About EventLister.com & CraftLister.com 

EventLister.com and CraftLister.com are 2 names for the same online directory of Events.

General Overview
  • EventLister.com and CraftLister.com list events from Art and Craft Shows, to Festivals, Fairs, etc.
  • Your account settings determine which of the 500+ event categories you see.
  • Search results are also tailored to your exact mile driving radius, not just by region or State.
  • We also maintain a directory of Event Promoters, Venues for rent, Artists, Crafters, Exhibitors, Food Vendors, Entertainers, and more!

Adding Events to our Database
  • Promoters must list events online themselves. Promoters can list their events in our database by adding them using our online form, Here!
  • Artists and Crafters can not add events to our database. However, PLEASE tell promoters to list your shows with us! Click Here to have us send them an email request.
  • Promoters can have an UNLIMITED listings at any one time for FREE! Our free members will not start to see your event listing until it is less than 6 months away, unless you make it a Featured Listing, but eventually everyone will see every listing. Our full paid crafter members can see all event listings from the moment they are posted.
  • Event Listings can be Featured , Highlighted, or Paid. These have too many benefits to list here. There is a link to an explanation of features on your event's details page. Proof in the numbers is presented below!

Searching for Events and Viewing Event Details
  • All Past, Current, and Future event listings can be found using the Event Search Page.
  • Anyone visiting the site can search our database of events up to 6 months in the future. Full Members have no such limit!
  • On the search page, you can search by distance around a zip code or a city name. You can also search an entire Country/Region. The start and stop dates are selectable, as are many other options!
  • We display all event details and the Promoter�s name, address, phone, and fax to all site visitors. However, only Full Members can view promoter email addresses and event website addresses. NEARLY EVERY event listing has an email address on file!

Let's Hear Some Numbers!
  • There are currently about 72965 total upcoming events listed.
  • We listed over 103529 events during the last year.
  • Using live averages, of the events coming up in the next 6 months:
       The 51123 non-Featured events were viewed 0 times each and received 0 applications online each.
       The 94 Featured events were viewed 0 times each and received 0 applications online each, and many more the standard way!
  • A total of 164344 Artists/Crafters have registered with us.
  • Free members can only search 6 months in advance.

Hits / Web Traffic / Ranking

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