one-of-a-kind live and silent auction items and the live band "Sensational Sounds of Motown". Free parking vouchers for Bank of America parking deck included.
@ 04/25-04/30&nbslogin!Anderson, SC28% The Great Anderson County Fair (1 Comments star) ??? 
@ 04/25-04/30&nbslogin!Edison, NJ89% MENLO PK. MALL - Mother's Day Craft Show  Website URL
   starstarstarstarstar(1 comments, 5,000 people, $1,400 avg sales, sales 3 X spot cost) 
Indoor Mall craft Show. Info: or (718) 241-4630 or Click to Toggle Expanddetails(9)Attendance: unknown
Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 15
Booth Price: Crafters $450 - approx. 8X12 or 10X10
Jury Requirements: 3 photos, one of your display
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: shopping mall
Setup Time: Monday night - at 9:30PM
Hours: weekdays -Sat 10AM-9:30PM, Sun 11AM-6PM
@ 04/25-04/30&nbslogin!Glen Innes, New South Wales28% Australian Celtic Festival   Website URL??? 
@ 04/25-04/30&nbslogin!Glens Falls, NY26% The Juried High School Show ??? 
@ 04/25-04/30&nbslogin!San Francisco, CA51% World Golf Championships-Cadillac Match Play  Website URL??? 
@ 04/25-05/01&nbslogin!London, London, City Of40% Sci-Fi London  Website URL??? 
@ 04/25-05/07&nbslogin!Concord, NH40% Capitol Kids Spring Art Show ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Location Type: 15 Pleasant St
Hours: May 3-May 15 All Day
@ 04/25-05/07login!Lake Charles, LA55% Contraband Days  Website URL??? 
@ 04/25-05/10&nbslogin!West Bend, WI49% Stampin' Up! Catalog Club Sign-Up  Website URL??? 
Want to join a Stamper's 10 Group? Each May, I open up a registration period to become part of the upcoming year's club. We usually start in August and end in June - group does not meet in December and July. Contact me with any questions.
@ 04/25-05/24&nbslogin!New York City, NY41% Exhibition  Website URL??? 
The National Association of Women Artists, Inc. 122nd Exhibition Opening Reception: May 19, 2011, 6-8pm
@ 04/25-05/26&nbslogin!Monroe, CT51% Tag Sale, Touch A Truck & Moonbounce at St. Peter's in Monroe  Website URL??? 
Spring fundraisers at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, across from the Monroe green, include: a Parish Tag Sale on Friday & Saturday, from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM each day and on Saturday, Touch a Truck and Moonbounce, from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM, with hands on fun for all ages. Admission is...
@ 04/25-05/27&nbslogin!Ketchikan, AK33% Alaska Hummingbird Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/25-06/15&nbslogin!North Charleston, SC48% African American Fiber Art Exhibition ??? 
The 7th Annual African American Fiber Art Exhibition is seeking art quilts inspired be your favorite story, whether it begins with, “Once upon a time…,” or “In a galaxy far, far away…,” or “In the land that time forgot…” Your muse may be a beloved bedtime story, Aesop’s fable, Gu...
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login! Cincinnati, OH 31% Strauss Troy Market  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/25-10/03&nbslogin!Monroe, NJ40% Garveys Weekly Car Show ??? 
@ 04/25-10/17&nbslogin!Leesburg, VA42% Leesburg Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Market: Every Saturday, come taste the delights of fresh produce and original local products. Every Saturday in the Parking Lot of the Virginia Village Shopping Center, Leesburg. Fee: FreeTime: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
@ 04/25-10/21&nbslogin!Little Rock, AR41% River Market Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
River Market Shannon Light 400 President Clinton Avenue Little Rock, AR 72201 As the new permanent, year-round home for the 34-year old Farmers’ Market, the River Market’s two outdoor, open air pavilions overlooking Riverfront Park, are filled with fa... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
@ 04/25-10/24&nbslogin!Pflugerville, TX37% Pflugerville Farmers Market ??? 
The Farmers Market kicks off on Tuesday, May 3, and runs through September. Hours are 3 to 7 p.m.
04/26-04/29 2017login!Laughlin, NV51% Laughlin River Run   Website URL??? 
2014 Laughlin River Run Get ready for the largest motorcycle event on the west coast. Join us this year as we take Laughlin by storm April 23th through the 27th. Come see Historic US Route 66 the way it was meant to be seen. Turn back time as you ride the hills from Kingman to O...
04/26-04/29 2017login!Paducah, KY26% AQS Quiltweek - Spring Paducah ??? 
04/26-04/29 2017login!Buena Vista, CA21% Paddlefest  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Orlando, FL28% Aircraft Electronics Association - AEA  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Washington, DC28% International Society for Heart & Lung Transplantation  Website URL??? 
04/26-04/29 2017login!Orleans, IN52% Orleans Dogwood Festival   Website URL??? 
Thirty-ninth annual Dogwood Festival. Community event with carnival, entertainment, crafts, parade, and more. Visit our Web site for more information! Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Location Type: Downtown Square
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Corsicana, TX65% Derrick Days  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
For over three decades, Derrick Days has been a highly anticipated annual celebration of Corsicana's rich history. Here you'll find news, information and daily schedules of events of this Navarro County tradition featuring food, music, contests, arts & crafts and entertain... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Booth Price: $50 -10 x 10 $85 10 x 10 with elec
Location Type: downtown streets
Hours: 10:30-5
04/26-04/29 2017 login! Paducah, KY 94% AQS QuiltWeek – Spring Paducah 2017  Website URL(6 Comments star) ??? 
AQS QuiltWeek is the perfect place to network with other quilters from across the U.S. and around the world. Annual international quilt contest with more than $125,000 in cash awards; more than 700 quilts will be on display. Merchant mall features vendors with all of the latest q... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(11)Attendance: 32,000 last year
Admission Price: $11 member, $14 general public - at the door
# Of Spaces: 390
Booth Price: $1400 10x10, $2800 10x20, $250 additional for corners
Jury Requirements: photos of booth and/or products
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: downtown convention center
Setup Time: Mon afternoon and Tuesday
Hours: Wed - Fri, 9-6; Sat 9-4
Still Accepting Applications: NO
Exhibitor Types Still Needed: Products should be quilt related or of interest to quilters.

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04/26-04/29 2017 login! Grand Rapids, MI 28% Michigan Dental Association  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Mesquite, TX39% SW Ceramic & Craft Show ??? 
Annual Ceramic Show will take place in May 6th and 7th,2011 at Rodeo Center Exhibition Hall from 10am to 5pm.
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Phoenix, AZ55% Regional Dance Festival: Pacific  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Jackson, MS55% Regional Dance Festival: Southeast  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Fort Wayne, IN55% Regional Dance Festival: MidStates  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Saint Louis, MO33% The St. Louis Storytelling Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Wilmington, NC55% Cape Fear Comedy Festival  Website URL??? 
04/26-04/29 2017 login! Laughlin, NV 33% Tattoos on the River Convention   Website URL ??? 
04/26-04/29 2017 login! Orlando, FL 28% American Academy of Veternary Dermatology - AAVD  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Orlando, FL28% CENTRICITY LIVE - GE Healthcare  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Charlotte, NC31% NWFA Wood Flooring Convention & Expo  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Toronto, ON28% American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry - AACD  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Woodinville, WA83% Spring Garden Boutique Show ??? 
Year # 48. The 45th Annual Spring Garden Boutique Show featuring Mother’s Day, wedding and baby shower gifts, pottery, garden art, plants, jewelry, gourmet foods, home & garden accessories…all handmade by local artisans. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(9)Attendance: 3,500+
Admission Price: Free Admission
# Of Spaces: 56
Booth Price: $60 up to $120 depending on size
Jury Requirements: 3 Clear pictures of craft & description of product
Jury Fee: No
Location Type: In the heart of the wine tasting district
Setup Time: Wed. 9:00-4:00
Hours: Wed. 5-8, Thurs. & Fri 9:30-8:00, Sat. 9:30-7:00
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Anaheim, CA33% Pri-Med West Conference  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Vilnius26% RESTA - International Exhibition on Construction & Renovation  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Hong Kong22% Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Doha26% IWED - International Wedding Exhibition   Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/29&nbslogin!Frankenmuth, MI55% Zehnder's Ragtime Festival  Website URL??? 
04/26-04/29 2017 login! Ridgedale, MO 28% Southern Bred Cyclefest ??? 
04/26-04/30 2017login!Washington, DC71% The Smithsonian Craft Show   Website URLnone 
Year # 75. The Smithsonian Craft Show is a juried exhibition and sale of contemporary American crafts and design held annually in Washington DC. Three jurors who are experts in the field and newly selected each year choose 120 artists from a large pool of applicants. Previous exhibitors mus... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Booth Price: $1265-$1965
Jury Requirements: 5 electronic images
Jury Fee: $50
Location Type: Museum
Still Accepting Applications: YES
Exhibitor Types Still Needed: Basketry, ceramics, decorative fiber, furniture, glass, jewelry, leather, metal, mixed media, paper, wearable art, and wood.
04/26-04/30 2017login!Lafayette, LA83% Festival International de Louisiane   Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 30. For 5 days,over 400 Artists from 25 Countries,on 6 stages, fill 12 blocks of downtown Lafayette, Louisiana with the best in international music, arts, and cuisine! Festival International de Louisiane is a community-based, non-profit arts organization formed in 1986 to produc... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: FREE!
# Of Spaces: 55
Booth Price: $260 10x10; $300 10x10 Corner
Jury Requirements: 3 slides of work and 1 booth slide sent w/app
Jury Fee: $20 per application
Location Type: outdoors, downtown Lafayette, over 12 block area
Setup Time: varies per site
Hours: varies per site and date
@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Boston, MA33% National Kidney Foundation Spring Clinical Meetings  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Kalkaska, MI57% Kalkaska National Trout Festival  Website URL??? 
Apr 22 - 26, 2009 Kalkaska National Trout Festival the National Trout Festivalďż˝ Kalkaska, Michigan NATIONAL TROUT FESTIVALďż˝ P.O. Box 541 Kalkaska, MI 49646 800.4-TROUT-0 Fax The mission of the National Trout Festivalďż˝ is to brin... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: 8am
04/26-04/30 2017login!Vinton, VA80% Vinton Dogwood Festival    Website URL(4 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 62. Friday, April 22 Festival Kickoff Night � free admission Vinton War Memorial (outside stage event) Encore Band � 7PM The Royal Kings � 8PM Fireworks Show -10PM Saturday, April 23 �Saturday Night Street Dance� Vinton Farmers Market Elsbeary Hobbs The Drifters ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: FREE
# Of Spaces: 100
Booth Price: Craft $40 10X10
Jury Requirements: none
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Rear Parking Lot
Setup Time: Sat Morn 6-9:30
Hours: Sat 10 - 4
04/26-04/30 2017login!Smithsonian Inst, DC38% Smithsonian Craft Show   Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Enfield, CT57% Mother's Day Craft Show  Website URL
   starstarstarstarstar(6 comments, 1,400 people, $530 avg sales, sales 4 X spot cost) 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Booth Price: $125
Location Type: shopping mall
Hours: 10:00 - 9:30
@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Hernando Beach, FL87% Reggae SunFest  Website URL??? 
Year # 2017. Reggae Sunfest 20X (that’s 2010 for you that don’t know) That’s right; the Reggae Sunfest is back for a second year. This event is sure to get your toes a tappin’ with some of the funkiest bands around. Highlighting this year’s festival will be Henry Turner Jr & Flavor, straight... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: 3000
Admission Price: $5 per person 12 and up. Under 12 are free
# Of Spaces: 100
Booth Price: $50
Location Type: Park on the Nature Coast
Setup Time: 11 am
Hours: 2pm-10pm.
@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Huntington Stati, NY72% Walt Whitman Mothers Day Art and Craft Show ??? 
Art and Craft 5 day event at the Walt Whitman Mal. During mall hours Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: mall traffic
# Of Spaces: 20
Jury Requirements: n/a
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: Walt Whitman Mall
Setup Time: Tuesday after 9:30PM
Hours: Wednesday-Saturday 10:00-9:30 Sunday 11:00-7:00
@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Panama City Beac, FL51% Panama City Beach Motorcycle Rally  Website URL??? 
Join is this Spring for one of the most biker friendly rallies around. Head for the Beach and Ride Florida's Emerald Coast! Rally activities and events are located citywide. Official Rally Headquarters are at Spinnaker Beach Club with vendors, live entertainment, contests, and m...
@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Hill City, SD55% Black Hills Film Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Wheaton, IL26% Southwest Arts and Crafts Show ??? 
@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Madera, CA51% Western National Trike-In  Website URL??? 
Western National Trike-In We will have rides daily. There will be an ice cream social on Thursday, bike show on Saturday, a potluck, and much more! The fee to register for this event is $10. Dry-camping is $15 per night and $20 hookups for your RV.
@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Marfa, TX55% CineMarfa  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Altoona, FL33% Beltane  Website URL??? 
04/26-04/30 2017login!Ponte Vedra, FL31% Florida's Birding and Photo Fest   Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Beverly Hills, CA55% International Beverly Hills Film Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Panama City Beac, FL49% Spring Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally  Website URL??? 
