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Thank you for stopping in to visit our store. Take your tie and browse,we just love visitors. If you would like to know a little bit about us l'll be glad to tell you. We are a little candlemaking company that was started in August 2007. We love scented candles and we love making them. We do all our work right here in my home so we don't a phsyical shop for you to visit but we have our internet shop.

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Our tart melts are handpoured from 100% soy wax and are highly scented with a soy based fragrnce. They last for a long period of time and are excellent when used alone or wth or tealights.

What we strive to offer our customers is the best product and customer service.We make only soy candles because we feel that they are the most environment friendly candles. They are very clean burning,and there no harmful chemicals that could damage your air.
Also they are made from a renewable source. They are made fromwax that is made from soy beans grown right here in the USA so we feel we are helping the economy too.

Another great thing about soy candles is that they burn so clean you will not get a sooty build up on your ceiling,carpet,furniture,or curtains. So if even if that stopped you from burning candles before there is nothing to worry about now. When you try a soy candle you will also notice that they last longer than the parafin candles,which are petroleum based.

Also to keep our candle as pure as possible we use a soy based scent,also made with soy beans and eco friendly colorant to color the candles. We also use wicks with a cotton core and that are zinc free. We want to keep your home environment a chemical free as possible.
Another great thin is if you keep your wicks healthy by using a wick dipper you wont get the sooty build up i the container and when the candle is finished(don't burn it sown and lower than a half an inch from the bottom)then you can recycle the container and use it to hold trinkets or spare change or if it's large you could even use as a small flower vase. The left over wax in the bottom will come out very easily when soaked in ho water(I find the easiestand fastest thing is to keep spraying the inside of the container with the hot water using your sink hose. After just pop it into the dishwasher and when t's done you'll never no that a it had a candle burning in it. To me that's so much better than just throwing it out with the trash. Hre is a list of the scents that we now offer(we will be adding more in the near future). Scent List: Bayberry, Christmas Tree,Rose Petal, Lilac, Southern Jasmine,Citrus ad Sage, Calypso Coconut,Southern Magnolia, Gardenia, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Pumpkin Pie, Honeysuckle, Georgia Peach, Lavender, Apple Pie, Autumn Spice, Patchouli, Mountain Air, Black Orchid Lily, Hyacinth,Baby Powder
If you have a special candle scent that you would like let us know and we will be happy to get it and make it for you.

One other thing you should know about us is that your privacy is very important to us and we do not keep nor do we sell to third parties and of your personal information.
Well,I guess that's it.
Thank you for visiting us adn come visit again anytime.

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