Many home owner insurance plans offer insurance for your craft business.
Don't pay over abt $250/year w/o shopping around.

Actual Providers: -

State Insurance Departments
AK: (907) 349-1230     AL: (205) 269-3591     AR: (501) 686-2945     AZ: (602) 912-8400
CA: (800) 927-4357     CO: (303) 894-7499     CT: (203) 297-3800     DC: (202) 724-7424
DE: (800) 282-8611     FL: (800) 342-2762     GA: (404) 656-2070     GU: (671) 477-1040
HI: (800) 468-4644     IA: (515) 281-5705     ID: (208) 334-2560     IL: (217) 782-4515
IN: (317) 232-2395     KS: (800) 432-2484     KY: (502) 564-3630     LA: (504) 342-5300
MA: (617) 727-3357     MD: (800) 492-6116     ME: (207) 582-8707     MI: (517) 373-9273
MN: (612) 296-6848     MO: (800) 332-6148     MS: (601) 359-3569     MT: (406) 444-2040
NC: (800) 662-7777     ND: (800) 247-0560     NE: (402) 471-2201     NH: (800) 852-3416
NJ: (609) 292-5317     NM: (505) 827-4500     NV: (800) 992-0900     NY: (212) 602-0387
OH: (800) 686-1526     OK: (800) 522-0071     OR: (503) 378-4271     PA: (717) 787-5173
PR: (809) 722-8686     RI: (401) 277-2223     SC: (800) 768-3467     SD: (605) 773-3563
TN: (800) 342-4029     TX: (512) 322-2266     UT: (801) 538-3800     VA: (800) 552-7945
VI: (809) 774-2991     VT: (802) 828-3301     WA: (800) 562-6900     WI: (608) 266-3585
WV: (800) 642-9004     WY: (307) 777-7401

The Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild at now offers a GROUP insurance policy. Membership to the guild WITH insurance is $501.25 yearly. The policy coverages can be found on This is HUGE for soapmakers and candlemakers alike as we all know what insurance rates can be!

These folks have a little health insurance info:

My name is Mari Pattavina I manage an insurance program that writes policies for small crafters & wood turners. We specialize in this Insurance by offering General Liability coverage with 1,000,000 per loss & 2,000,000 Aggregate limits. We provide business personal property & building (studio) coverage. Website at they would follow the link to the ACC program, and apply online or download application.

Mari S. Pattavina
Managing Agency Group

As a promoter, we have been using Shoff-Darby this past year for our coverage. Their coverage for promoters is the least expensive that I have found. They also offer coverage for vendors, but I'm not sure how those prices compare to other companies.

This is in reply to your quest for crafters insurance. I found $109 a year! The agency is Cross State Ins in Liverpool, NY. The Company is Dryden Mututal Ins, Dryden NY. 800-724-0560 Liability only. You can get product coverage for more.

You asked for more info on insurance. Here is a good one that I use.
Dick Wardlow Insurance
1/800-298-3000 for Rob Wardlow
fax 805-579-1789
He does my food vendors if they do not already have. If vendor has his own then I require an additional insureds certificate naming the sponsor as an additional insured.

One vendor was able to get $10,000 inventory coverage (including transit & at shows) and a $500,000 liability policy for $271. Another crafter reported $211 per year for liability here:

RLI @Home Business Protection -

Ashley Bustinza - Phone: (866) 741-6560 - Fax: (309) 689-2223 - - K&K Insurance Group, Inc. On behalf of the insurance companies we represent, we provide insurance coverage for more than 300,000 events, teams, leagues, associations and business organizations annually. Vendor insurance also. - CSI is the proud supplier of insurance and risk management services to some of the countries largest festivals including Austin City Limits Music Festival Lollapalooza, Springfest Miami, Ultra Music Fest Rolling Rock Music Festival, Texas Wine and Food Festival, Shiner Beer Bocktober Fest and hundreds of others.
Coverage's to choose from: General Liability, Liquor Liability, Automobile, Liability and Physical Damage, Third Party Property Damage, Rented Equipment, props, Sets and Wardrobe, Participants & Spectators Medical, Event Cancellation,
Weather Coverage, Earthquake, Flood

Someone reported abt $200 for annual coverage, depending on ammount you need. C.V. Mason and Co. 800-676-0077

I carry a $100,000 liability policy with $5000 of product coverage, this does has a deductible... You have to find a agent that will submit an application to the State Insurance Fund that places coverage on business's that cant buy insurance from a regular carriers. Most agents dont want to fool with this because the selling commission is low BUT the State does have a market for this type of coverage and my rate is $ 150.00 per year which I condsider a great buy...

If one is over age 50 and a member of AARP, Hartford Co. has a reasonable plan: - Craft Emergency Relief Fund - The mission of CERF is to strengthen and sustain the careers of craft artists across the United States. CERF is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization and is the only one of its kind in the United States. CERF accomplishes its mission through direct financial and educational assistance to craft artists, including emergency relief assistance, business development support, and resources and referrals on topics such as health, safety, and insurance. CERF also advocates, engages in research and backs policy that supports craft artists' careers.

Please note that CERF emergency relief for professional craft artists is not insurance. CERF encourages all craft artists to establish a risk management plan (including insurance) for their business so that if an unavoidable emergency does occur, its effect is minmized and the benefit from any emergency relief assistance is maximized."

UK - Toogood's Craft Insurance Policy provides the answer, with premiums starting from just 46.25 per year - which is less than 1 per week. And what's more there is no limit to the number of events you attend! To take out a Craft Insurance policy simply call 01483 285363 or apply online:

Private Event Insurance - policies for events and vendors.

The CRAFTINSURANCE SCHEME is specifically for Crafts People who manufacture / sell their product from home,etc or via craft shows, exhibitions, galleries etc. Applicable for residents of Great Britain,Northern Ireland & the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. We do not impose a limit on the number of shows etc.attended.We can also include cover for demonstration, teaching and workshops specifically related to your craft if requested, at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

American Association of Home-Based Businesses
Box 10023
Rockville, MD 20849
Web site:

Association & Society Insurance Corporation
Offers the Craftsman Protection Insurance Plan, property and liability coverage.
Box 2510
Rockville, MD 20852
(800) 638-2610, ext. 103

Insurance Information Institute
Offers general insurance information.
(202) 833-1580 - Large list of insurance companies.

The Managing Agency Group
Property and General Liability Insurance program for crafters.
Contact: Mari Pattavina
10 State House Square, P.O. Box 232100
Hartford, CT 06103-2100
(860) 756-7417
fax: (860) 244-8174

National Association for the Self-Employed
Provides major medical, PPO, and HMO, through several different insurance companies, to members. Membership fees are $96 for Access, and $240 for Premier Resource Level.
Membership is open to all; however, health benefits differ from state to state.
P.O. Box 612067
DFW Airport
Dallas, TX 75261

National Small-business United
Offers health and business insurance to members through Mutual of Omaha. Membership is open to anyone.
1156 15th St. N.W., Ste. 1100
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 293-8830

RBA Insurance Strategies
Designs and implements various insurance plans for New York State residents.
(800) 722-8121

Please Contact me with any others you know of and would like to see here! -Louis

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