The most Biker Friendly FREE Rally in the U.S.A! A 4-Day Motorcycle Rally on the "World's Most Beautiful Beaches". We have over 200 Vendors and Exhibitors at our Official Venues. There is free Live Entertainment and Contests across the beach. Activities include a Bike Parade, Be...
@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Deptford, NJ33% DEPTFORD MALL CRAFT / GIFT FAIR  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Zachary, LA28% Zachary Arts & Music Festival ??? 
04/26-04/30 2017login!Fort Myers Beach, FL29% Fort Myers Beach Film Festival ??? 
04/26-04/30 2017login!Las Vegas, NV33% The American Society of Breast Surgeons Meeting   Website URL??? 
@Click to Toggle ExpandThis Event is NOT Confirmed!

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04/26-04/30 2017
login! Allentown, PA 83% South Mall Spring Craft Show - CANCELED  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Show held in mall commons area. This show has been held in this mall for many years and people look forward to the craft show coming again to their area! Craft items vary from show to show but may include floral, wood items, suncatchers, towels, religious items, dog dishes,... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(9)Attendance: Mall Traffic
Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 13
Booth Price: $200.00
Jury Requirements: Juried By Promoter
Jury Fee: None
Location Type: Indoor Shopping Mall
Setup Time: After Mall Closes April 28th
Hours: Mall Hours

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@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Santa Barbara, CA33% Santa Barbara Fair and Exposition  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Mason City, IA51% Mid State Horse Show  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-04/30&nbslogin!Rockway, NJ82% Fine Arts and Craft Show
   starstarstarstarstar(1 comments, 5,000 people, $1,000 avg sales, sales 3 X spot cost) 
Year # 20. Fine art & craft show. Exhibitors are encourged to work on location. This is a Holiday show - Mother's Day we expect heavy traffic for this show due to this holiday and the extensive advertising the mall is doing for the show. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(9)Attendance: mall traffic
Admission Price: na
# Of Spaces: 30
Booth Price: 12x6
Jury Requirements: photo of work and display
Jury Fee: na
Location Type: Rockaway Townsquare Mall, Rockaway, New Jersey
Setup Time: Tue night after 9:30pm
Hours: mall hours
@ 04/26-05/01&nbslogin!Asheville, NC36% Wordfest  Website URL??? 
Sponsored by the Mountain Area Information Network, Asheville Wordfest presents poetry as a form of 'citizens'� journalism'”using radio, public access TV and the Web to expand poetry audiences. The event presents poets, regional and national, from an array of cultural and ...
04/26-05/03 2017login!Boston, MA55% Independent Film Festival Boston   Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-05/05&nbslogin!Perry, GA32% Warner Robins Jaycees and 99 Way Art and Craft ??? 
@ 04/26-05/07&nbslogin!Ham Lake, MN26% Majestic Oaks Spring Boutique ??? 
@ 04/26-05/26&nbslogin!Grand Island, NE39% International Miniature Show  Website URL??? 
MapCompetition open to artists from around the US.
@ 04/26-05/26&nbslogin!Omaha, NE55% Mustaches For Kids Omaha  Website URL??? 
@ 04/26-05/31&nbslogin!Durham, NC48% Celebrating the Arts in Durham Exhibit  Website URL??? 
Featuring 12 banners and hand-wrought metal frames that highlight architecture, crafts, dance, music, theater, visual arts.
04/26-07/08login!Springville, UT26% Springville Spring Salon ??? 
@ 04/26-09/22&nbslogin!Canton, NY42% Ogdensburg Greenmarket  Website URL??? 
9:00am: Saturdays in the Greenbelt in downtown Ogdensburg from 9am to 2pm until September 29th. Featuring locals farmers, crafters, artisans, with annual seedlings of vegtables, herbs, and flowers, eggs, garden stepping stones. The Busy Corner Cafe will provide coffee and fresh b...
@ 04/26-09/25&nbslogin!Monticello, NY82% Monticello Flea Market at Thomson Sqare Mall  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 10. Flea Market every weekend from May 5,2007 thru September 2007. New, Used, antiqes, collectibles and More. The Flea Market is located in the same shopping center as Shop Rite, Home Depot, and Staples. Vendor Information please call Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 1
Booth Price: 65
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: Parking lot of Home Depot, Shop Rite, and Staples
Setup Time: 7:30 am
Hours: Saturday and Sunday 9am - 6pm
@ 04/26-10/07&nbslogin!Cherokee, NC41% Oconaluftee Indian Village  Website URL??? 
Experience Cherokee Village life in the 1750s. Visit the council house, ceremonial grounds and sweat lodge where you\'ll learn of the Cherokee way of life and the seven-clan society. See traditional potters, basket weavers, blowgun marksmen, mask-makers, bead-workers, arrowhead k...
@ 04/26-10/23&nbslogin!Boyne City, AK38% Boyne City Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
Local farmers and crafters fill Veterans Park in Boyne City every Wednesday and Saturday from May until October.
@ 04/26-10/26&nbslogin!Wadena, MN40% Wadena Indoor Flea and Craft Market  Website URL??? 
Seasonal weekend attraction located in Central Minnesota. Individuals in four buildings selling unique merchandise - a nice blend of old, new and handcrafted and Minnesota made products - A Little Bit of Everything! Visit our website to learn more about our Family Flings - featu...
@ 04/26-10/26&nbslogin!Dubuque, IA41% Dubuque Farmers' Market  Website URL??? 
Iowa Street from 11th-13th Streets The summer Dubuque Farmers' Market has been located in the Upper Main district since 1845. Each Saturday morning, May 1 through October 31, local vendors gather to sell homegrown or handmade items. Free admission. For more information, visit htt...
@ 04/26-11/08&nbslogin!Edisto Island, SC48% Bay Creek Park Arts & Crafts Market  Website URL??? 
Every Wednesday May to Mid-November 9:00am - 5:00pm Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm
@ 04/26 2017login!North Charleston, SC51% /14 National Outdoor Sculpture Competition & Exhibition  Website URL??? 
The eighth annual National Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition will be installed at the stunning North Charleston Riverfront Park from May 2013-March 2014. Sculptors from across the nation are welcome to submit an application for participation. Up to 15 imaginative and t...
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!San Diego, CA28% Northwest Wall & Ceiling Bureau - NWCB  Website URL??? 
04/27-04/29 2017login!Pittsburgh, PA33% Three Rivers Quilt Show   Website URL??? 
04/27-04/29 2017login!Albuquerque, NM90% Gathering of Nations Powwow & Indian Traders Market   Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 28. The trading of intercultural traditions and crafts is an experience for all who attend. The Indian Traders Market offers a very special shopping experience & exhibition of Native American & Indigenous artifacts. 800+ Native American artists, crafters, and traders will place th... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: Thurs. $10, Fri. $11.50, Sat. $13.50, or 2 day pass $24.
# Of Spaces: 800
Booth Price: $525 8x8
Jury Requirements: Native American made
Location Type: University of New Mexico Arena
Setup Time: Check in Thursday 4/26 at 9am
Hours: Friday 10am to midnight, Saturday 10am to midnight
04/27-04/29 2017login!Hughes Springs, TX57% Wildflower Trails of Texas  Website URL??? 
Arts and Crafts and everything in between. Spring Park Contact Kim Laigle or Glenda Russell . Registration forms available at Part of a three city event - with Avinger and Linden Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 40.00 10x10
Hours: 10 am till dark
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!West Branch, MI36% Pioneer Power Antique Tractor and Gas Engine Swap Meet ??? 
04/27-04/29 2017login!Alvin, TX80% Frontier Day
   starstarstarstarstar(11 comments, 4,100 people, $240 avg sales, sales 4 X spot cost) 
Year # 40. This event will feature local talent for entertainment, Alvin Rotary Club Gunfighters will stage their show at high noon and again at 2:00 PM. Carnival will be there from Thursday till Sunday but all day event on Saturday. Lots of fun, food, family events, YMCA has all day comp... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: n/a
# Of Spaces: 150
Booth Price: $35.00 12 x 12
Location Type: National Oak Park
Setup Time: 6:00 AM
Hours: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
04/27-04/29 2017login!Granbury, TX52% Granbury Wine Walk & Sip & Savor   Website URL??? 
Situated in picturesque downtown Granbury, the 4th annual Wine Walk showcases Texas wine (15 wineries!), food, music and art at its finest. Stroll to outdoor booths for wine tasting and Texas cuisine; enjoy live music and a wine-themed art show and sale from the Lake Granbury ...
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Hayward, CA50% Piecemakers Quilt Guild Quilt Show ??? 
Over 250 quilts on display, Opportunity Quitl Drawing, Raffles, Demonstrations, Lectures, Merchant Mall Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $250.00
Hours: sat 10-5 sun 10-4
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Tuckerman, AR52% Tuckerman Hometown Days  Website URL??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $5-$25
Hours: 10-10
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Upper Montclair, NJ51% Spring Affair  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Come and get all your shopping done to benefit the JLMN. Tickets are $5. Over 30 of the area's top vendors will be here with unique merchandise. Featuring great merchandise for: • Mother’s Day • Graduations • Teacher’s Gifts • Father’s...
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Brandon, MS51% Brandon Day Festival  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
Festivities include arts and crafts, food, carnival, a talent show and an open air concert on the third night. Tickets are available at Brandon City Hall, Brandon Police Department and BeBop.
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Washington, DC34% Heart's Delight Wine Tasting and Auction ??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Independance, MO78% Trends and Friends Moms Night Out (1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 9. We are showcasing local home based business and artist. Along with all the things that a mom needs. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: 10,000
Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 50
Booth Price: 10
Location Type: United States
Setup Time: Thur 10-3
Hours: Thur 3-9 Fri10-9 Sat10-9
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Woodinville, WA34% Spring Boutique Show ??? 
Local artists making handmade artwork and home decorations.
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Kahului, HI43% Maui Orchid Society Show ??? 
Orchid show with hundreds of varieties. Orchids on display and for sale along with lectures and demonstrations of general orchid culture. Held at Maui Mall, 70 East Kaahumanu Ave in Kahului.
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Philadelphia, PA51% Doll & Teddy Bear Artist & Collector Convention & Sale  Website URL??? 
Three conventions in one - including sales rooms for Doll & Teddy Bear artists. The convention has three purposes: (1) to recognize the contribution of Helen Bullard to the artist doll world and the contribution of Beverly Matteson Port to the artist teddy bear world, (2) to ...
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Ogden, UT34% Golden Spike Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival ??? 
Ogden Utah is pleased to present its first national cowboy poetry and music festival. The gathering features headline performances by Curly Musgrave and Belinda Gail, Bar J Wranglers and Baxter Black as well as a host of local performers, all in one location. Ogden\'s pristine mo...
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Wallingford, CT40% Playwriting Festival  Website URL??? 
Hear the future voices of the American Theater. All of the performances are student written, directed, designed and produced.
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Roxboro, NC73% Willow Oak Bluegrass Festival  Website URL??? 
bluegrass music festival w/ national and regional talent-- overnite camping w/ festival ticket-- craft and food vendors on site Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: new event
Admission Price: $50 3-day, Thurs 25 Fri.30 Sat 30
Location Type: park with limited campground
Setup Time: Wed any timeBlurgrass
Hours: Thurs.2-10,Fri 1-11. Sat. 1-11
04/27-04/29 2017login!Irvine, KY40% Hillbilly Flywheelers Gas Engine and Tractor Show ??? 
...ESTILL COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS Feature: Oil Field EnginesFree Vending spaces, camping and admissionFood vendors by appointment onlyMailing informationPhillip Sparks525 Cedar Grove RdIrvine, Ky 40336Alternate phone;
04/27-04/29 2017login!Freeport, TX87% Freeport Riverfest   Website URL(4 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 29. Riverfest hosts a variety of activities and entertainment from the annual Freeport Fireman's BBQ Cook-off, Flapjack 5K to the Sunfish Regatta. We have entertainment going on starting Friday evening with the Annual 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament hosted by the Freeport Recreation Ce... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: 10X10 = $70 Friday through Saturday
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: inside municipal park - a park along river with covered pavilion
Setup Time: Fri. before 5pm and Sat. before 9am
Hours: Fri 5p-12a, Sat 10a - 12:30a
04/27-04/29 2017login!Orange Beach, AL42% Bama Coast Cruise   Website URL??? 
4th Annual Bama Coast Cruise Presented by O'Reilly Auto Parts April 25, 26 & 27, 2013 at The Wharf Resort Orange Beach, AL Huge Car Show, Swap Meet, Vendors and lots more $5,000.00 in cash giveaways to lucky registered participants. For more info & details go to: www.BamaCo...
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Leakey, TX51% Three Sisters Rally  Website URL??? 
Veterans Day Weekend - Ceremony with Honor Ride, Military Jet Flyover; 3 days of Fun Runs, Games, Live Music. Vendors, Custom Bike Show, Prizes and more. Registration opens Thursday Nov 8. We still have vendor space Don\'t MIss This - Everyone Invited to Participate! Veterans Day...
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!East Berlin, PA51% Historic East Berlin Antique Show ??? 
