Glossary of Industry Terms

Application The paper form or the process of applying to a show or event. On, you can apply online to most shows, but you still need to mail a printed copy with payment.

Artist Usually refers to people that create works of art such as paintings and sculptures. In the Art and Craft show industry it has come to also include the upper tier of those people that create handmade items. In this sense, a jewelry goldsmith would be considered an artist.

Awning - an overhang that is designed to attach to a standard 10x10 canopy. We sell them in our online store.

Attendance - the number of people that attended an event.

Breakdown - term referring to the exhibitor booth disassemblement and packup after a show.

Canopy - usually refers to a 10x10 collapsible canopy/tent. In the collapse form, they are less than 1 foot x 1 foot x 6 feet. A single person can carry it and re-expand it.

Consignment - In a consignment, the consignor (owner of the goods) transfers goods to the consignee. The consignor retains legal title to the goods. The consignee is acting as an agent in an attempt to sell the goods. Although the consignee is temporarily holding the goods, the inventory is not an asset on his books. If a sale occurs, the consignee deducts from the selling price his commission and related expenses, remitting the balance to the consignor.

Crafter - someone that produces hand crafted items.

Exhibitor - a person or a business with a booth at an event. Usually they will have items for sale. The term can refer to someone selling to anything from retail to food to craft to fine art.

Fine Art - Art produced or intended primarily for beauty rather than utility. Any of the art forms, such as sculpture, painting, or music, used to create such art. Often used in the plural. Something requiring highly developed techniques and skills.

Flea Markets - Events where the majority of exhibitors are reselling new merchandise or used products. It is popular to see farmers market style produce for sale at these types of events. The often also include antiques, imported merchandise, and garage sale type items.

Jury Fee - the price to have a jury panel review photographs or slides of your work. This is often nonrefundable even if you are not accepted to the show.

Juried Show - Juried shows require applicants to provide photographs or slides of their work and display. A group of people, referred to as the jury, decide which artists and crafters to allow into the show. The rules vary from show to show. Some let nearly all applicants in, only rejecting the retail items. Others have a high demand for spots and may receive 10 applications for each available spot.

Loading term for the process of packing-up products and display setup into the vehicle after a show.

Packup - term for the process of putting away merchandise into boxes for transport after a show.

Promoter - person or organization responsible for planning an event and bringing it to fruition.

Retail - the sale of a product to an end customer. In the Art and Craft show industry it can referred to a non-handmade item at a show.

SASE - Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. Make sure you have enough postage for photos, etc!

Setup - the act of setting up your booth and putting out your merchandise.

Show Fee - the price for a booth at a show. Some shows may charge extra for electricity or tables and may have a jury fee in addition to the show fee.

Tearing Down synonym for packup.

Terminal, Credit Card an electronic credit card reader that merchants use to swipe cards at point-of-sale.

Unloading - term for the process of removing everything from your transport vehicle to your booth area. Some shows will let you unload as you set up, others will require unloading to be completed first.

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