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Responses on Peruvians
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Site User Feedback: I too am noticing more and more so called crafters selling resale items. While I haven\'t noticed peruvian articles as of yet (will keep my eyes open for them) what I have been seeing in the Toledo, Ohio area are so called crocheted baby hats with big flowers on them. I was suspicious that some of these hats were not hand crocheted (even though the crafter said they were). While in Hobby Lobby the other day, low and behold, here were the "handmade" hats on display with the clip on flowers displayed with them. Where is it crafting to clip a flower on a store bought hat? Some of these people are even just buying the clip on flowers, putting them on a new card and selling them for hair ornaments. They also purchase stretchy crochet look headbands and clip the flowers on them and pass this off as handmade. I make all of my items and this really ticks me off when I spend hours making items and people flock to the booths of people like this. So far, every show I have done this year has at least one person selling these hats and only one has actually had hand crocheted hats (those of us who knit or crochet can tell the difference!)
Site (louy's) Response: They are EMBELISHED! HA! . and they paid for their booth with good money. Money, who's got my money! OMFG LOL, ROTFL

Site User Feedback: Louy, how can ANYONE believe those things are handmade, they are SO OBVIOUSLY machine made. Solution?- pass around notice at this same fair that a real craft event will take place next month or turn the table on the promoters who falsely claim "we will turn away buy/sell People we need to add to the contract the words - "FULL REFUND required if buy/sell allowed to sell here. If the contract states no buy/sell at the event and the buy/sell vendor is to be evicted is selling manufactured items and the promoter does not evict, then that may become a "breach of contract" between the promoter and the other vendors. I wonder if the other vendors could actually have a lawsuit against the promoter for loss of sales, etc. At least that could be a good "scare tactic" to bring up to the promoter.
Site (louy's) Response: Indeed, they likely have a viable lawsuit... The irreverence that most promoters have towards honoring their own rules and standards is, honestly, sickening. More disheartening maybe, if we wanna quibble on names of emotions.

Site User Feedback: I agree re: Peruvian people. I had the unpleasantness of being next to one at a show with another one directly across from me.
1. The guy next to me used a portable generator to play the hideous music to sell the 'flutes' .. Unfortunately, the generator gave off smoke, which entered into my canopy making it difficult to breath (and at an outside show). no apology/no offer to tone it down... nothing.
2. Then to make matters worse, they decided to have a 'music war' by cranking up the volume on their machines trying to outdo the other. It was so loud I couldn't hear my customers! I finally pulled the coordinator, she stopped by and ultimately moved one of them - but to the outside rim of the show. I felt they should've both been asked to leave; true homemade crafters do NOT act this way - we have a mutual respect for each other and the products we make (ever notice no theft between us?? even though items are often left unattended??)
3. They are incrediably rude - they pull into the craft area BEFORE the show ends and BEFORE any thing is packed making it very difficult for those who have packed to bring their vehicles in.
4. Home made crafters patronize other home made crafters -these buy/sell people do NOT. That is one reason I make the statements to customers I do.
Site (louy's) Response: I have noticed they are one of the first exhibitors to arrive. I think my mom's on crack, as she gets 2 hours before she has to leave the house, then drive usually 2 hours, then arrives at least half an hour before setup times. We are almost always the first exhibitors to arrive to start to setup, but on a few occasions I have found the Peruvians were there before us and almost already setup even. Granted they have a large and long setup (ours is 2hrs), but they do appear to get they extra early, maybe so they cant be evicted during setup, since they ARE setup???

Site User Feedback: Though I don't think this helps - I generally make it known to any customer that stops at my booth that there are things at the show made in a South American country that are not hand made and customers should watch where they shop, patronize the home made'rs, and that these people do not pay taxes on the items they sell. Don't know if it works, but hopefully when customers realize they are paying taxes while these others are not, perhaps when their sales drop they won't participate. I've also learned the Peruvian vendors do have a tendency to fictionalize what they sell when the apply to a show. Coordinators - when in question, check the merchandise before they unload. Easier to ask them to leave if they haven't unloaded.
Site (louy's) Response: Of course they fictionalize! All buy/sellers do, and must! What they claim ahead of time, I seek to share, so if anyone knows WHAT they claim to bring or even if you can give me copies of the photos they send in, I will share! PLEASE HELP!!!

Site User Feedback: Read, and Agree with, your comments on the influx of non-USA/non-handmade products to supposedly good craft shows.
Several comments here:
1. The Peruvian problem goes back at least to 1995 when I complained to the organizers of the NY State Sheep & Wool Festival about such a booth. And complained about the guy selling stuff made in a factory in Wales. As far as I know they are both still at that event.
2. Can you set up a category or list on your website of promoters who do allow non-handmade stuff? I know for a fact (just look at the prices) that there are vendors at Sugarloaf Mt. Works Craft shows who import their stuff. And I know: A) a number of quality vendors who longer do those events; B) a number of well-off women who no longer bother going to Sugarloaf shows - even their \"Flagship event\" in Gaithersburg, MD. Thanks for trying to help us.     
Site (louy's) Response: For now, just leave a comment on an event that is accurate. Say if they allow retail though claim to be handmade. Soon I will add a site feature that allows for flagging of such.

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