Thirty-two dealers from seven states will fill four areas in the building, offering a wide selection of antiques at many price levels. This has always been a show where friendly dealers are willing to take the time to share their knowledge and buyers often leave with special find... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Location Type: East Berlin Area Community Center
04/27-04/29 2017login!Thomasville, GA94% Thomasville Rose Show & Festival - Art in the Park   Website URL(4 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 13. Art in the park is an event of the 88th annual Rose Show & Festival in historic Thomasville, Georgia. Join us in celebrating over 87 years of roses! The Festival has been a southwest Georgia tradition since the 1920's and takes place on the weekend of the fourth Friday in April ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 70
Booth Price: $75 20 x 20
Jury Requirements: 4 work and 1 booth photos sent w/app
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Historic Paradise Park
Setup Time: Fri Night 5-7pm and Sat Morn 7-10am
Hours: Sat 10am-4pm
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Bald Knob, AR56% Bald Knob Home Fest  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? Entertainment Nightly, Food, Carnival Nightly, Saturday Events: Kid's Game, Silent Auction, Cake Walk, Grand Parade, Pancake Breakfast, Antique and Classic Cars,Live Entertainment all day, Pet Show and a lot of visiting old friends Admission: $0.00Downtown... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Admission Price: $0.00
Location Type: Courtyard Downtown
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Florence, SC41% South Carolina District Convention  Website URL??? 
South Carolina 30th Annual District Convention The fee for non-members is $35 per person. We will have guaranteed camping space for the first 500 to register. Register Thursday at noon, leave by end of Saturday Door Prizes Indoor Games Talent Show Vendors PDF Link: www.gwr...
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Ferndale, MI55% Metro Times Blowout Ferndale  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Woodford, VA55% Mr. B's Spring Into Bluegrass Festival  Website URL??? 
04/27-04/29 2017login!Providence, RI55% Eat Drink RI Festival    Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Rapid City, SD55% Black Hills Dance Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Conroe, TX91% Lone Star Stampede PRCA Rodeo/Texas State Championship BBQ Cook-  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 24. Lone Star Stampede PRCA Rodeo and Texas State Championship IBCA Sanctioned Pitts and Spitts Stampede of Pits BBQ Cook-Off, May 8-10,2008 Tickets 10 presale 12 Gate 10am to Midnight Plus Country and Western Band Rodeo Contractor- Stace Smith 4 time PRCA Stock Contractor of the ye... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Attendance: 49k last year; 40k-60k in previous years
Admission Price: Adults $12 Kids 3 and under Free
# Of Spaces: 200
Booth Price: Inside booth 10x10 $350, outside 15x15 $250
Jury Fee: no app fee
Location Type: Lone Star Expo
Setup Time: Thurs 9 am
Hours: Thurs 3pm- 11pm, Fri 10am- 12am, Sat 10am-12am
04/27-04/29 2017login!Peachtree Corner, GA40% Wesleyan Artist Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!East Berlin, PA31% Antiques Show   Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Millmont, PA33% Spring Pickin' Bluegrass Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Madeira Beach, FL33% King of the Beach  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Liberty, KY39% Sycamore Flats Flywheelers Show  Website URL??? 
Hosting: J I Case CollectorsSee us on FacebookFor additional informationJohn TarterP O Box 1197Liberty, Ky 42539 
04/27-04/29 2017login!Norman, OK58% Norman Music Festival  Website URL??? 
04/27-04/29 2017login!Bel Air, MD31% Maryland's Gourd Day   Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Lexington, KY28% Kentucky Optometric Association - KOA  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Dallas, TX72% Dia de los Ninos / Dia de los Libros in Fort Worth  Website URL??? 
Artes de la Rosa and Artes Academy Parent's Guild present this festival to give families a free, bilingual event that join everyone together in a day of learning, interactive activities designed to stimulate creativity while bringing joy. El día de los niños/El día de los libr...
04/27-04/29 2017login!Saint Paul, MN33% Minnesota Dental Association - MDA Star of the North Meeting  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Fresno, CA33% Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival  Website URL??? 
, The Big Fresno Fair, 1121 S Chance Ave, For more info visit the Website:
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Los Angeles, CA28% Ascap I Create Music Expo ??? 
04/27-04/29 2017login!Duncan, OK29% Duncan's Grove Fourth Spring Bluegrass Festival ??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Istanbul22% REW Istanbul - Recycling, Environmental Technologies & Waste Man  Website URL??? 
04/27-04/29 2017 login! Louisville, KY 55% U.S. Bank Great BalloonFest   Website URL ??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Lincolnton, GA70% The Little Roy & Lizzy Music Festival  Website URL??? 
3rd Annual Little Roy and Lizzy Music Festival at the Elijah Clark State Park in Lincolnton, GA. See the event website for artists, directions, accomodations, and additional information.
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Atlanta, GA28% Army Aviation Association of America - AAAA  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Valencia22% EFCLIN Congress - Contact Lens Industry  Website URL??? 
04/27-04/29 2017login!Platte, NE40% Country Bluegrass Show  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Banbury, Oxfordshire48% Banbury Beer Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Beijing26% Global Mobile Internet Conference - GMIC Beijing  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Taipei24% GTI Asia Taipei Expo  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Buena Park, CA26% Sugar Plum Arts and Crafts Boutique ??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Ft Worth, MS28% Pate Super Nationals Show N Shine in conjunction with PateSwap Meet ??? 
04/27-04/29 2017login!Paris, TN37% World's Biggest Fish Fry Car Show ??? 
  26 Classes / Automobiles/ Trucks / Motorcycles Registration 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Judging begins @9:00 AM / Awards @ 2:00 PM Registration Fee $20.00 1st / $10.00 for additional 1st,2nd,3rd place trophies in each class / Best of Show / Fish Fry Princess Award/ and Peoples Cho...
04/27-04/29 2017login!Myrtle Beach, SC28% Elvis Festival   Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Kingman, AZ26% Mother-Road Harley River Run ??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Pomeroy, OH31% Paradise Music & Arts Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Philadelphia, PA25% Philadelphia International Cricket Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/29&nbslogin!Canton, OH31% Waco Homecomng ??? 
04/27-04/29 2017 login! Ava, MO 33% Cherry Blossom Festival   Website URL ??? 
04/27-04/29 2017 login! Atlanta, GA 28% Wesleyan Artist Market ??? 
04/27-04/29 2017 login! Branch, MI 34% Pioneer Power Antique Tractor and Gas Engine Swap Meet ??? 
04/27-04/30 2017login!Arvin, CA28% Arvin Wildflower Festival ??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!San Francisco, CA28% West Coast Pharmacy Exchange  Website URL??? 
04/27-04/30 2017login!Triangle, VA87% Fertile Ground Gathering Beltane Festival   Website URL??? 
Year # 5. Beltane Festival Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: Prices vary based on day passes or overnight camping. Please se
# Of Spaces: 8
Booth Price: $15
Location Type: Group camping in a National Park
Hours: Overnight camping event
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Jacksonville, FL31% Florida Chiropractic Association - Spring Conv. & Expo  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Charlotte, NC70% Charlotte Ribfest  Website URL??? 
Year # 5. World class, award winning Barbecue Rib Vendors from around the world seving the finest Barbcue ribs, pork and chicken you ever tasted. Entertainment schedule with nationally known artists. Arts and Crafts show, Commercial exhibits, Major Carnival and more. Separate areas for Jur... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Attendance: 10000
# Of Spaces: 120
Booth Price: Contact Promoter
04/27-04/30 2017login!Oak Harbor, WA52% Holland Happening (1 Comments star) ??? 
Holland Happening is a celebration of Oak Harbor's Dutch heritage. The festival includes a family carnival, art walk, street performers and crafts booths. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 10x10 $175, 10x20 $225
Hours: 10-5
04/27-04/30 2017login!Shepherd, MI55% Maple Syrup Festival   Website URL??? 
Apr 24 - 26, 2009 Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival Maple Syrup Festival News By admin on Jan 17, 2009 51 ST Syrup Festival April 24-25-26 Things are starting to crank up for the 2009 season. We�ve started the planning meetings and are very excited about our 51st annual Maple... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: Schedule in Event Discription
04/27-04/30 2017login!Chardon, OH55% Geauga County Maple Festival  Website URL??? 
The Geauga County Maple Festival is on beautiful Chardon Square and opens on the last Thursday in April. GCMF celebrates the production of maple syrup. Come and see how maple syrup is made; enjoy all-you-can-eat pancakes with pure Geauga County maple syrup; or treat yourself to a... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Location Type: on the square in beautiful Chardon Ohio
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Versailles, IN36% Batesville Kiwanis Carnival  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Fun for the whole family at the Batesville Village Green starting at 5 p.m. For more information, contact Dennis Harmeyer at (.
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Denver, CO65% Denver National Quilt Festival  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Enjoy a unique collection of quilt and textile art from across the country, a juried and judged competition, fascinating workshops and lectures, plus the Merchants Mall offering everything the quilter, textile artist and home sewer need to fill up their stash shelves, finish that... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: $12, includes re-admission, Sunday $10, Children under 16 Free
Booth Price: Admission for the Merchants Mall and Quilt Show is $12 and includes re-admission. Sunday admission, $10. Admission for all four days is included with pre-registration. Discounts for groups of 20 or more can be arranged. Contact our office (215) 862-5828.
Location Type: Expo Hall of the Denver Merchandise Mart
Setup Time: Wednesday, April 30, 8AM-6PM
Hours: Thursday, May 1 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!North Canton, OHIO38% Mother's Day Art,craft & Lifestyle Show  ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: 11am-6pm
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Helena-west Hele, AR71% Warfield Music Festival  Website URL??? 
This culmination of the year-round Warfield Concert Series consists of four days of immersion in the arts and culture including: several concerts, the 5K Cannonball Run, and a Civil War Gala to benefit both the Warfield Series and Civil War activities throughout the community. Ad...
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Wenatchee, WA51% Blossoms and Brews Wine & Beer Garden  Website URL??? 
Celebrate Apple Blossom Festival in a Wine & Beer Garden in Memorial Park May 2-5. Enjoy the entertainment in the Park while enjoying wine and beer. $7 buys a glass of wine or 4 tastes of wine. The hours for the Wine & Beer Garden are: Thursday, May 2: 4-10 pm; Friday, May 3: 4-1...
04/27-04/30 2017login!Gettysburg, PA51% Greyhounds in Gettysburg   Website URL??? 
Dog Show Event Once again, the town of Gettysburg will be going to the dogs! The 2012 Greyhounds in Gettysburg weekend is dedicated to celebrating the adoption of retired racing greyhounds. Activities are scheduled at various locations in Gettysburg. There are contests, a parad...
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Bowdon, GA92% Old Earth Gather Beltaine  Website URL??? 
Year # 7. This is a Pagan Festival, though all are welcome regardless of religion, age, ethnicity, or sexual preference. This is a 4 day camping event. Set up time is any time during the event. The festival begins on Thursday, be we understand that some must work on Thursday and Friday.... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(9)Attendance: 100 - 200
Admission Price: online: $40 adults, $30 13 - 17 years/ gate: $50 adults, $40 13
# Of Spaces: 30
Booth Price: $15 for any size vending spot, but also must pay the entry fee
Jury Requirements: none
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: secluded private campground
Setup Time: anytime after 12:00 May 5th
Hours: from 12:00 May 5th till 3:00 p.m May 8th
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Powell, WY39% Mayfest ??? 
Categories: Arts & Culture/Performance, Festival/Fair, Great for Kids Region: Northwest Cinco De Mayo celebration.
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Waterbury, CT39% Greek Festival ??? 
Festival featuring world-renowned cuisine and music, along with Greek Youth dancers, lectures, church tours, plants and vegetables, pastries, boutique.
04/27-04/30 2017login!Gray, TN59% Tri-State Antique Power Assn. Appalachian Antique Fa   Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
100 Lakeview St., Gray TN. Feature: Oddballs and orphans; Hit-and-Miss engines....APPALACHIAN FAIRGROUNDS, I-81 EXIT 57 TO I-26 EXIT 13, FOLLOW SIGNS ...APPALACHIAN FAIRGROUNDS, I-81 EXIT 57 TO I-26 EXIT 13, FOLLOW SIGNS Directions; take I-26 to Tn. ex... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Booth Price: $35
Jury Requirements: na
Location Type: fairground
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Rochester, NY83% Mother's Day Sale (1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 4. Vendors wanted for Mother's Day weekend sale May 8-11, 2008. Please join us at Station 55's first annual Mother's Day sale. Items can be something mom would like for herself, her home, her garden. Hours are 10-4. Set up 8:30-10 day of show. Can do 1-4 days. Contact Dee at f... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: new
Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 22
Booth Price: 8x10 $40 per day, 11x11 $50 per day, 11x16 $60 per day
Location Type: Renovated warehouse
Setup Time: 8:30-10 each day of show
Hours: 10-4
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Camp Wood, TX51% Three Sisters' Spring Fling  Website URL??? 
Organized rides, live music, games, contests, vendors, vendors and more vendors!! And don't forget your bathing suit!! Vendor spots $100 - any size includes electricity and self-contained camping. **Purchase a VETERANS SUPPORT BANNER ($150) to support our charity: HEROES NIGHT OU...
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Grand Rapids, OH43% Beltane Festival  Website URL??? 
