Dog booties crocheted with fun fur and wool Details 
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Product Name: Dog booties crocheted with fun fur and wool
SKU: 90208
Size: 0-15lbs.
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    Pet clothing crocheted andsewn, pet carriers and dog booties

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    Fiber Arts > Crocheting
    Misc > Pet Accessories

Price: $10.00
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Your special order for a dog weighing up to 15 lbs is no extra charge, if using this same yarn and pattern scheme (you may certainly have acrylic instead of wool and have the fun fur on the top versus on the sole)-let me know the yarn(s)you'd like and colors and it will be 2 days to finish. If these are for a fur child between 15 and 30 lbs, add $1, and continue to add $1 for each 15 lbs...I will be designing and posting larger boots and varied yarns/designs over the next few weeks so hopefully it will be easier to find what you'd like and less confusing.

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