May 2 at 3:00pm until May 5 at 6:00pm Seven Eagles Historical Education Center, 16486 Wapakoneta Road Grand Rapids, OH 43522 OPEN TO PUBLIC!!! COME ONE, COME ALL!!! PACK UP ALL THE KIDS AND GRAND KIDS!!! FAMILY FRIENDLY FUN WEEK-END!!! WHEN: May 2, 3 pm to May 5, 6 pm LOCATION: S... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: $5
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!San Antonio, TX28% Oncology Nursing Society - ONS Congress  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Orlando, FL28% Dermatology Nurses' Association Meeting - DNA  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Fort Collins, CO33% Rush to the Rockies Breweriana Show  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Hudson, OH31% Another Game Con   Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Williamson, WV37% Rally in the Valley ??? 
You won't want to miss this! 1st weekend of May All Kinds of Bikes! All kinds of Food! All Kinds of Vendors! All Kinds of Bands! Bike Show! Miss Rally in the Valley Contest! Bike Games! Bikini Bike Wash! 1000's of Miles of Curves on the Country Roads around Williamson, and Much M...
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Stanardsville, VA72% Mountain Mysteries Beltane Festival  Website URL??? 
Since the beginning of Mountain Mysteries over ten years ago, one of our major goals has been to provide opportunities for the community to spend more time together and create stronger bonds within our extended tribe. A festival of family friendly Pagans, let We invite you to...
04/27-04/30 2017login!Tampa, FL55% Sunscreen Film Festival   Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Ojai, CA55% Ojai Storytelling Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!San Diego, CA33% Kingdom-Con  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Oracle, AZ42% Desert Magic Festival  Website URL??? 
Desert Magic is Sonoran Sunrise Grove's annual National ADF style festival, this year on April 5-8, 2007 at Whispering Pines Campground on Mt. Lemmon. Come to the Sky Islands! There will be lots of rituals and great presenters. There will be at least three rituals - An opening ri...
04/27-04/30 2017login!Blairsville, GA42% Gauntlet Thunder in the Mountains Rally   Website URL??? 
2nd Annual Gauntlet Thunder in the Mountains Rally Pre-register and get a free t-shirt! There will be live music the whole weekend. In addition check out the stunt shows on Saturday, bike wash ($25 per bike), vendors and much more! Hope to see you there! Gauntlet Thunder in ...
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Panamal City Bea, FL39% Panama City Thunder Beach Swapmeet ??? 
Swapmeet held during Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally. New and Used Motorcycles and parts. Space available. Tell a friend!
04/27-04/30 2017login!Wilkesboro, NC50% MerleFest  Website URL??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Location Type: On campus of Wilkes Community College
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Fort Worth, TX38% AMCA Vintage Bike Show  Website URL??? 
AMCA Vintage Bike Show Lots of vintage motorcycle vendors will be there. Contact Shelby for more information.
04/27-04/30 2017login!Seven Springs, NC72% Thunder on Tobacco Road  Website URL??? 
Old school biker party! People games, Motorcycle Rodeo, Golf Cart Rodeo, Chili competition on Saturday, FREE tent camping with admission, DJ by Mobile Music Operators- DJ Chris Rollins. RV sites $30 with water / electric and $10 just water. Admission for weekend is $20 per pers...
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Bandera, TX61% Bluebonnet Thunder XI Rally  Website URL??? 
Bluebonnet Thunder XI Rally There will be guided rides, a fun run, and bike contest. Don't miss out!
04/27-04/30 2017login!Hilton Head Isla, SC28% South Carolina Dental Association   Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Gainesville, FLORIDA70% Small Business Shopping Expo  Website URL??? you are a small business owner or know a small business owner, please share this event with th... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $300 per 8 x 10 space
Setup Time: 9 A.M. April 30th
Hours: T,F,Sat 10 - 9 Sun 12 - 6
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Denton, TX33% Reaper Mini  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!French Lick, IN72% Beltaine Spring Gatheringq  Website URL??? 
Welcome Home! Join us as we celebrate the coming of the rich, fertile earth, the health of earth, animals, and everything around. Join us as we reconnect with old friendships and build new ones. This is a time that we put the past behind us and start anew!! Join the new breath a...
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Kerhonkson, NY31% Rock n Roll Resort: Electric Avenue  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Davis, WV35% Blackwater Falls State Park - Wildflower Pilgrimage ??? 
Tours to view wildflowers are just a part of this long-standing event. Also offered are bird walks, nature programs and beginner wildflower and identification workshops.
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Atlanta, GA28% PSA International Juried Portrait Competition / Show ??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Clovis, CA31% Fandango ??? 
04/27-04/30 2017login!Orlando, FL33% Recon  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Mexico City26% Expo TNT  Website URL??? 
04/27-04/30 2017login!Fort Worth, TX33% Cherokee Pate Swap Meet & Motorcycle Concourse Show   Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Las Vegas, NV28% Great American Foodie Fest  Website URL??? 
04/27-04/30 2017login!French Lick, IN42% Beltane  Website URL??? 
Join us as we celebrate the coming of the rich, fertile earth, the health of earth, animals and everything around. Join us as we reconnect with old friends and build new ones. This is a time that we put the past behind us and start anew!! Join the new breath and spirit at Our H...
04/27-04/30 2017login!Odin, MN26% Odin Craft Mill Spring Boutique ??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Susquehanna, PA42% Spring Open House Tour  Website URL??? 
CONKLIN'S UNIQUE COUNTRY 18 Conklin Rd. Susquehanna Pa. 18847 570-465-5500 20% off 1-item of your choice(some exclusions may apply.) and sales through out the store. Hours: Fri.10-4/Sat.10-4 CREEKSIDE SHOP 7569 State route 547 Gibbson Pa. 18820 570-756-3006 Free coffee. Everythin...
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Raleigh, NC55% Easter Bunny Quarter Horse Circuit Horse Show  Website URL??? 
04/27-04/30 2017login!Cambridge, MA48% Harvard ARTS FIRST Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Springfield, IL55% International Quarter Horse Show  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Decatur, AL55% Bassmaster Elite Fishing Tournament  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-04/30&nbslogin!Hauppauge, NY84% Smith Haven Mall Fine Art and Crafts Show  Website URL??? 
Year # 22. Fine Art & Craft Show Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: none
# Of Spaces: 30
Booth Price: $360.00+
Jury Requirements: photo of work and display
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Mall
Setup Time: Tuesday night after 9:30 pm
Hours: 10 am - 9:30 pm Wed - Sat, 11 am - 6 pm Sun
04/27-04/30 2017 login! Calgary, AB 28% Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo  Website URL ??? 
04/27-04/30 2017 login! Leesburg, FL 81% Craft Show none 
3 day music and motorcycle event Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Attendance: 250,000 last year
Admission Price: Free
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: streets of downtown Leesburg
Setup Time: varies
Hours: varies
Still Accepting Applications: YES
Exhibitor Types NOT Still Needed: Food Vendors must go through separate concessionaire J N B Foods

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04/27-04/30 2017 login! Standardsville, VA 41% Beltane  Website URL ??? 
As we leave winter behind us, now is the time to revitalize our spiritual practice, leave behind what is unhealthy, connect with old friends, and make new ones! Workshops, evening entertainment, rituals, sacred space, drumming, vendors, and a family atmosphere is what we have to...
04/27-04/30 2017 login! Bonita Springs, FL 41% Fires of Beltaine  Website URL ??? 
Once again we will be celebrating our annual Fires of Beltaine Gathering. Daily workshops, Women's Community Red Tent, Sweat lodge, Warrior Games, May Pole, All night drum circle, Artisians and vendors, Community Main ritual, fire spinning, and live music featuring Witch's Mark.
@ 04/27-05/01&nbslogin!Kenner, LA48% Music in the Park ??? 
Great fun for the entire family, food, music and craft vendors. Every friday night in the month of May. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: crafters $25
Hours: Fri 6-9pm
@ 04/27-05/01&nbslogin!Hesston, KS51% Botanical Getaway Week-end at Dyck Arboretum of the Plains  Website URL??? 
Indulge in an oasis of beauty and renewal at a botanical garden with extra perks year round. Dyck Arboretum of the Plains in Hesston hosts "Botanical Getaway Weekends" for gardening and nature enthusiasts to discover this hidden gem in Hesston, Kansas. This is the perfect getaway...
@ 04/27-05/01&nbslogin!Washington, DC28% National Science Bowl - US Department of Energy  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-05/01&nbslogin!Chicago, IL33% CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL ART, JEWELRY & ANTIQUE SHOW  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-05/01&nbslogin!Phoenix, AZ31% Phoenix Phurfest ??? 
@ 04/27-05/02&nbslogin!Norfolk, VA30% Virginia Arts Festival ??? 
04/27-05/02login!Wilburton, OK33% Wild Nights  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-05/06&nbslogin!Ventura, CA38% Ventura Music Festival  Website URL??? 
03:00 PM Ventura Music Festival - Tea & Trumpets The Festival Brass Quintet is a perennial favorite at this afternoon of high tea and song. Nona\'s Courtyard Cafe Music
@ 04/27-05/06&nbslogin!- unknown -37% The Craftworkers (2 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 46. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: Free admission
Jury Fee: Annual dues
Location Type: in Kendall House, behind Bedford Library, on Meetinghouse Road o
Setup Time: By a Setup Committee
Hours: 10am to 4pm daily
@ 04/27-05/06&nbslogin!Selma, TX25% Festival De Mayo  Website URL??? 
04/27-05/06login!Bronx, NY31% GrowNYC Spring Plant Sale   Website URL??? 
04/27-05/07login!Wenatchee, WA84% Washington State Apple Blossom Festival Arts & Crafts Fair  Website URL??? 
Year # 42. This is the 93rd Washington State Apple Blossom Festival and the 37th Annual Wal-Mart Arts & Crafts Fair. This event attracts over 100,000 visitors annually. All types of hand-crafted, non-imported works are considered. Those working in either now or traditional styles are enc... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free event
# Of Spaces: 116
Booth Price: $260 10 x 12; $495 20 x 12; $100 extra for corner
Jury Requirements: 2 work pictures & 1 booth picture
Jury Fee: $15 per application
Location Type: corner of Orondo & Chelan
Setup Time: Thursday, May 1st 1pm-4pm
Hours: Fri. & Sat. 10am-7pm; Sunday 11am-5pm
@ 04/27-05/07&nbslogin!Enfield, CT28% Enfield Mother's Day Craft and Gift Show ??? 
@ 04/27-05/07&nbslogin!Aurora, IL26% Westfield Fox Valley Mall Spring Carnival ??? 
04/27-05/07 login! Glen Burnie, MD 59% Marley Station Mall Carnival  Website URL none 
This family-friendly event features favorite fair food, games and rides for all ages along the dazzling Dreamland Amusements midway. Admission and parking are free. Unlimited ride wristbands are $30 Monday - Thursday and $35 Friday - Sunday. Ride tickets are also available ons... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Phone: 866-666-3247
Booth Price: $1,100 up to 20x20 (merch); 25% (food)
Hours: Mon-Fri 5-11, Sat-Sun 12-11

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@ 04/27-05/12&nbslogin!Mahwah, NJ83% New Jersey - Weekday Vendor Program  Website URL??? 
Year # 5. New Jersey corporations with more than 500 employees are now scheduling their weekday Vendor Program. They will host a different vendors on a rotating basis throughout the year. CorpKiosks schedules vendors at corporate, government, and hospital locations throughout the East. ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: 500
Admission Price: N/A
Booth Price: $85
Jury Fee: N/A
Location Type: Entrance to Cafeteria
Setup Time: 9:30a to be set up by 11:30am
Hours: 11:30am - 2:00pm
@ 04/27-05/14&nbslogin!Fort Bragg, NC33% Fort Bragg Fair  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-05/19&nbslogin!Golden, CO57% Rocky Mountain National Watermedia  Website URL??? 
Description: The Rocky Mountain National Watermedia (RMNW) exhibition, in its 37th year, is presented by Foothills Art Center (FAC) in Golden, Colorado. Regarded as one of the top watermedia exhibitions in the country, FAC is calling all artists residing in the United States to s... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Admission Price: $25.00 - 35.00
Hours: 5:00 pm
@ 04/27-05/19&nbslogin!Minneapolis, MN28% Sister Kenny International Art Show ??? 
@ 04/27-05/21&nbslogin!Woodstock, CT26% Spring Artists Collaborative ??? 
@ 04/27-05/27&nbslogin!Elkhart, IN61% Quilt Garden and Jazz It Up Quilt Mural ??? 
Mon.-Sat. 10a - 9p, Sun. 12p - 6p The "Jazz It Up" Quilt Mural celebrates the musical heritage of Elkhart. Mon.-Sat. 10a - 9p, Sun. 12p - 6p The "Jazz It Up" Quilt Mural celebrates the musical heritage of Elkhart. Local artist, Laurie Balla took her inspiration for the mural from...
@ 04/27-05/28&nbslogin!Omaha, NE31% Call for Entries: Everything Paper ??? 
Everything Paper seeks exceptional work to showcase the wide range of techniques and processes on and of paper that artists are exploring today. Artists working with or on paper in any format or medium are urged to submit.
@ 04/27-05/28&nbslogin!Eastsound, WA28% All Things Birds and Beautiful Art Show and Sale ??? 
@ 04/27-05/28&nbslogin!Myrtle Beach, SC26% WACCAMAW Arts & Crafts Guild Jurried Exhibit ??? 
@ 04/27-06/29&nbslogin!San Diego, CA32% Log Cabin Quilts ??? 
Featuring pieces from the 2012 gift of 350 American quilts from local collectors Pat and Tom Nickols, "Log Cabin Quilts" includes some of the most superb examples of work in this especially versatile pattern. The Nikols collection consists of some 350 quilts, dating from the earl...
@ 04/27-07/21&nbslogin!Durham, NC51% New Horizons Student Art Exhibition  Website URL??? 
New Horizons is an annual juried showing of art by NCCU's students, selected from works created in all the art studio classes offered by the NCCU Department of Art during the academic year. The show includes sculptures, paintings, drawings, photography, ceramics, computer graphic...
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login! Mansfield, PA 55% Classic Car Cruise-In  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/27-08/27&nbslogin!Waldorf, MD33% Sunset Concert Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-08/31&nbslogin!Indianola, IA36% Rockin & Rollin Around the Square ??? 
@ 04/27-09/14&nbslogin!Freehold, NJ36% Freehold Kruisers Kruise Night ??? 
@ 04/27-09/14&nbslogin!Highwood, IL40% Girls Night Out ??? 
@ 04/27-09/23&nbslogin!Silverdale, WA37% Farmers Market  Website URL??? 
@ 04/27-10/12&nbslogin!Frankfort, IN40% Thursday Thunder on the Square Cruise In ??? 
@ 04/27-10/21&nbslogin!Belleville, IL71% Swansea Farmers Market (1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 8. Market is held every Thursday evening at The Melvin Price Park, 1500 Caseyville in Swansea, IL from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. May 6 thru September then through end of October 3-5:30 p.m. on Thursdays. Lots of fresh farm produce items and handmade crafts. Lots to see.Good family event Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: 100 season for arts and crafts more for plants and produce
Location Type: Melvin Price Park Shelter, 1500 Caseyville, Swansea, IL 62226
Setup Time: 2 p.m.
Hours: Thursday evenings 3 p.m. to 7 pm through Sept then 3 to 5:30 p.m
@ 04/27-10/26&nbslogin!Burien, WA56% Burien Farmers Market ??? 
Burien Farmers' Market - every Thursday from the beginning of May through mid-October. The Farmers' Market has developed into a very successful market with 40 to 50 vendors each week. With the opening of the Town Square park, it is expected that the market will be held there. Ven... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $25
Hours: Thur 11-6
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Springdale, AR56% Springtime Arts & Crafts Festival  Website URL(5 Comments star) ??? 
Ozark Regional Arts & Crafts Festivals, nationally known and recognized as one of the top 100 craft fairs in the United States, is the largest indoor craft fair in the state of Arkansas. The 18th Annual Springtime Arts & Crafts Festival, held in the NW Arkansas Convention Cent... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 10�x10' $225, 8�x10� $180, 8�x15� $270, Table- 6ft $10, Corner $60
Hours: Friday & Saturday 9 am - 7 pm
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Pulaski, TN43% Sundrop Country Bbq Cookoff ??? 
Vendors will be there with arts and crafts. It will be held at Giles County Ag Park in Pulaski, Tn. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Booth Price: $10 10X20
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!N. Las Vegas, NV58% Cars, Stars, and Guitars  Website URL??? 
14th Annual Motorhead Festival on the grounds of Aliante Station. Food booths, entertainments, car show and ventors. live music, vendors, history of the gr8 ground ponders of the ages. hotrods, classics, boats, babes, exotics, bikes Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $350.00 for 10x10 tent with 2 tables and chairs
Hours: 9 am - dark, friday & satruday
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Fort Smith, AR88% The Steel Horse Rally  Website URL??? 
Year # 3. The 2nd Annual Steel Horse Rally will roar into Fort Smith, Arkansas April 29 & 30 2016. This open rally features great live music from national and regional acts! The Steel Horse Rally Inc is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping local charities. The rally will ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: 15,000 last year
Admission Price: Tax deductible donations welcome
# Of Spaces: 75
Booth Price: Applications available at
Location Type: downtown Fort Smith, Arkansas
Setup Time: Thursday, April 28th, 2016 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Hours: Friday: 8 a.m. - 11 p.m.; Saturday 8 a.m. - 11 p.m.
04/28-04/29 2017login!Fincastle, VA51% Sounds of the Mountains Music and Story Festival   Website URL??? 
We combine the magic of storytelling and music with the peace and beauty of Camp Bethel for the Sounds of the Mountains Festival. We are delighted to welcome back to the SOTM stage Donald Davis, Sheila Kay Adams, and Joseph Helfrich. Appearing for the first time at the festival a...
04/28-04/29 2017login!La Porte, TX80% Sylvan Beach Festival and Crawfish Jam   Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 58. The 51st Annual Sylvan Beach Festival and Crawfish Jam is scheduled for Saturday, April 28, 2007. Gates will open at 9:00am at historic Sylvan Beach Park on lovely Galveston Bay. The festival will kick off with a parade which will begin at 10:00am. The parade will start on the... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: $5.00
# Of Spaces: 100
Booth Price: $100 10x10
Location Type: Sylvan Beach Park
Setup Time: Saturday 6am
Hours: Sat 9-5+
04/28-04/29 2017login!Walterboro, SC53% Colleton County Rice Festival  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
The Colleton County Rice Festival wouldn�t have lasted for over 35 years without plenty of fun for the entire family. Celebrating the rich cultural history of our area also means adding all sorts of things to do. Entertainment & Crafts, Food and More. Wander the streets ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Jury Requirements: 3 photos of work w/descriptions and 1 of booth
Location Type: streets of historic downtown Walterboro
04/28-04/29 2017login!Woodbine, GA64% Woodbine Crawfish Festival, Woodbine GA  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 32. (5:00 PM - 11:00 PM) Saturday, April 28, 2007 (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM) The annual Woodbine Crawfish Festival is held in Woodbine on the last weekend in April each year. The event is held at the Waterfront Park and along the Riverwalk in Downtown Woodbine. It includes food. music, ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: $0
Booth Price: $50 12 x 12
Setup Time: Friday, 4/24/09 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Saturday, 4/25/09 5:00 a
Hours: Friday Night, April 24, 2009 from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Saturd
04/28-04/29 2017login!Great Bend, KS52% Wings N' Wetlands Festival   Website URL??? 
Come enjoy this three-day festival of fun! Great Bend, Kansas welcomes birders to two of the hottest birding sites in the world (Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira National Wildlife Refuge). This three-day festival is dedicated to bird-watching and appreciation of the natural world. ...
04/28-04/29 2017login!Marietta, GA41% Atlanta International Military Show  Website URL??? 
The Atlanta International Military Show will be held on Friday, April 26th thru Saturday, April 27th, 2013. The Marietta, GA Gun Show will be held at the Cobb Civic Center and is hosted by the The Carolina Trader of Georgia. All Federal, State and local firearm ordinances and law...
04/28-04/29 2017login!Downs, KS51% Kansas Storytelling Festival   Website URL??? 
Professional storytellers delight audiences of all ages at this popular annual event. Professional storytellers delight audiences with everything from tall tales, folk tales, and yarn ...
04/28-04/29 2017login!New London, CT40% Connecticut Storytelling Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!San Marcos, TX42% Mr Fest  Website URL??? 
A music festival hosted by KTSW Radio of Texas State University. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Booth Price: free admission
04/28-04/29 2017login!Heber Springs, AR52% Springfest  Website URL??? Handmade arts & crafts, great food vendors and entertainment in historic Spring Park, car shows, parade, and kids' activities. For more information call or visit our Web site. Admission: FreeThe festivities begin Friday evening in beautiful downtown Heb... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Zwolle, LA49% Choctaw-Apache Traditional Powwow   Website URL??? 
Zwolle Intermediate School Gym. Championship Drive- Zwolle, LA. May 03: Gourd Dancing 3:30-5:00PM Grand Entry 6:00 PM May 04: Gourd Dancing 10:30AM-Noon Grand Entry 1:00 PM Head Man- Quanah White Thunder Head Lady- Crystal Battise Head Gourd- Jess Oosahwe Emcee- H...
04/28-04/29 2017login!Houston, MS36% Mississippi Valley Flywheelers Spring Show ??? 
Unique Festival that celebrates the heratige of flywheel engines powered by steam, diesel and water. Additional Contact Number, cell
04/28-04/29 2017login!Cabot, AR52% Strawberry Festival  Website URL??? 
Local strawberry growers exhibit and show off their hard work for all to enjoy. Come and taste and purchase the strawberries that are grown in Cabot. Enjoy fun and games for the whole family during the one day festival. Admission: FreeAllman-Bevis Field Stephanie Jones J... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
04/28-04/29 2017login!Cocoa Beach, FL51% SVHFS Conference  Website URL??? 
> Sponsor: Southeastern VHF Society & Florida Weak Signal Society Type: ARRL Convention Talk-In: None Public Contact: Chuck Hoover , K0VXM 1945 East Phillips Court Merritt Island, FL 32952 Phone: Email: Sponsor: Southeastern VHF Society\r\nType: ARRL Con...
04/28-04/29 2017 login! Staley, NC 28% Liberty Outdoor Antique Festival  Website URL ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Perry, OK33% Spring Fest & Hops Classic Car Show  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Washington, DC33% Garden Fair and Plant Sale  Website URL??? 
04/28-04/29 2017login!Newburyport, MA33% Newburyport Literary Festival   Website URL??? 
04/28-04/29 2017login!Clay Center, KS48% Kansas Birding Festival   Website URL??? 
04/28-04/29 2017 login! Hartford, CT 33% New England Square and Round Dance Convention  Website URL ??? 
04/28-04/29 2017login!Albuquerque, NM57% Garden fair and plant sale  Website URL??? 
Our biggest plant sale of the year! Master Gardener grown Heiroom tomato plants,Daylilies,Bedding plants,Home-dug plants, herbs,vegetables and more.
04/28-04/29 2017login!Mantua, OH42% International Watch Fob Assn Vintage & Collectible Equipment Show  Website URL??? 
Mail informationChuck Sword107 Karl StBereau, Oh 44017 ...PLAZA MOTEL-CLEVELAND AIRPORT, SOUTH FROM CLEVELAND ON I-71, BAGLEY ROAD EXIT, WEST TO ENGLE RD2009 IWFA Spring Show The 46th year of the world's largest Watch Fob and Toy Show * Construction * Gen...
04/28-04/29 2017login!Troy, NY42% The Collar City Craft Fest   Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Time: April 24: Noon to 9 PM, April 25: 10 to 5 PM Please join us for our third annual fine arts and crafts event, The Collar City Craft Fest.. The event will be held at The Arts Center in the heart of downtown Troy on April 24 and 25, 2015. The Collar City Craft Fest will be a j...
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Mount Horeb, WI33% Village Wide Garage Sale  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Milton, FL54% St Mary's Springfest  Website URL??? 
We are sponsoring a spring bazaar and wish to invite vendors and crafters to participate in this event. The church has large grounds with spaces on both sides of the street. The church is located in the lovely downtown area of Milton. We will do the advertising and you bring ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Location Type: Parish House
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Missoula, MT42% Psychic Fair  Website URL??? 
We will have a variety of readers - specific readers and readings to be determined. Here are the readers: Debbie Griggs Sara Mich Leatrice Sea Yarrow Grace Dianne Keast Joy Rae Raven Digitalis & Estha Cristina (Great Falls) Isabel (Spain) Natalie Morrow (BodyTalk & Reiki) Reading...
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Roanoke, VA39% Celebrate Quilting  Website URL??? 
sponsor: Star Quilters Guild Roanoke VA cost: 5.00
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Pearsall, TX81% Pearsall Potato Festival ??? 
Year # 23. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(9)Attendance: 5,000 last year; 2-3 previous years
Admission Price: $3.00 adult, $2.00 Children over 5
# Of Spaces: 15
Booth Price: 100 10x10
Jury Requirements: n/a
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: Downtown Street Festival
Setup Time: Friday Night 3-5 & Sat morning 8am- 1p
Hours: Friday evening 5-midnight; saturday events begin 9a till 1am
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Castle Rock, CO82% Sunshine 7 Ranch Barn Boutique  Website URL??? 
Year # 6. Born out of tragedy and built with love and gratitude by Emily & Curtis Graves, the Barn Boutique supports families in need in Castle Rock. The rustic 8000 sf indoor arena fills to the rafters with fabulous vendors selling a variety of goods! You will find everything from antiqu... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: FREE!
# Of Spaces: 40
Booth Price: Indoor 10x10 $65.00 Outdoor 10x10 $45.00
Location Type: In an indoor arena on a ranch with horses, chickens etc!
Setup Time: Thursday 10-8pm
Hours: Friday 10-6, Sat 10-4
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Ojai, CA39% Southern California Homebrew Festival  Website URL??? 
04/28-04/29 2017login!Ashland, OH35% North American Hay Tool Collectors Assn. Hay Tool Sho  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Vallejo, CA53% Nancy Jo's Doll Show  Website URL??? 
Dolls, doll clothes & accessories, dollmaking supplies, doll appraisal & repair Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: Sat $45 8 x 2.5, Sat $75 8 x 2.5
Hours: Fri 12-4, Sat 9-3
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Hebron, CT35% Mother's Day Plant Sale ??? 
Annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, and hanging baskets.
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Philadelphia, PA51% Rhododendron & Azalea Sale  Website URL??? 
Beautiful rhododendrons will again be for sale this year, including outstanding varieties of large-leaf (elepidotes) and small-leaf (lepidotes) rhododendrons, as well as azaleas, both evergreen and deciduous, and kalmias (mountain laurels). Native rhododendrons as well as hybrids...
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Cambridge, OH41% Western Toy Show & Sale ??? 
Join us for this giant Western Toy Sale and Western Memorabilia Show. Many hard to find collectables on hand. Vendors from accross the country will showcase their vintage antique western memorabilia.
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!El Dorado, KS38% Butler Jazz Days ??? 
Produced by BCC Music Departments 7:30pm - 10:00pm both days
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Lihue, HI43% Kauai Orchid Society Show ??? 
Orchid show with lots of varieties. Orchids on display and for sale along with lectures and demonstrations of general orchid culture. Held at Kukui Grove Shopping Center, 3-2600 Kaumualii Hwy in Lihue. Friday from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Huntingdon, PA54% Raystown Lake Region Home & Garden Show  Website URL??? 
The Raystown Lake Region Home & Garden Show will be held on April 21 from 10am-7pm and April 22 from 12pm-5pm at the Huntindon County Fairgrounds. There will be over 60 vendors from the home and garden industry with ideas on home improvements, decorating, landscaping, building a ...
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Prattville, AL76% Prattville CityFest Arts & Craft Show  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 29. It is a two day arts and craft show. We have entertainment for the two days and a children's area while mom and dad shop. It is 9 to 5 on Saturday and 11:00 til 5:00 Sunday. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: $2.00 for everyone over 12
# Of Spaces: 175
Booth Price: $60.00 arts & craft/$65.00 tailgate space
Jury Fee: No jury fee
Location Type: Downtown Prattville
Setup Time: 6 am until 8:30 am
Hours: 9 am til 5 pm Saturday/11:00 am til 5:00 pm
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Athens, AL58% Homespun Arts & Crafts Show  Website URL(5 Comments star) ??? 
"Homespun Arts and Crafts Show and Plant Sale" will be held on Friday and Saturday, April 15-16, 2005. This two-day event, in it's 25th year, is on the campus of Athens Bible School, located at the intersection of Highway 31 and Forrest Street in Athens, Alabama. Crafts include... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 40.00
Hours: Fri 9-6 Sat 9-4
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Northampton, MA88% Twist 2.0  Website URL(4 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 10. Twist is a fresh kind of fair, showcasing original handmade goods and art in a fun and lively atmosphere. We'll have a multitude of talented and unique vendors, groovy music, and refreshing libations! Twist 2.0 will be held May 1 & 2, 2009. We'll kick things off at the Market Pa... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: Adults: $3 Kids 12 and under: $1 Kids 5 and under: FREE!
# Of Spaces: 55
Booth Price: $150
Jury Requirements: 3 photos, online application only
Jury Fee: $10
Location Type: Northampton, MA is a funky little town infused with the energy o
Setup Time: Set up times are assigned prior to show.
Hours: Fri 5-9, Sat 10-6
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Garden Plain, IL55% Dutch Days Festival  Website URL??? 
Since 1989, heritage canyon comes alive as early American crafters recreate history, antique show, demonstrations and activities of the 1800's....HWY 136, 1/4 MILE WEST OF HWY 84 Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: 8am-8pm
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Omaha, NE37% Men's Garden Club Plant Sale  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Cleveland, OK43% Cleveland Antique & Craft Show  Website URL??? 
Antique and Craft Festival featuring antique dealers, local artisans, and food booths.
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Eureka Springs, AR42% Cinco de Mayo Carnival  Website URL??? 
Center and Main Streets Dan Ellis 423 W VanBuren Ave Eureka Springs, AR 72632 http://BullRun.Ureeka.Org Two thrilling days of Latin American Fun and Festivites. Friday, Chile Cook-Off contest and Paella cooking lessons with Mariachi Bands and El Txupinazo Fiesta Food night. Satu... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Admission Price: Free
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Athens, GA82% Arts and Crafts ??? 
Year # 7. Come and enjoy arts & crafts of many types, including handmade, holiday themed, spring and summer dcor, monogrammed items, unique one-of-a-kinds, novelty items, and more. Enjoy many types of varied products from artisans, crafters, and business owners both locally and regionally... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: 4000
Admission Price: FREE
# Of Spaces: 15
Booth Price: $300 8x8 non center court $400 10x10 Center Court
Location Type: Indoor Mall
Setup Time: Set up Friday Morning 6:30 - 9:30
Hours: Friday and Saturday 10-9
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Rison, AR48% Bluegrass & Crafts ??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Location Type: County Fairgrounds off Hwy 79
Setup Time: Fri 2-4, Sat 6am
Hours: Fri 6-8 pm , Sat 9-6
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Altoona, PA39% Taste of the Alleghenies  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!South Daytona, FL64% Florida Baseball Card Show  Website URL??? 
Florida's Biggest Baseball Card Show, over 100 dealer tables Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: FREE
Location Type: inside the mall
Setup Time: Fri after 7am
Hours: Fri 12pm -9pm, Sat 9am -5pm
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Columbiana, OH43% Springtime in Columbiana ??? 
A unique shopping experience to bring in the Spring. Merchants have open houses and sidewalk sales while the City will participate in a city wide garage sale. Street vendors, airing of the quilts, demonstrations, birdhouse contest, and specialty luncheon round out the weekend e...
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Baytown, TX39% Quilting...An Affair of the Heart  Website URL??? 
sponsor: Baytown Area Quilt Guild cost: 8
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Ardmore, PA76% Haverford Guild of Craftsmen - Spring Fine Craft Show  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 5. Known for their diversity, creativity, and dedication to fine craft, the members of The Haverford Guild of Craftsmen form a local chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, one of the oldest professional craft guilds in our country. The HGC is well known in Haverford Townshi... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: Free
Location Type: at the intersection of Darby Road and Ardmore Avenue in Ardmore,
Setup Time: Friday morning.
Hours: Friday noon to 9, Saturday 10 to 5
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Holland, MI29% Holland Civic Center ??? 
Business Expo
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Cincinnati, OH79% Essex Studios Art Walk  Website URL
   starstarstarstarstar(1 comments, 1,000 people, $500 avg sales, sales 5 X spot cost) 
Year # 8. Come explore over 100 individual artist studios featuring unique and original artworks in a wide variety of media: oil, acrylic, watercolor, multimedia, ink and sculpture, among others! These Essex Studios Artist Guild sponsored events are free and open to the general public, and... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $100
Jury Requirements: none
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Large 30,000sq ft building w/ over 100 artist studios
Setup Time: thursday night
Hours: Fri 6-11pm, Sat 6-11pm
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Cortland, IL57% Craft/Vendor Show During Cortland Garage Sale Weekend ??? 
Year # 6. Indoor & outdoor craft/vendor show held in conjunction with Town of Cortland Garage Sale Weekend. Over 100 garage sales throughout the town. Craft show at Lions Park. Facility has indoor restrooms, port-a-pots, play park, picnic tables. Lions Club will be serving Hot dogs, chips,... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Location Type: Park/Rest Area with Facilities
Hours: Fri 8-5, Sat 8-5
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Olive Branch, MS48% Crawfish Festival ??? 
o 1st Annual Crawfish Festival Saturday, May 4, 2013, 3:00 pm - 11:00 pm Olive Branch Old Towne, Pigeon Roost Rd, Olive Branch South Branch Lions Club presents the1st Annual Crawfish Festival. Join us for a fun evening of friendly competition, good gumbo and great music. Crawfish...
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Hudson, FL73% Blueberry Jerry Jamboree ??? 
Year # 7. Blueberry Jerry Jamboree In memory of Jerry Short & his son, Justin Short Fri. May 13 - Sun. May 15 Located at the Safety Town entrance between the Veterans Expy & Hays Rd on State Rd 52, Hudson, FL Entertainment, Food & Crafts, Bounce Houses, Games, Face Painting & Much More Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: First Year
Admission Price: $5 Parking / Small fee for entrance to Children's Activities are
Location Type: located at the Safety Town Entrance between Hays Rd & the Vetera
Setup Time: Friday morning before 3
Hours: Fri 4-10, Sat 8-10, Sun 8-8
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Spencer, WV39% Spencer Heritage Days Festival  Website URL??? 
Carnival Crafts Food Music, Fun and Games, Demonstrations, One Room School, House, 5K Run/Walk, Cornhole, Tournament, Train Depot, Heritage Museum.
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Overland Park, KS82% American Indian Health Research and Education Allianc  Website URL??? 
Year # 10. 4th Annual American Indian Health Research and Education Alliance O.N.E. Health and Wellness Pow Wow Saturday, May 1, 2010 10:00 am – 10:00 pm GYM Field House Johnson County Community College, 12345 College Blvd. Overland Park, Kansas 66210 Free Health Screenings and Health Edu... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 20
Location Type: GYM Field House
Setup Time: Saturday Mor 8 AM
Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Ludlow, KY39% May Fest ??? 
Free event for vendors. First come first serve! Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: 5 pm-11pm
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Greenwood, SC26% Womens Lifestyle Expo ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Balch Springs, TX61% Cinco De Mayo Festival  Website URL??? 
Local Entertainment Over 75 Vendors Artisans Musicians Dancers Raffle Drawings Food 2010 Cinco de Mayo Festival All booths are $50*. These are outdoor booths. Each vendor is responsible for bringing tables, chairs and booth coverings. You have the option of setting for both... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 50.00 9x17
Hours: fri 5-9:30, Sat. 11am to 10pm
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Columbus, OH56% Ohio Brass Arts Festival  Website URL??? 
43210 Franklin County Hours: Varies Information E-mail: Description: Hosted by the Central Ohio Brass Band and featuring several brass bands from Ohio and Kentucky. Tickets: Tickets required. Reservations: Reservations not required. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Location Type: Concert Hall
Hours: Friday 7pm-9pm Saturday 10am-6:30pm
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Kountze, TX37% Hardin County MusicFest  Website URL??? 
Celebration of music features Texas country, rock, blues, Cajun, Latin, R&B and Christian bands. Headliners include Reckless Kelly, Cory Morrow, Micky & The Motorcars, Ian Moore, Keith Frank and Grupo Agresivo. Includes a TGCBCA-sanctioned barbecue and gumbo cook-off, motorc...
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Macungie, PA81% American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Macungie  Website URL??? 
Year # 14. American Cancer Society's Relay For Life of Macungie Craft Show May 2, 2009 Macungie Memorial Park Route 100, Main Street Macungie, PA 18062 9:30 am to 4:00 pm $10 donation payable to American Cancer Society Set-up time is 7:30 am to 9:30 am 10x10 booth Additional donations are ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: No admission. Crafters pay $10 per 10x10 space
# Of Spaces: 30
Booth Price: $10 for 10x10
Jury Fee: $10 per application
Setup Time: Saturday Morning 7:30 - 9:30
Hours: Saturday 9:30 to 4:00
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Salem, OR40% Chemawa Indian School Spring Pow wow  Website URL??? 
Contact Information Chrystal Boyd ext 260
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Walterboro, SC48% Walterboro Ipra Rodeo  Website URL??? 
7 Event Rodeo May 7 and 8, 2010 Gates open 6PM Rodeo 8PM Mason Dixon Band performs 6:15-7:45PM 2 Children 10 and under FREE with one paid adult admission BOTH nights !
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Fort Madison, IA37% Simply the Blues Music Festival  Website URL??? e-mail: Some of the top legendary and award-winning blues artists in the world perform at this outdoor festival.
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Gulfport, MS39% South MS Pro Rodeo ??? 
Enjoy the excitement of bull riding, rodeo clowns, and top-notch entertainment.Enjoy the excitement of bull riding, rodeo clowns, and top-notch entertainment!
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Louisville, KY43% May Classic Horse Show ??? 
Horse Show Contact Horse Classes: S Moe Anson 701 Danes Hall Dr. Louisville, Ky 40206 Quick Links Fairs & Horse Shows Beauty Pageants KAFHS Dates KAFHS Zone Map L. Cassidy Hall of Fame Fair Person of the Year Most Progressive Fair Past Presidents Pageant Judge List Dues & Fees A...
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Madison, TN34% Madison Bluegrass Festival ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Lancaster, PA56% Herb and Garden Faire  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
at Landis Valley Museum, 2451 Kissel Hill Road, Lancaster. Proceeds benefit the Heirloom Seed Project at the museum. Admission: $6, however Landis Valley Associate members will be admitted free. Information: or visit Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: $6
Jury Requirements: N/A
Jury Fee: None
Location Type: Landis Valley Museum
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Minnetonka, MN38% Home Based Business Expo ??? 
On behalf of Ridgedale Center, I would like to offer you a unique opportunity to showcase your business to our affluent customer base. Friday, May 3 through Sunday, May 5, Ridgedale Center will host a Home Based Business Event in Center Court. This event will include home based b...
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Asheville, NC33% GeekOut  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Statesville, NC28% Mother's Day Craft Show-Mall ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Ridgeway, SC36% Arts on the Ridge   Website URL??? 
Features art exhibits and sales, live music, artist demos, and more.
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Roy, UT41% Rocky Mountain EmComm  Website URL??? 
> Sponsor: Weber County ARES Type: ARRL Hamfest Talk-In: 146.90 -offset (PL 123) Public Contact: Elias Salazar , KD7JRX 1531 Liberty Avenue Ogden, UT 84404 Phone: Email:
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Chester, SC33% Hog on the Hill BBQ Cookoff  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Van Buren, AR33% Old Timers Day Arts & Crafts Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Cortez, CO33% Home & Garden Show  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Fulton, IL33% Dutch Days Antique Tractor and Implement Show ??? 
Directions: 1/4 mile west of Rt. 84.Contact Address:John K. Clark300 W Main StMorrison, IL 61270
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Las Vegas, NV33% Chili Fest and Car Show Las Vegas  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Mint Hill, NC33% Mint Highland Games  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Vernon, NJ84% Scenic Lakes Community Vendor & Garage Sale  Website URL??? 
Year # 7. Come share your business at our Community Garage Sale. All patrons must come to the Beach Parking Lot for a Community Map of garage sale participants. While in the Beach Parking Lot, they may shop & dine! Vendors will be in 10 x 10 spaces, while the Community's Swim Team- Snap... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: 100+
Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 20
Booth Price: $35 10 x 10
Location Type: Beach Parking Lot- Scenic Drive past Beach
Setup Time: 7-9am
Hours: 9-4
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Berkeley Springs, WV33% River Days Spring Fest  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Silver Creek, NY31% FREDstock  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Las Vegas, NV31% Freako de Mayo  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Walsenburg, CO34% Southern Colorado Bluegrass Festival ??? 
Phone: Price: $ 0.00 Description:Two days of music and fun at the base of the Spanish Peaks. Directions:I-25 south to Walsenburg, exit 53.
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Virginia Beach, VA63% Beach Bash Bikers' Weekend  Website URL??? 
Come camp with us and enjoy fun with your friends and brotherhood with bike related activities including weekend bands, food, games and more!
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Duncan, OK55% Chisholm Trail Stampede PRCA Rodeo  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Mineola, TX60% Mineola May Days Festival  Website URL??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Setup Time: Friday pm to 4pm or Sat 6am to 8am
Hours: Friday 5-10, Saturday 9-10
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Portland, OR97% First Friday - Celebrate Women, Mothers & Spring in the Village  Website URL??? 
Year # 7. Celebrate Women, Mothers and Spring this First Friday evening. Stroll through the Village and enjoy Belly Dancing, Beer & Chocolate Tasting, a Global Backpack Project and a photo art show featuring Women. Stop and help create a Banner celebrating Women, Mothers & Fair Trade. G... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: approximately 500
Admission Price: free
Location Type: on Capitol Hwy between 33rd and 36th and in the stores in restau
Setup Time: N/A
Hours: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Saint Cloud, FL84% Smoke n Blues bikes BBQ  Website URL??? 
February 27, 2010 RE: St. Cloud Main Street May community events The St. Cloud Main Street Program will be kicking off their annual summer events beginning May 7th and 8th. Join us Friday May 7th for a Friday Night Live country BBQ celebration from 7pm thru 10pm. The evening... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Location Type: East Lake
Setup Time: Fri 3-7, Sat 6-930
Hours: Fri 7pm-10pm, Sat 10am-10pm
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Oklahoma City, OK36% Rollin Thunder Rally ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Huntsville, AR50% Women's Outdoor Weekend ??? 
Ladies, open the door to all of your senses by getting away and connecting with nature at Withrow Springs State Park. During this guided overnight adventure, we offer basic sessions on outdoor safety, nature journaling, outdoor cooking, paddling, nature photography and more. This...
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Atlanta, GA96% Launch Party Gallery Show  Website URL??? 
Year # 4. Join us at the launch party of the expansion & renovation of In The NOW Studio, a premier Buckhead salon. Doors open at 7PM both nights! Featuring visual artists Br!'Ann, Ray Sturkey, and Ervin Coty; spoken word performances by Spenecia, The Poetic Gentleman, and Mistah P. Plus m... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: 300
Admission Price: Free
Location Type: Premier Buckhead/Sandy Springs Boutique Salon
Setup Time: Fri 4; Sat 2
Hours: Friday 6-11:30, Saturday 4-11
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Katy, TX74% Katy Wild West Brewfest ??? 
Annual craft beer tasting event sponsored by the Katy Texas Rotary Club The Katy Wild West Brew Fest is May 4, 2013, at the Villagio Town Center in Katy. The Brew Fest features 25 Specialty Craft Brewers from various distributorships within the city of Houston. 2013 is the seco...
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Dallas, TX28% Texas Medical Association - TexMed  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Carlisle, PA33% Eastern National Spring Antiques Show and Sale  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Coudersport, PA33% Potter Tioga Maple Festival  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Orwell Township, PA26% Orwell Antique Trap Show ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!York, PA33% Greater York Antiques Show  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!College Park, GA33% Gamer Artist & Musician Expo  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Snow Camp, NC33% Bass Mountain Boogie  Website URL??? 
04/28-04/29 2017login!Newport, RI55% Newport Craft Beer Festival   Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Brookland, AR48% Larry Davidson Memorial Poker Run and Car Show ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Willcox, AZ51% Willcox West Fest ??? 
2 day event chuck wagon cook-off craft show historic events and family activities Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: 10x10 25.00
Hours: may 2nd 9am/7pm sun 9am/2pm
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Gardners, PA31% Rocky Knob Folky Fest  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Spokane, WA28% Lilac Bloomsday Run Trade Show ??? 
04/28-04/29 2017login!Winchester, VA29% Bloomin Wine Fest ??? 
04/28-04/29 2017login!Holton, KS35% Spring City Wide Garage Sales ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Brookings, SD28% History and Garden Festival ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Lansing, KS26% Brew, Blues, & Bar-B-Q Lansing Daze ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Alexandria, LA28% Spring Artwalk ??? 
04/28-04/29 2017login!Temple, TX29% Bloomin' Temple Festival ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Bronx, NY31% Mott Haven Open Artist Studio Tour  Website URL??? 
04/28-04/29 2017login!Tahlequah, OK33% Red Fern Festival   Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Sparks, NV40% Reno Ukefest ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Lubeck30% FESTIVAL LUBECK ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!London30% Desertfest ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!St Augustine, FL28% Gamble Rogers Folk Festival   Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Ferguson, NC51% Rider's Roost Motorcycle Resort & Campground Mystery Party  Website URL??? 
04/28-04/29 2017login!Frankenmuth, MI51% Bringin' Back the 80s Fest   Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Champion, PA48% Brewski Festival ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Munford, TN48% US Military Vets MC VA Fundraiser Dice Run ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Plantersville, TX51% St. Mary's Quilt Show  Website URL??? 
Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Location Type: Quilts in historic painted church, stroll through gardens, vendo
Setup Time: Thursday, 9-5
Hours: Fri 9-4, Sat 9-3
04/28-04/29 2017login!Morris, OK26% Morris Twister Days ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Mayfield, KY43% Purchase Area Antique Tractor Club Show ??? 
16th Annual Show at the Mayfield Fairgrounds Antique Tractors, Engines Lawn Tractors Parade,Farm Toys,Tractor Games, Pedal Tractor Pull, Silent Auction, Mayfield, Mayfield, KY off the Purchase Parkway right down from hospital, Billie Peal 270-970-0883 .
04/28-04/29 2017 login! Wales Township, MI 25% Earth Fair   Website URL ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Kodak, TN35% Sevier County Antique Tractor & Engine Show ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!West Charlton, NY83% West Charlton Tag Sale & Craft Fair ??? 
Year # 15. West Charlton Community Tag Sale & Craft Fair Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Attendance: 300
Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $25 8x8
Jury Fee: N/A
Location Type: Firehouse
Setup Time: 7 AM
Hours: 9 AM - 3 PM
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Mount Prospect, IL31% Mount Prospect Irish Fest ??? 
04/28-04/29 2017 login! Waimea, HI 31% Big Island Chocolate Festival   Website URL ??? 
04/28-04/29 2017 login! Berry, AL 33% Heritage Festival   Website URL ??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Cedar Rapids, IA31% Cedar Rapids Antiques Show  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Asheville, NC51% Days in the Gardens  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Cincinnati, OH33% Health Fitness EXPO, Flying Pig Marathon  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Great Falls, MT31% Mount Pioneer Skunkwagon Parts and Swap Meet  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Hastings, NE51% College Rodeo  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Oklahoma City, OK33% International Gem and Jewelry Show  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/29&nbslogin!Claremore, OK33% Green Country Classic Ranch Rodeo and Trade Show  Website URL??? 
@Click to Toggle ExpandThis Event is NOT Confirmed!

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04/28-04/29 2017
login! Batavia, IL 33% Batavia City Wide Yard Sale  Website URL ??? 
04/28-04/29 2017 login! Jamestown, NY 97% Scrapbooking Marathon  Website URL none 
Scrapbooking Fundraiser Click to Toggle Expanddetails(12)Attendance: 33 previously
Admission Price: $25
# Of Spaces: 8
Booth Price: $25 for 10x10 space
Jury Requirements: n/a
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: gymnasium
Setup Time: anytime during Scrapbooking Marathon
Hours: Friday 1 to 11 pm, Saturday 9 am to 9 pm
Still Accepting Applications: YES
Exhibitor Types Still Needed: Papercrafting
Exhibitor Types NOT Still Needed: Alcohol. Tobacco.

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04/28-04/29 2017 login! Salisbury, MA 28% Coastal Arts Festival ??? 
04/28-04/29 2017 login! Northridge, CA 28% Kris Kringle Boutique ??? 
04/28-04/29 2017login!Huntingdon, PA80% Huntingdon Quilt Show   Website URL??? 
26th Annual Huntingdon Quilt Show Quilts, Master Quilter Display, Demonstrations, Crafts, Door Prize 28 April 2017, 9AM-7PM 29 April 2017, 9AM-3PM Like us on Facebook: Redbud Quilt Guild website: Facebook Red... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Hours: Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9am-3pm
04/28-04/29 2017 login! Freer, TX 28% Freer Rattlesnake Roundup ??? 
04/28-04/29 2017 login! Cedar Park, TX 28% Jazz and Art on Main ??? 
04/28-04/29 2017 login! Batesville, AR 28% Heber Springs Springfest ??? 
04/28-04/30 2017login!Tysons Corner, VA33% Fur the 'More  Website URL??? 
04/28-04/30 2017login!Lancaster, PA33% Zenkaikon  Website URL??? 
04/28-04/30 2017login!Leesburg, FL59% Leesburg Bikefest  Website URL??? 
Year # 20. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Attendance: 300,000
Admission Price: free
Location Type: downtown Leesburg
Setup Time: start 6pm Thursday 4-25-13
Hours: Fri & Sat 8am-11pm Sun 8am-5pm
04/28-04/30 2017login!Pembroke, VA33% Ice & Fire Con  Website URL??? 
04/28-04/30 2017login!Timonium, MD93% Sugarloaf Crafts Festival in Timonium  Website URL??? 
Year # 39. Popular show just outside Baltimore Click to Toggle Expanddetails(10)Attendance: 13,000
Admission Price: $10 at the door, $8 online, kids under 12 admitted free
# Of Spaces: 250
Booth Price: $575+
Jury Requirements: 4 work images, 1 booth image
Jury Fee: $20 jurying fee for season
Location Type: state fairgrounds
Setup Time: Thurs PM and Fri AM
Hours: Friday and Saturday: 10am-6pm, Sunday: 10am-5pm
Still Accepting Applications: YES
04/28-04/30 2017login!Marana, AZ28% Marana Bluegrass Festival ??? 
@ 04/28-04/30&nbslogin!Tulsa, OK31% The Tulsa Chill  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/30&nbslogin!Okemos, MI60% Smetanka's Meridian Mall Show  Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 5. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: None
# Of Spaces: 45
Location Type: Meridian Mall, Okemos Mi
Setup Time: T.B.A.
Hours: Mall Hours
04/28-04/30 2017login!Tifton, GA90% Arts in Black Festival  Website URL??? 
Year # 29. The Arts in Black Festival is a celebration of African American heritage, culture arts and foods the the fabric of life in South Georgia. Performance stages feature music, dance and theatrical presentations by both nationally and internationally recognized artists as well as reg... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: free
# Of Spaces: 15
Booth Price: $100 per 12x12 spot
Jury Requirements: n/a
Jury Fee: $0
Location Type: Fulwood Park
Setup Time: Sat morning 8AM-10AM
Hours: 11AM-6PM
04/28-04/30 2017login!Virginia Beach, VA84% Virginia Beach Spring Craft Market   Website URL(18 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 31. The 24th Virginia Beach Spring Craft Market features over 200 fine artists and craftspeople from across the nation offering fine arts, handcrafted jewelry, wood, glass, photography, candles, woven baskets, clothing, toys, folk art, specialty foods and Virginia wines. Meet the art... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: $6 Adults; Children 12 & under free; 50cents off with canned foo
# Of Spaces: 200
Booth Price: $400 10 x 10
Jury Requirements: 3 photos of work, 1 booth photo
Jury Fee: n/a
Location Type: Convention Center
Setup Time: Thurs 3pm-9pm, Fri 7am-10am
Hours: Fri.-Sat. 10am-6pm, Sun. 10am-5pm
04/28-04/30 2017login!Madison, WI34% Odyssey Con   Website URL??? 
04/28-04/30 2017login!Buffalo, NY40% UBCon  Website URL??? 
04/28-04/30 2017login!Asbury Park, NJ33% Asbury Park Comicon  Website URL??? 
@ 04/28-04/30&nbslogin!Austin, TX81% Austin Fine Arts Festival  Website URL??? 
Year # 58. Buy Fine Art. Feed Your Soul. Experience the 2005 Austin Fine Arts Festival: Art & Soul. Named one of the top five shows in Texas by The Harris List, The Austin Fine Arts Festival is host to 210 juried artists and more than 20,000 art lovers. Visitors can expect to find one-of-... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: Admission is $8 for adults & free for children 12 and under. A
Booth Price: $385 10X10
Jury Fee: $25
Location Type: Downtown Republic Square Park
Setup Time: Austin
Hours: Sat 10-5 and 7-10, Sun 11-6
04/28-04/30 2017login!Georgetown, TX89% Red Poppy Festival  Website URL(7 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 15. Over 30,000 visitors will enjoy a heart-warming, old-fashioned, hometown festival Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Attendance: 30,000
Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: 10X10 195.00
Jury Requirements: 3 product photos and 1 display
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Historic Downtown Square
Setup Time: Fri night at 6 and Sat morn 6-8
Hours: Sat 10-6, Sun 10-5
04/28-04/30 2017 login! Schuylkill Haven, PA 38% Some Kind of Jam  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
04/28-04/30 2017login!Cedartown, GA75% Cedar Valley Festival  Website URL(7 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 53. The Cedar Valley Arts Festival operating hours will be Saturday, April 26, from 10AM �� 6PM and Sunday, April 27, from 10PM �� 5PM. There will be arts and crafts, food, a market place, and children��s activities in Peek Park, downtown. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Booth Price: $90 12 x 12
Jury Requirements: 4 Non-returnable color photographs: 1 booth, 3 individ-ual items
Location Type: Downtown Park
Setup Time: Friday 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM, Saturday 7:00 AM-8:00 AM. Saturda
Hours: Sat 10-6 Sun 10-5
04/28-04/30 2017 login! Dallas, TX 88% Artscape at Dallas Arboretum   Website URL(3 Comments star) ??? 
The 2012 ArtScape event will be the seventh year for the show. This show is set during our premier floral festival Dallas Blooms. During spring, our attendance, marketing and promotions are at their peak. In response to artist feedback we have made positive changes including mov... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: Adults $12,Seniors $10 and Kids $8
# Of Spaces: 100
Booth Price: $340 10x12
Jury Requirements: CD with five (5) digital images in a sleeve (4 work, 1 booth)
Jury Fee: $25
Location Type: outside garden. All booths on turf
Setup Time: Thursday 9am - 3:30pm
Hours: Friday, Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5pm

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04/28-04/30 2017login!Baltimore, MD73% Johns Hopkins University Spring Fair   Website URL(22 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 45. Our fair has been running for 35+ years, providing a fun-filled weekend for residents of Baltimore and surrounding areas. The fair includes arts and crafts vendors, food vendors, daytime concerts, nighttime entertainment, rides, games and contests, kids section, a beer garden, a... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: free
Booth Price: $200 10x10
Location Type: university campus
Setup Time: Friday morning 7:30-noon
Hours: Friday April 13th, from 12 to 7pm, and Saturday April 14th and S
04/28-04/30 2017login!Pompano Beach, FL78% Pompano Beach Seafood Festival   Website URL(4 Comments star) ??? 
Started in 1984, this is one of South Florida'slongest running and most popular festivals. Set right on the beach it features a huge variety of seafod, over 150 arts & cratfs booths and music with classic national acts. This is not a juried show. The boardwalk Bazaar is set ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: $10.00 (Kids Under 12 Free)
Booth Price: $325 Member $375 Non-Member 10x10
Jury Requirements: N/A
Jury Fee: N/A
Location Type: On the beach at Atlantic Blvd
Hours: FRI. 5PM-10PM, SAT. 110am-10PM, SUN 11am-8pm
04/28-04/30 2017login!Birmingham, AL87% ONB Magic City Art Connection  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 33. Come to Birmingham and gorge yourself on everything ART in the spring of 2006 at the 23rd annual ONB Magic City Art Connection. This juried, contemporary art festival, held in downtown Birmingham, Alabama's Linn Park, will take place Friday, April 28th, Saturday, April 29th and S... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(8)Admission Price: Free
# Of Spaces: 215
Booth Price: Flat $225 or $125 + 10% commission for a 12x12
Jury Requirements: 4 slides of artwork, slide inventory list, resume, SASE, Check for Registration Fee
Jury Fee: $25
Location Type: Linn Park, in downtown Birmingham
Setup Time: Artists: Thursday, Noon - 6pm and Friday 7-10am
Hours: 10am - 6pm daily
04/28-04/30 2017 login! Gaithersburg, MD 60% Frienship Star Quilt Show  Website URL ??? 
Display of more than 200 quilts, silent auction, raffle quilt, members' boutique, raffle baskets, and merchant mall.Bigger than ever, this year FSQ brings more quilts, more vendors, and an exhibit of quilts made for our service projects, to the 2009 quilt show, April 24-26 at... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: Adults $8/1 day or $15/3 days; Senior Citizens $5/1day or $10/3d
Location Type: Montgomery County Fairgrounds
Hours: Fri 12 noon - 8pm, Sat 10am - 6pm, Sun 10am - 5pm

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04/28-04/30 2017login!Siloam Springs, AR82% Dogwood Festival  Website URL(5 Comments star) ??? A wonderful, family-friendly, weekend of fun with arts, crafts, food, kids' activities, and all kinds of entertainment. Come spend a relaxing day with us in our beautiful, historic Downtown Siloam Springs! Admission: FreeAdmission: Free A family-fr... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: FREE
Booth Price: 124-145
Location Type: City Park and Bob Henry Park Downtown Siloam Springs
Setup Time: Thursday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. MUST be set by 8:30 am on Frid
Hours: 9:00 - 7:00 Friday and Saturday, 10:00 - 5:00 on Sunday
04/28-04/30 2017login!Southlake, TX60% Art in the Square  Website URL(6 Comments star) ??? 
The 10th annual Art in the Square will again take place in Southlake Town Square, an upscale retail and business development with a beautiful park setting. The location is in a very affluent suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth with plenty of parking and large new homes. This Fine Arts sh... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $300 10'x10'
Hours: Fri 4-9pm, Sat 10-9, Sun 11-6
04/28-04/30 2017login!Denton, TX77% Denton Arts & Jazz Festival  Website URL(12 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 37. The Denton Arts & Jazz Festival is a FREE 2 1/2 day event held in the heart of the city, beautiful Quakertown Park . Over 2,500 performers on 7 stages, fine arts and crafts, children's art activities, food and games A celebration of the arts, attracting more than 200,000 visi... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(6)Admission Price: FREE
# Of Spaces: 42
Booth Price: $220
Location Type: Twenty-one acre downtown park
Setup Time: Thur Noon-5pm, Fri 8am-5pm
Hours: Fri - 5-11pm, Sat 10am-11pm, Sun 11am-9pm
04/28-04/30 2017login!Huntsville, AL51% Panoply Arts Festival  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
The state's largest arts festival, the Panoply Arts Festival takes place in the Big Spring International Park of downtown Huntsville, AL and its surroundings during the last full weekend of April each year. Join us in 2008 on April 25-27, as we bring the arts to life through a wi...
04/28-04/30 2017login!Columbia, SC60% Sparkleberry Country Fair   Website URL(5 Comments star) ??? 
This is the 13th Annual Sparkleberry Country Fair. It will be held at the Sandhill Research and Education Center (corner of Two Notch abd Clemson Rd). The events will include a craft fair, children's games, food, entertainment, gardening and more. Craft categories will include... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $40 10x10
Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm
04/28-04/30 2017login!Muenster, TX59% Muenster Germanfest  Website URL(1 Comments star) ??? 
4 big tents furnished and totally full of arts and crafts. stage entertainment all 3 days with a well known band on sat night. german music and dancing in another tent. lots of german food from muenster restaurants only.arts and crafts, food, 34th annual event. Vendors are lo... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(2)Booth Price: $200 10x10
Hours: fri 4pm -10 sat 9am-10pm sun 9am-6 pm
04/28-04/30 2017login!Ocean City, MD75% Ward World Championship Wildfowl Carving Competition  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 46. Carvers and visitors from across the world convene for the most prestigious competition of contemporary wildfowl art which includes judging, benefit auction, classes, seminars, demonstrations, children�s activities and over 150 exhibitors of art, crafts and carving and art supp... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(4)Admission Price: 3 day - $18, one day $10, Seniors and Students - $8
Booth Price: $250 outdoor booth, $325
Jury Fee: entry fees vary to level of expertise
Location Type: Convention Center
04/28-04/30 2017login!Le Sueur, MN51% Pioneer Power Swap Meet  Website URL??? 
Hosted by: Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Association Antique machinery and farm collectibles, flea market and crafts. Over 1,000 vendors, largest of its type in the US....6 MILES EASTOver 1,000 vendors, largest of its type in the US. Free admission for spectators.110 ...
04/28-04/30 2017login!Astoria, OR51% Astoria Crab, Seafood and Wine   Website URL??? 
We invite you to join us at the 31st Annual Astoria Warrenton Crab, Seafood & Wine Festival in 2013 to enjoy great coastal cuisine, arts and crafts, wine tasting and more!
@ 04/28-04/30&nbslogin!West Palm Beach, FL73% SunFest Fine Art & Craft Show  Website URL??? 
Year # 34. SunFest, Florida's largest music, art and waterfront festival, is produced by the nonprofit organization SunFest of Palm Beach County, Inc. SunFest will be celebrating it's 24th year in 2006. The Fine Art & Craft Show will feature a variety of mediums from over 165 artist, all ... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: $17 advance, $20 gate
# Of Spaces: 165
Booth Price: $275 10x10
Location Type: Florida's Largest Waterfront Festival
Hours: Thurs 5 - 10, Fri 12 - 10, Sat 10 - 10, Sun 10 - 7
04/28-04/30 2017login!Geneva, AL61% Geneva Festival on the Rivers  Website URL
   starstarstarstarstar(1 comments, 6,000 people, $98 avg sales, sales 1 X spot cost) 
Year # 2016. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(1)Booth Price: Handmade Arts&crafts $45.00 15X20
04/28-04/30 2017login!Fayetteville, NC78% Fayetteville Dogwood Festival  Website URL(15 Comments star) ??? 
Arts and Crafts on Sat and Sun. Bands on Friday night and all weekend. Also Childrens area with ridesThree day street festival with local and national entertainers, arts and crafts vendors, and the Partnership's KidStuff Festival with carnival rides and commercia... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(7)Admission Price: $0
Booth Price: 1$125 10x10
Jury Requirements: none
Jury Fee: none
Location Type: Downtown
Setup Time: food - friday night 11:00 - midnight and other Saturday Morn 8:0
Hours: Sat 12 - 8:30 , Sun 1 to 6
04/28-04/30 2017login!Indio, CA76% Stagecoach Music Festival   Website URL??? 
Year # 10. Two day country music festival. 2007 Lineup included Allan Jackson, Willie Nelson, Brooks & Dunn, George Strait, and many more.Muliple stages full of some of the biggest names in country and bluegrass music. Click to Toggle Expanddetails(5)Admission Price: $165.00 for the weekend
Booth Price: Apply for prices
Location Type: Empire Polo Field, Indio, CA
Setup Time: Fri 10-6
Hours: 11-11 Both Days
04/28-04/30 2017login!Saint Albans, VT65% Vermont Maple Festival  Website URL(2 Comments star) ??? 
Year # 47. The Vermont Maple Festival is a gourmet delight. Great concessions, Maple Store Goodies. Bar-B-Que on Saturday and Sunday. The Vermont Specialty Foods Show will share space with AAC fine art exhibit. Maple and More at the 42nd Annual VT Maple Festival!�� Something fo... Click to Toggle Expanddetails(3)Admission Price: Free
Booth Price: $100.00 for a 10�x 8� space or $190 for a 20' x 8' space, which will include a pipe and drape set-up. 8� tables are available upon request for an additional fee of $10.00.
Hours: 9Am-3PM
@ 04/28-04/30&nbslogin!Placerville, CA49% El Dorado County Home and Garden Show  Website URL
   starstarstarstarstar(1 comments, 40 people, $50 avg sales, sales 1 X spot cost) 
El Dorado County Home and Garden Show runs Friday, April 25th through Sunday, April 27th at the E.D.Co. fairgrounds in Placerville.30th Annual El Dorado County Home & Garden Show will take place in April 23, 24 & 25th Friday 12-7, Sat & Sun 10-5.
04/28-04/30 2017login!Tickfaw, LA51% The Italian Festival   Website URL??? 
Annual Italian celebration! Great food, live music on two stages; carnival rides (Gold Star Amusement Rides); food booths; fun games; arts & crafts; beer & Daiquiris. ďż˝ Our Lady of Pompeii Baseball Park, Tickfaw, LA ďż˝ Friday 6 pm to 12 am; Saturday 9 am to 12 am; Saturday at...
04/28-04/30 2017login!Farmville, NC88% Farmville Dogwwod Festival  Website URL